Chapter 14 If You’re Not Chasing Her, I Am

‘He only looks cold on the outside? He is actually quite a good person?’

Shi Guang was so close to chuckling out in irony. Right now, she would rather not enter the military compound and think of some other way than hop onto this car.

She slowly retracted the leg she had stepped up without a single peep of sound before looking at Chu Mubei, “I just recalled that I had called for a taxi! It should be arriving here soon.”

Coincidentally, there was a taxi up ahead that was driving in this direction.

Shi Guang closed the door of the SUV and halted down the taxi before diving right into it and leaving. Everything happened with such a lightning speed that Chu Mubei’s jaws were just left wide open.

Chu Mubei was thinking about how it was rare for Lu Yanchen to take a liking to somebody. As his buddy, there was no reason why he shouldn’t help him with it. But somehow, he seemed to have scared the other party away instead.

Gripping the steering wheel with one hand, he rubbed his nose with the other and looked at Lu Yanchen through the rear-view mirror while saying, “That girl is pretty! She looks really nice when she’s smiling! Sweet!”

Lu Yanchen was looking out the window as he replied him sarcastically, “She didn’t smile at all earlier on!!”

Chu Mubei coughed out twice slightly, “This is not the first time I saw her anyway! I was referring to how sweet her smile was back at the prize giving ceremony the other day! That delicate smile of hers, along with that unimaginable beauty…I’d say, you really should stop thinking about that ex-girlfriend of yours. You guys have broken up for two years now. There are many good girls out there who are at least ten thousand times better than that ex-girlfriend of yours!”

Lu Yanchen turned his head to glare at Chu Mubei. But, this glare was like a frosty, razor-sharp sword.

His invisible might caused the air to go stale as Chu Mubei understood instantly.

Twitching his brows, he grumbled out softly, “I know, I know. One must never speak about or talk ill of her. Even after breaking up, in your heart, she is still the best girl in this entire world!”

Lu Yanchen was just such an aloof and prideful man. Growing up together, Chu Mubei had always thought that if the former ever fell for a girl, whether or not the girl agreed to it, he would force her to stay by his side, even if he had to break her legs.

Even if there was no room for him in her heart, he would just crush her heart entirely before rebuilding it and slipping through the gaps from there…

But based on what he knew, Lu Yanchen knew about where that girl was. However, he did not seek her out, and was just always checking on how she was doing through people close to her.

“I really want to know what that girl looked like, such that you would choose no one else other than her, as though you were placed under a spell by her.” This single mumble of Chu Mubei was extremely, extremely soft. However, it did not slip by Lu Yanchen’s ears, although, the latter did not bother about it. The moment the car stopped at the entrance of the Lu Residence, he opened the doors and got out.

Rolling down the window, Chu Mubei looked at his back view and called out loudly, “That girl from earlier on! Do you really not like her at all and have no intention of chasing after her? If you don’t like her and don’t wish to chase after her as well, then I’m going for it. She’s the type that I like.”

Lu Yanchen’s shoulders froze as he stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and looked at Chu Mubei, “Don’t go messing around with some people you shouldn’t mess around with!”

Even though he was still cold as always while bearing the same old indifferent expression, Chu Mubei knew that Lu Yanchen was angry. Was it because he had mentioned chasing after that girl named Shi Guang?

He was astounded once again!

When Lu Yanchen disappeared from his sight entirely, a wise and imperceptible grin appeared on Chu Mubei’s face.

This guy was still refusing to admit it! He had clearly taken a liking to that Shi Guang!

Seemed like somebody’s second peach flower had truly blossomed!!

‘Ex-girlfriend huh? She can really say bye bye this time around…’

The first thing Lu Yanchen did when he reached home was to give Manager Ma a call, “Manager Ma! If I don’t see my coach tomorrow, you are fired!!”

Overbearing and unquestionable!

Without giving Manager Ma a chance to speak, he hung up the phone curtly once he was done with his words.

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