Chapter 13 The Type That Lu Yanchen Likes…

Shi Guang saw that there was a man with a set of delicate features seated on the driver’s seat. His eyes were sending a full stream of sparks as he spoke with an extremely delicate and gentle tone, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

As he continued, his voice suddenly got louder as he exclaimed, “Aren’t you the girl who became the champion at the 200m Freestyle Competition the other day? Your name is… Shi Guang? Right! Shi Guang!”

Shi Guang just stood there speechlessly. That was just some small College Games. To think that someone would actually recognize her.

“I am Chu Mubei. It just happened that I was there at the hall watching your competition! Not only are you good and fast at swimming, you swim beautifully as well! And even rarer is the fact that you’re a gorgeous beauty yourself!” Chu Mubei’s lips curled into a smile as he continued while his eyes were pushed and squinted into a line. It was as though a breeze of spring had just gusted past his face, creating an entire garden of blossoming peach flowers.

“Oh…” Shi Guang replied indifferently. The feeling that this man gave to her was exceptionally frivolous, and hence, she did not intend to bother with him.

Looking at the drenched clothes on her body, Chu Mubei spoke once more, “Look at you, drenched all over! Even though it’s summer right now, if you were to stay in those drenched clothes, you’re still going to catch the flu! My house is just right inside. I’ll go get a set of clothes for you so that you can return after changing into them.”

Shi Guang wanted to reject him outright! But the next moment, the thought of the contract popped into her mind.

She had not been able to get into this military compound the entire time. If she were to take this Chu Mubei’s car, getting in would definitely not be an issue. If she could just ask about the Lu Family slightly, wouldn’t she be able to seek out Mrs. Lu by then?

But, was it really alright to hop onto the car of a random male stranger?

But well, this was a military compound after all. She presumed that there shouldn’t be anyone who would dare to cause trouble in this place.

Following that train of thought, Shi Guang nodded her head. Walking over, she opened the back door of the SUV. As she bent her waist and was just about to step in, she raised her head and caught sight of a man sitting within the car. Immediately, she froze up in that position.

Lu Yanchen.

How was he inside!

In that very instant, Shi Guang wished that she was seeing things. But unfortunately, she wasn’t. Lu Yanchen WAS the person seated right inside as he looked at her calmly.

“You…” Chu Mubei turned his head around and was thinking of saying something to Shi Guang. But when he caught sight of the two people looking at one another at the back of the car, he blinked his eyes in confusion. But, that was followed by a wide opened jaw of astonishment.

When he called out earlier, he was thinking of asking Shi Guang to sit at the front. Lu Yanchen was a little of a germaphobe, and would very rarely permit strangers to sit beside him.

But, because he was thinking a step too slow, Shi Guang had already opened up the back door of the car. But unexpectedly, not only did Lu Yanchen not voice out in rejection, he was even looking at this young little maiden so intently!

Also, when Chu Mubei had driven by earlier on, he had not noticed that he had splashed someone wet entirely. Lu Yanchen was also the one who reminded him of that fact. He must have seen Shi Guang outside the car a long time ago.

Could it be that Lu Yanchen had already taken a liking to this Shi Guang after going to the prize giving ceremony the other time?

Chu Mubei’s gaze lingered onto Shi Guang intentionally. This champion lass was pretty beautiful. Her skin was snow white and she gave off a refreshing fragrance of lemongrass.

This was the type of chick that Lu Yanchen liked…!

Since he liked her, then he might as well go ahead and chase her!

But, given his understanding of Lu Yanchen, he would definitely not take the initiative to chase after a girl. No, as his good buddy, he would definitely have to help him out and give him some good assistance!

“Shi Guang, this is my buddy, Lu Yanchen! He was the one who had presented you with the trophy the other day, do you remember?” Chu Mubei chirped out cheekily and broke the frozen atmosphere, “Don’t judge him by his cold outlook. He’s really quite a good person! Hurry and hop on!”

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