Chapter 12 Teasing Her Just Like That

Ma Lesheng was equally petrified—this was a violent shock for him.

Lu Yanchen was the child of a rich and powerful family of the military. No one would even dare to slight him at all. Those who were a little more knowledgeable about the circle would know that this fourth Young Master of the Lu Family was famous for being aloof and prudent at the same time. Hitting on girls? He couldn’t be bothered to even give them a single glance at all!

But, if he had put it as such, then they MUST have slept together before, right? Ma Lesheng was finding it hard to breathe right now.

Holy sh*t!

While he did not really understand what the relationship between the two of them was right now, he felt as though he was being fed dog food to the point of stuffing his mouth entirely, such that there wasn’t any gap to even breathe in from!

Even though Shi Guang forced herself to maintain a calm face and wished that she could act as though she had not heard the words of Lu Yanchen, she truly could not ignore that knowing look Ma Lesheng was giving them right now.

The entire face of Manager Ma looked as though he had just found a completely new world right now. That was such a highly suggestive look!

Both startled and embarrassed at the same time, Shi Guang glared at Lu Yanchen and huffed out heavily, “Y-you…! You’re really…!”

She stuttered for half a minute as she wanted to say something to deny his statement, but found herself at a loss for words.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll go look for Mrs. Lu to terminate the contract!” Shi Guang cast her gaze away and ended the conversation as she left with shades of embarrassment and coldness.

She had initially thought that the prize giving ceremony was just an accident, from where they would continue on their own paths thereafter and have nothing to do with one another anymore. Even if they were to bump into the other party once more, while she might not be able to exchange greetings and converse with him as though nothing had happened, she could still get off unaffected by his speech and actions.

But, why was it that just this single frivolous sentence of his, which even teetered toward teasing, could cause that small little heart of hers to palpitate endlessly?

This man who had seemed so high and aloof at the start, wasn’t he all nonchalant and casual as he looked at her just like a stranger earlier on? Why would he suddenly speak out with such…attention-drawing words?

Could it be that he held a single trace of love for her still within his heart?

However, she immediately denied this thought in her mind.

Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

No matter what, she couldn’t be teaching him how to swim. She mustn’t!

She had to terminate the contract! She definitely had to find some way to do so!

Since the contract was signed by Mrs. Lu, Shen Lingshuang, if she wanted to terminate the contract, she could only look for the latter. However, the Lu Family stayed within a huge military compound! These military compounds were not places where any Tom, Dick, and Harry could enter as they’d like to. She did not have an appointment, neither did she have Mrs. Lu’s contact. Hence, she could only seek help from the guards at the entrance of the military compound.

The guards made a call and said that Mrs. Lu wasn’t home.

Fighting against the scorching, blazing sun, Shi Guang stood at the corner of a wall while waiting for Mrs. Lu to return…But in the end, an entire afternoon had passed without her catching sight of even a single shadow.

When the guard that was watching over the entrance saw how long she had been standing for, he advised her to head back and return after making an appointment with Mrs. Lu. However, Shi Guang knew that that wasn’t possible. No one would give her Mrs. Lu’s contact number; therefore, she could only depend on waiting it out.

She had prepared herself mentally that she might meet with a closed door; therefore, she didn’t feel defeated.

Unable to find Mrs. Lu on the first day, she came again on the second. After standing at the entrance of the military compound for three whole days, she met with the same outcome.

Suddenly, the skies were overcast as a fine drizzle started pouring down. Opening an umbrella, Shi Guang stood at the roadside, intending to head home for the day.

Following the platform, she walked over to the roadside. Just as she was about to raise her hand for a taxi, a black SUV sped by her and splashed up all the water on the ground, drenching her entire upper half.

Astounded and scowling, she looked at that SUV with some slight anger. Right as she was about to chase after it while questioning their driving skills loudly, the SUV suddenly came to a stop and reversed toward her. Stopping beside her, the car window winded down and revealed the face of a man.

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