Chapter 11 We’ve Only Slept Together Before

Those words took three laps around Shi Guang’s mind before she broke out of her stupor. Did Ma Lesheng just say that Lu Yanchen was the student she was going to teach? Then, what about that Mrs. Shen?

Shocked to the max, she let out a look of disbelief as she asked emotionally, “Wasn’t Mrs. Shen the one who had signed the contract? Isn’t my student Mrs. Shen?”

Ma Lesheng replied, “Miss Shen is the one who did sign the contract, that’s right. However, she is not Mrs. Shen. Her name is Shen Lingshuang. Her husband’s surname is Lu. She is Mrs. Lu! And, Young Master Lu is the son of Mrs. Lu…”

Afraid that Lu Yanchen on the other side might be displeased with what he was about to say, Ma Lesheng tactfully lowered his voice, “Young Master Lu has water vertigo. Do you think that someone with water vertigo will look for a private coach for themselves? Absolutely no way! Therefore, the person you are going to teach is Mrs. Lu’s son, the fourth Young Master Lu! This is a distinguished person. You must make sure to put your heart into teaching!”

‘What’s up with this? World! Do you really have to be this small?’ To think that Lu Yanchen would be her student!

Did he have water vertigo?

While she truly did not see him get into water before, she did not know that he had water vertigo. But, they WERE together for a whole two years!

For a moment, Shi Guang’s heart was mixed with all sorts of emotions which she could not distinguish between.

Subconsciously, she lowered her head and looked over at Lu Yanchen.

As though he had detected her gaze, Lu Yanchen shifted his eyes to meet hers. Those deep eyes of his were like a calm ocean underneath the starlight. There wasn’t a single ripple of emotion within them, nor was there any bit of warmth.

He was still ever so composed, whereas her entire heart was flustered.

She could teach anyone…anyone except Lu Yanchen.

Shi Guang took a deep breath and repressed those surging emotions of hers. After lowering her eyes and humming briefly, her face was calm when she raised her head once more.

“Manager Ma, I’m sorry. I can’t teach anymore. I thought that I was going to teach a woman.” She wanted to have Ma Lesheng think that she was incapable of teaching men.

The first reaction Ma Lesheng had upon hearing it was surprise as he let out a strange look saying, “Miss Shi, you’ve already signed the contract.”

“Can’t I terminate the contract?” Shi Guang asked gently.

“I am merely the middleman. I’ve got no way of helping you terminate the contract.” Ma Lesheng then cast his eyes toward Lu Yanchen beside him and said in a soft tone, “It’s stated clearly on the contract that if you wish to terminate the contract out of your personal issues, you would have to pay ten times of the contract sum. That is 2.5 million!”

2.5 million? Shi Guang’s face turned terrible as she instantaneously had a feeling of carrying a 2.5 million burden.

She gripped her fists so tightly that her nails were digging into her palms. She then returned a smile she assumed to be the calmest she could give as she walked beside Lu Yanchen, “I believe that you must not have known that your private coach was going to be me. If you had known, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been willing to come over. Since that’s the case, let us terminate our contract then.”

Lu Yanchen raised his chin and looked at her with his abyssally deep eyes as he replied in a deep voice, “Indeed, I did not know. But, it’s a pity I wasn’t the one who had signed the contract.”

His meaning was clear, ‘Looking for him to terminate the contract was not going to bear fruits.’

He sat there while she stood there. She felt that her authority should be asserted down toward him.

And yet, he just sat there looking at her without a single peep while half squinting his eyes. With a lazy attitude, he had caused every single bit of advantage that she felt she possessed evaporate immediately.

The momentary silence caused the air to go stale. Shi Guang bit down on her lip and tried again, “You can tell your mother that you want to change a coach! Say that you want someone you are more…familiar with! That way, you will feel more comfortable with her teaching! We…”

Lu Yanchen stood up and turned around to face outside the window, leaving Shi Guang with his back view so that no one could make out his emotions. All he gave was an indifferent reply that cut right into her words, “… Indeed, we’re not familiar. We’ve only slept together before.”

Shi Guang was rooted.

With an expression that was petrified, her petite little face flushed red in a flash. Even those pinkish white earlobes were stained with a shade of red.

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