Chapter 10 Unexpectedly, It’s Him!

“It’s alright!” Shi Guang smiled out gently. It was as though she was replying to both the person who was here to receive her and herself as well.

‘That’s right! It’s alright!’

Being all alone was pretty good as well!

Shi Guang closed her eyes. Facing the sunlight, she broke into a smile.

Propping up her chin, Shi Guang looked at the clear waters ahead idly as she awaited the student she was about to teach with the utmost patience.

‘As you watch the scenery on the bridge, the sightseer watches you from the balcony.’

As Shi Guang watched the clear azure waters, Lu Yanchen was watching her from a glass window up above while biting down on his lips. Motionless, he seemed as though he was in a slight daze.

Time passed by the seconds and minutes. However, the student Shi Guang was supposed to teach never arrived. She suddenly recalled that the contract had stated water vertigo for the other party. Could she have decided to not come because she was afraid?

Well, she could only let her have more time to prepare herself mentally then. After all, Shi Guang was someone with a lot of patience.

Suddenly, her phone rang at this moment. It was Ma Lesheng who called, telling Shi Guang, “The client has something on all of a sudden and the lesson will be canceled today. The lessons will start officially tomorrow.”

“Alright, no problem.”

After heading back, Shi Guang researched intensively regarding water vertigo.

She realized that water vertigo was actually something that was really easy to overcome. As long as there was someone who was patient enough to coach properly, there would definitely be no issues.

The second day, Shi Guang arrived half an hour earlier just like the previous day.

However, this time around, she did not dare to play around with her reflection through car mirrors anymore, fearing that she might bump into Lu Yanchen once more.

Entering the VIP private training hall, she went to change her clothes and make preparations.

Upon coming out, she took a look at the wall clock. It was about to reach the prearranged time now. Using the glass door as a mirror, Shi Guang conveniently tied her hair into a bun.

After she was done, she even gave herself a slight smile through the mirror.

Outside the door, was a tall and well-built man that was approaching. Raising her head slightly, Shi Guang peered through the transparent glass door and locked eyes with the other party.

Once again, her smile froze up.

As he looked at her, his eyes were deep and distant.

As she looked at him, her eyes were struggling to maintain her cool.

For a moment or so, no one broke the silence. It was as though they were locked there like magnets.

Shutting her eyes, Shi Guang was the first to peel herself away as though she had just seen a stranger, and that was all. Thereafter, when she caught sight of how Lu Yanchen pushed the door and entered, she could no longer maintain her calmness. Her eyes were filled with both astonishment and bewilderment.

But unlike the previous two times, Shi Guang reacted relatively quickly this time around.

Declaring formally, she told Lu Yanchen, “My apologies! This is the VIP private training hall.”

What she actually meant was, ‘Please don’t come in. You are not welcome here.’

Lu Yanchen threw a casual glance at her and smirked before walking by her into the private training hall. He then sat down on a chair inside.

Shi Guang’s jaws dropped open in surprise. Taking in a deep breath, she tried her hardest to push back her anger because she was afraid of sounding like a resentful woman the moment she spoke.

“A lesson is in progress! Please head out!!” Looking at him, every single word was said out slowly and with emphasis.

At that moment, he looked back at her as well.

As the two of them looked at the other person intently, this action was imperceptibly magnified as though some sort of unknown power had just exploded out in the still air.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open once more. However, neither of them budged as they continued looking at one another as though they were waging a war just through their eyes.

It was only until the person who entered walked beside them that Shi Guang’s eyes brightened up. It was as though she had just seen her savior as she commented hurriedly, “Manager Ma! He just forced himself right in! My student is about to arrive, and I need my peace here!”

Her underlying meaning was for Manager Ma to chase Lu Yanchen away.

Manager Ma furrowed his brows and said with a dark face, “Your student? Your student is Mr. Lu right here!”

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