Immortal Pilgrimage

Endless Continent, limitless and boundless. On the Continent where the imperial stood, the imperial is supreme! An unexpected accident during an archaeology expedition causes Su Yu to cross over to Endless Continent. His spirit gets attached to a young man who was buried in the life and death forbidden domain. After which, he walks out of that domain and towards an unfamiliar world.

What happens when you end up in a world not your own? When you realize how weak you are, how pathetic your actions? When you can’t even protect those that have shown you only kindness?
Title: Immortal Pilgrimage
Alternative name: 不朽圣朝
Author: 天街小雨
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Release: 2017
Page(Chapter): 165+ Chapters (ongoing)
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Categories: Action, All Novel

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