Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person Chapter 1


I didn’t know what time travel would give or what the world itself would offer. Before I time traveled, I wasn’t anyone great, a scientist, nor an engineer. I didn’t understand the economy or business. I was only a senior high schooler with superficial knowledge in science, technology, and a decent amount of interest in history, that’s all. I wasn’t the child of God, and I didn’t wish to be. I didn’t have any desire to time travel to a chamber with 3000 beauties, I just wanted to play video games to my heart’s content.

Clasping his diary shut with a bang, Charles Goole closed his eyes.

It had been 6 years since he time traveled from China in 2016 to London in the 1980s. He had long since adapted to the lifestyle of an Englishmen, along with their damned food. After all, it was widely accepted that English cuisine was unpalatable! Every day there was only pan fried steak and bread, could you imagine that? After over 10 years of eating Chinese cuisine, this had been a ball breaking pain in the ass.

Aside from that, he had been battered by every single culture the United Kingdoms had to offer and practically smashed to pieces every single misconceptions the high schooler had to offer. In truth, being a time traveler was not that easy to be.

Pretending to be a child every minute for his entire life had been excruciatingly slow. Just thinking about it brought tears to his eyes! In short, after 6 years of such a life, Charles had felt that he had already awakened the potential to being one of those master ninjas in the legends.

Unfortunately, while he had definitely the potential to be a master ninja, this little talent of his had already reached the ears of all the neighborhood neighbors. Charles had realized that after time traveling, he had possessed what the majority of time travelers needed-eidetic memory. Also, Charles had another powerful skill to help him-high speed learning.

It was possibly like what every other time travelers said;after time traveling, his soul had grown stronger by a large amount. Because of his nearly matured soul, his brain had enlarged and gained the benefits from that. To sum things up, he had the two abilities of Jor-El, but those abilities were not easy to conceal. In the end, he would still leave behind clues. So Charles had decided to be blunt and revealed his talent on being able to learn quickly while hiding his maturity. This way, he wouldn’t have to explain as much and wouldn’t be arrested by some organization for research.

Furthermore, Charles had felt that there was some sort of supernatural gift within him. Inside his body was a peculiar energy. This energy had many applications, generally something like bending the soup ladle or setting things on fire (usually paper). But whenever his own emotions had flared up, the energy would be uncontrollable and become an extremely strong and indestructible force.

Charles could remember when he was five, he had nearly been run over by a car when the energy within him had exploded outwards. He could only feel a large amount of the energy flow out from his body and send the extremely heavy car flying. As a result of this explosion of energy, Charles had been bedridden for an entire month.

In short, with the usage of his ability, Charles had begun to absorb in countless knowledge (Knowledge is power after all), while also studying what that supernatural energy was.

Just the other day when Charles was outside with his mother and father, he had accidentally seen a pub-the Leaky Cauldron.

But his parents and the other pedestrians simply did not notice this pub at all. Charles had been convinced, he had time traveled into the world of Harry Potter!

That was when he was convinced that the supernatural energy within him was magic.

But he never would have imagined that he himself would be a wizard, a mudblood wizard at that.

According to his memories of Harry Potter, Charles had realized that destiny had made him the same age of Harry Potter.

My God, I’m the same age of that plague of bad luck. My life of carefree leisure is definitely over.

Ever since Harry Potter came to Hogwarts, the magical world had been ripped from its peaceful life. The entire process could be summed up as so.

Year One: As long as he didn’t look for the demon, there would be no danger.

Year Two: The soul of the demon would possess a girl and summon the basilisk, causing the entire school to nearly go crazy with rebellion. Even the luckiest of victims were only petrified after escaping from the death gaze of the basilisk. But as a ’’mudblood’’, Charles figured he wouldn’t have such luck.

Year Three: Dementors roamed freely, only the dormitories were safe.

Year Four: The Triwizard Tournament, he was safe if he didn’t participate.

Year Five: Follow the toad of an instructor that the Ministry of Magic hired. Don’t follow whatever recklessness Harry was doing.

Year Six: Stay away from the headmaster’s office.

Year Seven. Sorry, but if you weren’t a pureblood, then you weren’t safe no matter where you went.

When it came for the war in the seventh year, absolutely no one could escape from it. Especially those muggle-born wizards. So, he should hurry up and increase his power! Otherwise, his chance of death would be significantly higher.

According to his memory, he would be 11 years old when he would receive his admission letter from Hogwarts. In other words, it would be another 5 years before that happened. He still had 5 years to establish his foundation.

Not bad!

But how what was the first step to increasing one’s power?

The answer was ’’Money’’.

Although Charles’ family could be considered a part of the middle class, he was extremely poor in the wizarding world. Even an amazing wizard wouldn’t be able to dole out money at will. Any precious books or magical ingredients, those required plenty of money.

So if one wasn’t rich and wasn’t Merlin, now was the time to start earning money.

But how would one earn money?

Playing the stock markets of course!

The stock market! You’re joking with me! That’s what the readers must be thinking! How would a little magical high schooler be able to earn any money from the stock market? Not even his underwear would be left after!

That would be correct in most cases.

But as a time traveler from the year 2016, even an idiot would know about Microsoft and Apple’s future. So Charles would just need to throw money into their stocks, and he would profit afterwards. In addition, Charles had already established a voice in his own family. His mother and father had already stopped looking at him like a small child. He was able to participate in many of the household decisions. Most importantly, Charles had the entire basement to himself without being disturbed.

Magic could be learned here, he thought.

The next step to increasing his strength-supply procurement.

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