Addicted to Marrying Ruthless Wife Xia Xiwan and Lu Hanting

“Hundreds of Million Presidents Doting Wife Addicted to Xia Xiwan” is a romantic novel written by the author Liu Li Xuexue. It is currently being serialized. The protagonists are Lu Hanting and Xia Xiwan. The story of the novel mainly tells a conspiracy. The country was taken back to marry him. Ugly and unsalted, medically useless? Let’s see how she rejuvenates her wonderfully, beautifully! The ladies from Haicheng, whose faces were swollen, complained to him, Lu Shao…wait, she was married to a business tycoon who covered the sky with one hand. She rushed over and hugged his thigh. Husband, are you dying? He looked like he was about to eat her, and it seems that I have to personally show you whether I can do it!
Title: Addicted to Marrying Ruthless Wife Xia Xiwan and Lu Hanting
Alternative name: – 替嫁狠妻宠上瘾夏夕绾陆寒霆
Author: Glass Xuexue
Genre: romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 996
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On one side, Horchize suspected that he had auditory hallucinations, little… little white face?


His second brother?

I go!

Lu Hanting glanced at the check with deep, narrow eyes, and then faintly fell on Xia Xiaodie’s beautiful face. His low voice did not have the slightest emotional ups and downs. He listened indifferently, “What do you mean?”

Xia Xiaodie had already seen this man in the cake shop that day, and now she saw it again, she still felt shocked. She blushed and looked at the man’s unblemished handsome face eagerly, trying to treat a little white face. A sense of superiority comes, “I gave you this check. Don’t follow Xia Xiwan in the future. I will cover and support you.”


What did he see? In the rest of his life, someone took a check to pack it. Raising his second brother, is this world swollen? Is it fantasy?

Lu Hanting put his hands in his trouser pockets, and soon the corners of his lips curled up with a sneer.

He didn’t say anything to refuse or humiliate, but Xia Xiaodie was flushed by this sneer.

Xia Xiaodie didn’t know what was wrong with herself, she was the daughter of the Xia family, and he was just a little white face, but his gestures spread even a condescending look in his eyes, making her feel ashamed. .

“You…what are you laughing at?”

Lu Hanting raised his sword eyebrows, “It’s nothing, it’s good to be a little confident, but I’d better go back and look in the mirror.”

After talking, Lu Hanting pulled off his long legs and left.

All of Xia Xiaodie’s enthusiasm was extinguished by a basin of cold water. She was rejected by a little white face?

Is a little white face so arrogant now?

Lu Hanting took a step, but stopped, because he saw a beautiful figure in front of him, and Xia Xiwan came.

Xia Xiwan didn’t know when she would be here, she was looking at him with her bright eyes.

Huo Xize: Hey, what day is it today? The second brother was arrested by this man to marry the second wife.

Lu Hanting looked at Xia Xiwan, and after a few seconds he quickly took out the big hand he had copied in his trouser pocket, “I didn’t do anything, you saw it, she hooked me up!”

The man who was cold and inviolable the next second fell from the altar and complained to Xia Xiwan in a tone of innocence that could no longer be innocent. This scene almost stunned Hoxize, and Xia Xiaodie’s heart was injured. She was sprinkled with frost immediately.

“Xia Xiwan, it’s you again!” Xia Xiaodie gritted her teeth with bitterness.

Xia Xiwan walked over, her slender body still blocking Lu Hanting’s face, “Xia Xiaodie, I always think you are a low-profile version of Li Yulan, but Li Yulan should feel relieved, because you still have her true biography and like to grab Other people’s men!”


Xia Xiwan didn’t wait for Xia Xiaodie to speak, she took away the check in her hand, “Five hundred thousand? Yes, Xia Xiaodie, why do you have so much money? It seems that you really paid the money this time. Now, you like me very much…little white face, right?”

This half a million is all Xia Xiaodie’s savings, and a small part of it was borrowed from friends. She is really infatuated with Lu Hanting now, so she devoted all of it.

Xia Xiwan tweeted regretfully, “It’s only a pity that Luohua deliberately flowed ruthlessly. No amount of money you give is useless. My little white face can’t look down on you.”

Said Xia Xiwan turned her head and looked at Lu Hanting’s handsome face, “Tell her who’s the man you are!”

Lu Hanting watched the girl’s stubborn eyes overflowing, and then drew a curve of doting on her thin lips, and answered three words, “Wan Wan.”


Xia Xiwan’s heart jumped. She was already in control of the audience, but when the man spoke, he instantly turned away.

He uttered the phrase “stringent” in a magnetically pleasant voice, which almost missed her heartbeat.

Xia Xiwan quickly retracted her gaze and looked at Xia Xiaodie warningly, “Xia Xiaodie, forget it today, next time if I hit you and hook up with my man again, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Xia Xiwan took Lu Hanting’s big hand, “Let’s go.”

Huo Xize on one side: The second wife is also domineering!

Xia Xiaodie was about to spit out a mouthful of blood. She had seen Xia Xiwan’s sharp teeth a long time ago, but she did not expect her mouth to be so poisonous.

Lu Hanting was led far away by Xia Xiwan, the girl’s hands were small and soft, not slippery, Lu Hanting moved his fingers, trying to hold her little hand.

However, Xia Xiwan shook off his big hand and snorted, “Mr. Lu, I was originally a theatergoer, but you have to pull me in. Just now I can play you the drama of two women fighting for one man. Are you satisfied?”

Lu Hanting curled his lips, “Why do I smell a sour taste?”

The sour taste?

Xia Xiwan smelled it, no.

She reacted in the next second, and he was saying she was jealous.

Xia Xiwan glared at him sideways, “Mr. Lu, I just helped you, you still don’t know what is good or bad.”

Lu Hanting stretched out his hand to hold her rosy shoulders and pushed her directly against the wall. With a “pop”, he put one hand on her side and blocked her, “Daring to talk to me like this is really like you. Little white face, so courageous?”

Xia Xiwan was trapped in his arms all of a sudden. This man slammed his face when he didn’t agree with him. He was really domineering president Fan. How could she dare to treat him as her little white face?

Xia Xiwan’s voice became quieter, “I don’t have one.”

“No? What does it mean to help me just now, Mrs. Lu, do you have the self-consciousness to run away the flowers and plants that surround your husband? Isn’t it that you are the wife of the palace?”


Xia Xiwan felt inexplicably that what he said seemed to make sense, “But how do I know if you are interested in others? Maybe it is Xia Xiaodie who married you, I am just a substitute for marriage.”

Lu Hanting raised his heroic sword eyebrows, and moved forward with a handsome face, “You still said you are not jealous?”

“I don’t have…”

“I heard that girls are jealous for coaxing, should I coax you?”


Lu Hanting lowered his head and gently kissed her red lips through the veil.

Xia Xiwan’s slender Yu Jie trembled, why did he…

Lu Hanting rolled his throat and asked her lowly, “Are you still jealous?”

Xia Xiwan quickly shook her head in fright.

Lu Hanting chuckled lowly, “Oh, see, little vinegar jar.”

Only then did Xia Xiwan know that she had been fooled. She admitted in a disguised form that she was jealous, and that she had never lost a fight that she had been eaten to death by him.

Xia Xiwan bit her red lips lightly and lowered her body. She got out from under his arm and ran away.

Lu Hanting copied his hand into his trouser pocket and followed up with his lips curled.

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