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Chapter 8 Heartbreaking Feelings 2

Seeing that the man was not fooled, Yi An had to give up and shrugged his shoulders, “Same as you guessed.”

The man got the answer he wanted, so he was silent and didn’t speak any more.

Yi An was not used to the quietness of the car, and kept talking noisily.

“Shen, what is your relationship with her? I have never seen you pay such attention to a woman.”

“Aren’t you gay?” Yi An smiled.

The man is unmoved.

“Is that a woman you like? Otherwise, why would you care about her so much? You took an extra script for her and took notes carefully, so as not to let her find out that it was you, and actually change your style. He wrote a lot of ugly words…”


“Well, actually it’s still very beautiful. I just don’t understand why you are so embarrassed to write the words like dragons and phoenixes?”

When the man heard Yi An’s words, he opened his eyes, and his pupils were as deep as the sea, black and bright, like bright stars in the sky, and there was a touch of gentleness at the corner of his mouth, “You haven’t experienced it, no Knowing this feeling, although it is very hard, but it is sweet.”

Yi An still doesn’t understand, what is it? !

“You think I am embarrassing myself, but I think I am doing a happy thing.”

Although he can’t treat the scenery well, but in this way, it’s not bad. The reason why he wanted to write in a different way was because he didn’t want her to find out that he did it.

“…” Seeing the man’s expressionless face, Yi’an suddenly looked like hell with such a tender and affectionate expression on his face as cold as it was cold.

But, for some reason, looking at the man so happy, he wanted to experience this feeling in his heart.

“Then why can’t you be fair to her and explain the truth to her?” Yi An said suddenly.

The tenderness on the man’s face disappeared instantly, and the sparkle in his eyes quickly annihilated.

He glanced at Yi An, turned his head again, closed his eyes, and assumed a posture that he didn’t want to answer.

His face returned to indifference again.

Seeing this, Yi An was wise to say nothing.

It seems that Shen, who has always been omnipotent, has what he cannot.

Yi An thought, becoming curious about the woman named Jing Zhiliang.

After Yi An drove intently and stopped talking, the man turned his head, opened his eyes and looked out the window, his eyes dimmed slightly.

He didn’t want to face the coolness of the scenery openly, but that woman didn’t allow it.

He clearly remembered that she once looked at him with those dazzling eyes, and said word by word, “Shen Weijin, I hate you.”

The corner of Shen Weijin’s mouth raised. Since she hates him, how can he put all his thoughts on her on the table and increase her troubles?

What he can do is just like today, pretending not to like her, and then quietly treat her well.

Time quickly disappeared in Jing Zhiliang’s memorial lines, and in a blink of an eye it was time to go to film.

According to Yu Qing, she must first go to the Crown Mian Hotel for a round with Guo Qing, and then follow the team to the ancient city of Lijiang.

Because the filming place this time is in the old town of Lijiang.

Yu Qing found a small assistant for her, named Xiaoxiao, a careful girl, and it was best for her to take care of Jing Zhiliang’s life.

Due to a traffic jam on the way, it took a long time for Jing Zhiliang to bring Xiaoxiao to the Crown Mian Hotel.

She walked to the room that Guo Qing said, and knocked it symbolically.

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