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Chapter 7 Heartbreaking Feelings 1

Just when Jing Zhiliang was at a loss, the sound of “Ding Dong” and “Ding Dong” suddenly came from the room.

Doorbell rang.

Jing Zhiliang got up, wondering who it would be, and went to open the door.

The iron door opened, and there was a man standing outside, with a peaked cap blocking his face, only to see a package in his hand.

“this is?”

Isn’t this a courier?

Jing Zhiliang was puzzled. She remembered that she didn’t order anything. If someone else ordered her, she would tell her that it was.

“Miss Jing, isn’t it?”


“Here is your package, please sign for it.” He handed out the package in his hand.

Jing Zhiliang glanced at the package and said in doubt, “But, I didn’t order anything.”

“This is not part of my job, Miss Jing only needs to sign for it.” His tone was flat, and he stuffed the package in Jing Zhiliang’s hand directly, and handed the pen to her.

Jing Zhiliang had to write three beautiful and unrestrained words on the package. After she signed, she looked up to return the pen to the man, only to find that the man had already left.

“really weird……”

She muttered, closed the iron door, and opened the beautifully decorated package.

After seeing the items in the package, she was slightly stunned.

Inside the package, there was a neat book lying down.

That was the script, exactly the same as the one she had fucked before.

She picked up the script, flipped through it, and found that there were notes in the script, including the feelings and plots she wanted to have when she played Qingcheng.

“Strange, who would do this?” Jing Zhiliang murmured. This person actually knew that she was playing Qingcheng and knew that her script was lost. Not only did she send the script in time, but she also helped to take notes?

She thought about it for a while, and felt that the word “Dragon Feifeng Dance” in the script was a bit familiar, but she couldn’t recall whose word it was.

She didn’t doubt that Shen Weijin did it, because when she was at the Crown Hotel, she noticed that Shen Weijin glanced at her script.

However, Shen Weijin’s words are somewhat different from this, after all, Shen Weijin’s words are clear and handsome.

However, according to Jing Zhiliang’s character, she just thought about it for a while, then put it behind her head and began to recite her lines.

However, she has deeply remembered this unknown well-meaning person in her heart.

After the man with the peaked cap successfully delivered the package to Jing Zhiliang’s hands, he quickly left and walked out of the community where Jing Zhiliang lived.

Outside the door, there was a sexy Lamborghini parked.

The man walked up to the car familiarly, took off his peaked cap, revealing an overly delicate face.

“Hey, Shen, I’m done.” He said, his tone full of pride.

“I know, get in the car.” A man in the driver’s seat said, his handsome face was extremely cold, even the highest peak, Mount Everest, was not as cold as the breath exuding from him.

“Yi An, don’t drive your car to me in the future.” He shifted his position and sat in the back seat of the car.


“Sao.” The man spit out the word coldly, and his deep sea-like eyes were full of dislike for this Lamborghini.

“…” Yi An looked at the man with a wounded expression, his delicate face wrinkled.

“False.” The man glanced at him, obviously not fooled.

“Did she say anything?” The man said she was referring to Jing Zhiliang.

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