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Chapter 5 Shen Weijin, Long Time No See 5

Jing Zhiliang was deeply obsessed with the story of “Qingcheng”. Just when she was sad for the tragic ending of Qingcheng and Mu Qing, an abrupt sound suddenly sounded in the room.

That voice was so familiar, deep in the blood, it made her feel a sudden shock, blood flowed back all over her body, and it was difficult to breathe.

“Miss Jing, hello.”

Jing Zhiliang was taken aback, raised his head, and a beautiful and unparalleled face swayed into her heart and set off a stormy sea.

“Hello there……”

Jing Zhiliang didn’t stand up, but was stunned, looking at that face in a daze.

The deep ink eyes, deep like the sea, always make her inadvertently indulge in those eyes, unable to extricate herself. The tall and charming nose line, the sexy thin lips slightly pursed, a little unpleasant faintly. The face is well-defined, always soft in memory, making people enamoured, but now it is tight and exuding a cold breath, looking at the strange tightness.

Jing Zhiliang couldn’t help but shake the gods. It was obviously the same face. Why was it so different from the memory? and……

Her fingers were slightly bent, clutching the script in her hand, even though the thin paper in her hand had become wrinkled, she didn’t notice it.

Didn’t Guo Qing let her wait for him here? Why would I see him…

Shen Weijin…

“Hello, Mr. Shen.” Although Jing Zhiliang was shocked and mixed with emotions, he stood up and greeted Shen Weijin politely.

When Shen Weijin heard Jing Zhiliang’s polite and alienated address, he gave her a faint look, his expression was stunned, and he quickly recovered. He ignored her and sat on the other side of the sofa.

However, even if he was sitting on the sofa, the natural noble temperament and the indifference deep into his bones still made him look aloof, making Jing Zhiliang tense, and his whole body in a state of alert.

Shen Weijin looked at Jing Zhiliang’s uncomfortable eyes. He glanced at the crumpled script in Jing Zhiliang’s hand, and remained silent for a long time.

Jing Zhiliang was nervous and didn’t know what to say, so she sat quietly. In her own heart, she felt that sitting quietly like this was better than talking to Shen Weijin.

After all, her relationship with Shen Weijin is so awkward.

The room suddenly became quiet, only Shen Weijin’s breathing and Jing Zhiliang’s rapid heartbeat were heard.

a long time.

Seeing Jing Zhiliang had been stalemate with him, Shen Weijin’s heart sank and said coldly.

“Miss Jing is going to sit with me all morning?”

“Huh?” Jing Zhiliang raised his head, touched his cold gaze, and quickly lowered his head, Nuonuo said, “I… Director Guo Qing asked me to get the script…”

“I got the script, shouldn’t Ms. Jing roll?” Shen Weijin glanced at the script that was already completely out of shape, and his tone was a bit cold.

Jing Zhiliang was astonished, and he felt happy. Fortunately, he could finally escape from this depressed place, but he couldn’t help but feel a little lost. Shen Weijin was driving her away?

Could it be that Shen Weijin thinks she is getting in his eyes here?

Could it be that Shen Weijin was not happy to see her?

She thought, it should be, otherwise why is his face so ugly? Even if he is cold in nature, he is only expressionless in front of outsiders.

Jing Zhiliang took the script, got up, and left with heavy steps.

She turned her back to Shen Weijin, seemingly calm and unwavering. However, where Shen Weijin could not see, the corners of her eyes had slightly misted.

Before meeting Shen Weijin, she could still lie to herself, Shen Weijin didn’t hate her, just didn’t want to see her.

However, after meeting him, such Shen Weijin made Jing Zhiliang no longer able to deceive himself.

Just when Jing Zhiliang’s hand touched the doorknob, and she could disappear in front of Shen Weijin’s eyes with just one turn, he suddenly made a noise.

“Don’t you tell me anything?”

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