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Chapter 4 Shen Weijin, Long Time No See 4

Therefore, she will leave Shen Weijin.

Therefore, she and Shen Weijin have become so strange.

If it weren’t for the good times in the memory, she would think that she had never known Shen Weijin, had never been so close to him.

Jing Zhiliang moved his finger and clicked to watch “Old City Light”.

“Old City Lights” is about a pair of childhood sweethearts who once loved each other very much, and finally separated due to various reasons. The old things in the old city and the old times also settled in the depths of the memory along with the separation.

When she first watched this movie, she was still chattering non-stop, saying that the hero and the hero of this movie are very similar to her and him.

However, Shen Weijin refuted her. She still remembered what Shen Weijin said at the time:

“We won’t be separated like them…” He paused slightly, and said the next sentence in Jing Zhiliang’s expectant eyes, “After all, you are so clingy, I can’t drive you away.”

His words are full of disgust.

Now, she finally doesn’t stick to Shen Weijin anymore. Is he relieved, fortunate that this sticky spirit has finally left her?

Jing Zhiliang pursed his lips slightly, and quickly clicked the “X” in the upper right corner, put down the notebook, and buried his head between his knees.

Her shoulders shrugged slightly, and her temples gradually soaked.

There was a faint sobbing sound in the room, and then slowly weakened and became silent.

The next day, when Jing Zhiliang arrived in Room 802, there was no one in the room.

Jing Zhiliang thought for a while, and attributed it to Guo Qing who was accidentally late, so she sat on the sofa aside.

Sharp-eyed, she noticed that there was something on the coffee table in front of the sofa. She picked it up and found that it was the script of “Qingcheng”.

Immediately, she turned over the script, and while carefully reading the plot about Allure, she also looked at the plots of other characters, and found that in addition to the male and female lead, there is also a male second named “Mu Qing” who has the most drama with her. .

The play “Qingcheng” is based on the background of the Tang Dynasty, and Qingcheng is the queen of the most developed country in that economically developed era. Qingcheng is a country named after her homophonic name.

Although Allure is a strategizing business queen, it is inevitable that he has fallen in love with American men and fell in love with Twilight, a general of other countries who pretended to be ordinary people to steal state secrets, and was finally used by Twilight to reveal a lot of business secrets. , And even face life safety issues.

In the end, she was killed by Twilight, and Mu Qing, the second man who has been silently guarding him in “Qingcheng”, is the bamboo horse of Qingcheng and the general of Qingcheng.

He was led away by Qingcheng by Twilight and went to the border to maintain law and order, but at the end he learned that his beloved had been killed, vomiting blood and died, and followed Qingcheng.

In fact, the film “Qingcheng” does not mainly talk about Qingcheng and Mu Qing, but it paints a lot of pens and inks to depict the love between the two, which makes people cry.

Jing Zhiliang was deeply obsessed with the story of “Qingcheng”. Just when she was sad for the tragic ending of Qingcheng and Mu Qing, an abrupt sound suddenly sounded in the room.

That voice was so familiar, deep in the blood, it made her feel a sudden shock, blood flowed back all over her body, and it was difficult to breathe.

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