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Chapter 4 Is He God?

Suddenly got up, hit the table, the dishes and chopsticks crackled.

Lou Ying regrets that he has no time to take care of it, and hastily caught a passing waiter in black. “When will the cruise ship go ashore?”

“Seven days, the destination is Hawaii.” The waiter replied respectfully.

Seven days? Lou Ying regrets that his eyes are black and almost fainted.

She shouldn’t have come here, she shouldn’t have come.

Five days ago, Zhong Xiyi invited her to take part in a cruise on the Queen Mary, saying that her family’s elders had given her two first flight tickets.

She thought, she was having time for the summer vacation, and he had lost a lot of weight due to the worries about working capital a while ago, so she could just take this opportunity to relax.

Unexpectedly, on the first day of the cruise ship, he talked about breaking up with her. On the second day, he and her sister went in and out of each other.

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to disembark but couldn’t, so she shut herself in her room during the day, and only came out at night to breathe, leaning on the railing to look out at the sea.

“Could you please stop at midway? I’m in a hurry and must go back immediately.” Lou Ying regret bit his tongue, hoarsely pleading.

Seven days… what if grandma needs her?

The waiter shook his head helplessly, “The route is established. You can go wherever you go.”


Lou Ying regrets something to say, but Xiao Quan’s powerful hands hold his shoulders.

“Don’t worry, I have a way.” Xiao Quan said solemnly, his voice as nice as a string, and at this moment he had extraordinary magical power.

Lou Yinghui raised his head to look at Xiao Quan, with a faint splash of water flashing under his eyes.

Is he a god, and why does he always show up when she needs it most?

Half an hour later, a seemingly high-end medium and large yacht docked near the Queen Mary.

With its smooth and elegant lines and silver-white gorgeous appearance, it stands there quietly, without hustle and bustle, attracting crowds to watch.

Lou Chuxue was also among the onlookers. Seeing this, he blinked and asked, “Ying regret, where are you going? Is such a beautiful yacht owned by Mr. Xiao?”

Zhong Xiyi stood in front of the window of the suite on the top floor of the cruise ship, watching the scene on the deck below: Lou Yinghui and Xiao Quan were about to board the yacht and leave.

His dark jewel-like eyes flashed with deep thought, took out his mobile phone, and dialed a call.

Lou Chuxue didn’t seem to notice Lou Yinggui’s indifference, and pulled on

With her wrist, she asked again and again: “Ying regret, the suspect has not been found yet, haven’t you looked for it? Why is it so urgent? Is something urgent happened?”

Lou Yinghui was anxious to go home, and had no time to answer Lou Chuxue’s many questions. Pushing her away, she followed Xiao Quan.

“Come on, give me your hand.” Xiao Quan got on the yacht first and stretched out a hand.

Lou Yinghui looked at the hand extended in front of her, elegant and distinct.

Lou Yinghui put his hand lightly on Xiao Quan’s palm. Only after comparing it did he realize that his hand was so big, almost twice her size.

Xiao Quan wrapped up the building and regretted her small and tender little cat. With a strong effort, she pulled her onto the yacht.

Standing on the fly bridge of the yacht, Lou Yinggui was a little surprised. The dining area, outdoor bar and barbecue table are all available, as well as a driving platform. The silver-white metal texture is cool and gorgeous.

Lou Yinghui also noticed a small detail, an “X” inscribed letter carved in the middle of the steering wheel of the bridge.

X, the initials of Xiao.

This is probably Xiao Quan’s private yacht. Yachts have always been known as “Pavilions on the Sea”, and the luxury and grandeur inside are evident.

Lou Yinghui sat on the sofa where he could sunbathe, Xiao Quan walked to the bar and prepared a glass of fruit wine for her to quench the cold.

“Drink some wine, don’t strain your nerves too tight.”

“Thank you.” Lou Yinghui took a sip of the wine, and after a while, the light warmth spread throughout his body, and his impetuous and fearful heart settled a little.

Xiao Quan poured himself a glass of Lafite wine from 1787. He was leaning against the bar, with long, slender legs and lazy overlapping, white finger bones, set against the red wine in the glass, as noble as jade bamboo.

He even drinks as elegant as art. The goblet is tilted forty-five degrees, and the mellow red wine flows naturally to the tongue.

Perhaps because of his birth, he is pleasing to the eye in every gesture and action, and that kind of beauty seems to be able to pull people from reality into the movie.

Through the Internet, Lou Yinggui has a superficial understanding of the Xiao family. The centuries-old family, the nobles, and the clans are all among the dragons and phoenixes, or the rising stars in the political world, or the magnate in the business world, and Xiao Quan is even more in the Xiao family. The leader of the world, the leader among the rich and noble.

He graduated from a prestigious Ivy League school at the age of 20, and then took over the Dongqi consortium and drastically rectified the old consortium. In only three years, he made the performance of the Dongqi consortium rise by three percentage points. Don’t underestimate the three percentages. , That can

It is a profit of one billion.

He is only twenty-five years old, but he is already…

Regarding his deeds, she held her mobile phone and watched it all night without finishing it.

Thinking of this, Lou Ying’s regret was a little flustered. She took a pillow on the sofa and hugged it in her arms, not daring to look at Xiao Quan again.

In the blue sea and blue sky, occasionally a big fish jumped out of the water, causing splashes. Lou Ying was full of regret and bowed his head in thought. Xiao Quan’s gaze shifted to her from time to time, and time slipped away quietly while watching.

The yacht drove very quickly, and I regretted seeing the shadowy tall buildings in the distance, and my heart almost popped out.

Going ashore soon.

When he rushed to the central hospital, Lou Yinggui held the glass window and looked at the old and thin grandma in the isolation ward. Tears flowed down her white cheeks and hung on her exquisite chin.

Her mother died young, and when her father married, the woman took a daughter two years older than her. It turned out that the father had secretly hidden a small family outside, even the illegitimate daughter. As soon as her mother left, the woman moved in with her daughter.

From then on, everything she did was wrong, even if she didn’t talk back, she was also said to be cunning and good at being a human being.

Her father didn’t care much about her, she was like an outsider at home.

The grandmother is not her grandmother, but her mother’s nanny, who has no children and treats her like a granddaughter. After the mother left, grandma still stayed in the building, helping in the back kitchen.

Later, the stepmother took a chance and drove her out of the building.

At that time, she was twelve years old, and her stepmother said: “What the stepmother does is wrong. No matter how well the stepmother does, it is ill-intentioned. This family cannot accommodate me, so I will leave.”

The father said, “You should regret it. The fact that you did it hurts the face of the building. I will help you buy an apartment outside and ask someone to take care of you. How about it?”

She didn’t do anything wrong, just can’t argue with her words. In that case, why bother to ask them in a low voice.

Moreover, since the death of my mother, this home is no longer the one it used to be.

She agreed to move out, and grandma stood up and said, “Don’t ask another person, I can go out to take care of the regret.”

From then on, it was her and grandma’s dependence on each other.

If it weren’t for grandma, or she couldn’t live to be this big.

This is her grandmother.

If grandma has something to do… No, Lou Ying regrets that he can’t think about it anymore.

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