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Chapter 3 Xilou No

Lou Yinghui was swayed for a moment, as if he had fallen into a magical wonderland.

The man in front turned around. Time was walking very slowly at this moment, like slow motion. His handsome face was revealed, his forehead was full and resolute, his eyes were noble like obsidian, and the bridge of his nose was as tall as a dangerous peak…

His thin lips were lightly opened, and his voice was unspeakable, “Why did you get out of bed? Is it better?”

“Mr. Xiao, I’m fine.” Lou Ying repented and settled down and returned to reality.

“Xiao Quan.” He faintly corrected that the word “Mr.” was too distant and polite.

“…” Lou Ying regrets not saying a word. She has only heard people call him “Mr. Xiao” or “Ye Xiao”. She just calls him by his first name, which is too intimate.

“Either call it Xiao Quan, or don’t call it.” Xiao Quan said coldly, the emotions in his eyes that were incomprehensible.

Very domineering man, probably always give orders. Lou Ying regretted secretly slandering.

Xiao Quan gave her a glance, approached the guardrail, and stroked the cut in the guardrail. His eyes were indifferent but sharp and sharp. “The guardrail has been sawn before and is very clever.”

The fence that caused Lou Ying regret to fall into the sea has been fenced off. Not only has it been cordoned off, but it has also been guarded day and night to prevent certain people from destroying the evidence.

Lou Yinghui nodded, “I have been leaning on this guardrail for several nights to watch the scenery. The other party should have observed me.”

“Are there any suspicious persons in my mind?”

Lou Ying regretted it for a while, and shook his head truthfully.

Xiao Quan was condescending, staring at the cute little hair spin on Lou Yinghui’s head.

She has changed a lot, but some small places have not changed at all, as he remembered.

On the first day on the Queen Mary, he recognized her at a glance, as if by fate.

“Tell me if you think about it.” Xiao Quan said.

Lou Yinghui nodded again, she said thank you, and then raised her eyes to meet his gaze, and looked at him quietly.

“Mr. Xiao, why do you help me like this?”

All that Xiao Quan has done far exceeds the definition of kindness.

Besides, is Xiao Quan kind enough? She entered the word “Xiao Quan” in the mobile browser yesterday, and tens of thousands of messages popped up.

Rumor has it that Xiao Quan, the president of the Dongqi Financial Group, made a decision to kill, and the people gave him the title of King Yan.

What is his intention?

Reminiscent of Zhong Xiyi’s deeds, Lou Ying’s expression turned white with regret, and the battered heart couldn’t stand the destruction again.

She blurted out, “Linglong

The heart is no longer with me. “

The deck fell silent for about five or six seconds.

Xiao Quan’s voice was like a feather arrow, piercing the stagnation of the air.

“Why are you so arrogant, I have nothing to do with Jade for you.”

His gaze stayed on Lou Yinghui, without turning a moment.

It’s just a piece of jade, even if it is priceless, it can’t compare to her.

She is not presumptuous, but self-knowing.

Before Lou Yinghui had time to refute, a soft and gentle voice came from behind, “Mr. Xiao, by coincidence, you are here, and with my sister.”

After speaking, Lou Chuxue smiled slightly, with a touch of intimacy and teasing.

Lou Yinggui pressed her lips tightly, and looked at the interlocking fingers of Zhong Xiyi and Lou Chuxue, slipping in embarrassment.

Just five days ago, Zhong Xiyi was holding her hand on the cruise ship, standing on the deck, looking into the distance, in a light tone with a touch of arrogance and determination.

“It is rumored that the Queen Mary was built by the ship king for Queen Mary. One day I will build a big ship, called Xilou.”

At that time, Lou Yinggui thought that the “Lou” of the “Xilou No.” meant “Lou Yinggui”. Later I learned that the “lou” meant “Lou Chuxue”.

Ridiculous and sad.

At this moment, an iron arm wrapped around Lou Ying’s waist, with a little heat in the palm, pressing it against her waist seamlessly.

Lou Yinghui’s back was taut, and his gorgeous and sensitive wings were lifted up like a bird.

Although Xiao Quan’s actions exceeded the scope of “friends just met”, Lou Ying regret did not refuse, and he was even somewhat grateful for his relief.

She thought she could do it alone, and she could solve everything on her own. It turned out not. The deepest part of her heart also longed for someone to understand and care.

Xiao Quan nodded faintly, and the eagle eyes contained only one person, Yinghui, who went downstairs, “I and Yinghui came to investigate the scene.”

Zhong Xiyi stared at Xiao Quan’s palm on Lou Yinghui’s waist, her eyes darkened, and she couldn’t see the bottom.

Lou Chuxue seemed to think of the matter now, and asked in surprise, “Ying regret, I heard that it was not an accident that you fell into the sea. How is it? Is there any eyebrow?”

“Yes.” Xiao Quan replied on behalf of Lou Ying. From the eyes of others, they are intimate and indifferent to each other.

“What eyebrows?” Lou Chuxue’s thick eyelashes raised lightly, amorously.

“The secret is not to be revealed.” Xiao Quan ignored Lou Chuxue’s beauty, turned his head slightly, and gently printed a kiss on Lou Ying’s lovely hair.

“Are you hungry, I’ll take you to eat breakfast?” When Xiao Quan repented of going upstairs, the deepest part of Xiao Quan’s eyes was stained with a touch of pampering.

Although Lou Chuxue and Lou Yinghui are sisters, they have no similarities in their facial features. Compared with Lou Chuxue’s exquisiteness and good dressing up, Lou Yinggui is like a piece of uncut beautiful jade, and like a lotus blooming in a lotus pond after the rain, it is light and pure.

In Xiao Quan’s mind, no matter how much Lou Chuxue is sought after by men, even a small piece of nails Lou Ying regrets can’t match.

“Yeah.” Lou Ying regretted it, and had no intention of dealing with Zhong Xiyi and Lou Chuxue.

As he passed by, Zhong Xiyi’s gaze fell on Lou Yinghui, like a penetrating X-ray, but Lou Yinghui did not look at him again.

Turning the corner, gentleman Xiao Quan’s loosening of the floor should regret his slender waist like a willow.

Lou Ying regretted that the acting was over, thanked Xiao Quan, and then walked to the room.

Unexpectedly, she only took two steps, and he grabbed her plain wrist.

“Where to go? The restaurant is here.” Xiao Quan’s helpless words were warm and strong.

“…” Lou Yinghui’s pink lips slightly opened. Does he really want to take her to breakfast?

“Let’s go, people are iron rice or steel. Only after eating enough can I have the strength to fight.” Xiao Quan supported Lou Yinghui’s shoulder, turned her body, and faced the direction of the restaurant.

Lou Yinghui happened to want to ask Xiao Quan about something, so he agreed.

In the corridor, Lou Yinggui and Xiao Quan walked side by side.

“Mr. Xiao, you just said that you have an eyebrow, what is it?”

“You’re wrong, you have lost the opportunity to know the answer.” Xiao Quan’s lazy voice was careless.

He has long legs, and one step is equivalent to two ordinary steps. In order to match Lou Ying’s regret, he deliberately slowed down.


This answer… Lou Ying repented, this man was childish that was inconsistent with his status and status.

But with such a small humane detail, she suddenly felt that he was no longer so superior.

The restaurant is self-service, so you can take as much as you can eat. Having breakfast, her cell phone rang.

It’s grandma’s mobile phone number, Lou Yinggui put down his chopsticks and answered the phone quickly, “Hello.”

It wasn’t Grandma Lou’s voice over there, but the neighbor’s Aunt Zhang, with a carefree voice, panicking, “Ying regret, where are you? Your grandma fainted suddenly on the stairs and is in the hospital for rescue.”

The blood on Lou Yinggui’s body quickly froze, and the cold air rushed up from the soles of his feet, clinging to the snow-white ankles, spreading throughout his body.

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