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Chapter 3 Shen Weijin, Long Time No See 3

When Jing Zhiliang received a call from Yu Qing, she was eating an apple and lying on the sofa watching movies called classic movies.

Then, when she heard the good news from Yu Qing, she calmly said “um” and hung up the phone calmly, but the half-eaten apple in her hand rolled to the ground, dirtying a corner of the carpet. The laptop on the lap almost slipped to the ground.

Jing Zhiliang didn’t notice this. Although her performance seemed calm, she was actually stunned.

Thinking back to what Yu Qing had just said, she felt a bit untrue.

“Just now, the assistant of the director of “Qingcheng” Guo Qing called me and told me that you have successfully auditioned for the role of “Qingcheng” Female No.2, and let you get the script at Room 802 of Crown Hotel at 10 o’clock next Tuesday morning.”

Yu Qing’s tone was delightful and unexpected, because she didn’t expect Jing Zhiliang to be selected. Fortunately, the director of “Qingcheng” is Guo Qing. After all, Guo Qing is notoriously stubborn and chooses only actors. Choose someone with strength, no matter how good your background is, but if your strength is not good, he will not accept it in death. There was once a second-generation official who wanted to stuff his lover into Guo Qing’s film, but Guo Qing strictly rejected it. Even if the second-generation official was so angry that he wanted to ban Guo Qing, Guo Qing did not waver at all. Fortunately, Guo Qing Although Qing is stubborn, he is very sincere, straightforward and loyal. Therefore, the popularity in the circle is still good, at least someone will help if something happens.

Jing Zhiliang felt that in order to be in the entertainment industry, it depends not only on strength, but also on luck, and his luck this time is not bad, so he went to Guo Qing.

However, thinking of Guo Qing’s strict requirements for acting skills, Jing Zhiliang thought for a while, and felt that he should train acting more practically. He was so excited and excited.

She picked up the apple that fell to the ground because of excitement, threw it to the trash can, stabilized her notebook, and continued to study acting.

But the bright and energetic eyes paused slightly when they saw a film called “Old City Lights”.

She quickly scanned the names of the heroes and heroines, and not unexpectedly saw the familiar three words that had been deeply rooted in her bones…

Shen Weijin…

This is Shen Weijin’s film…

She lowered her eyes, her excitement was a little depressed because of the thought of her old man’s story.

She still remembers that when she didn’t fall out with Shen Weijin, she still enthusiastically said to Shen Weijin, “Ten brother, you see this is your movie, let’s go watch it with the second brother!”

“Okay.” Shen Weijin responded faintly, his eyes soft as water, “However, the two of us can go, the second brother and they are too noisy.”

At that time, Shen Weijin was not as indifferent as she was afterwards, but was extremely indifferent to her, wishing to pick off the moon in the sky and give it to her, so that the brothers in Shen Weijin’s family said that Shen Weijin regarded Jing Zhiliang as a wife to dote on her. , And Shen Weijin did not refute.

If nothing happened, she thought, she would marry Shen Weijin, after all, Shen Weijin seemed to love her.

It’s just that it looks just what it looks like, not a fact.

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