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Chapter 2 The House Goddess

Balcony room in area C of Queen Mary cruise ship.

After the cruise ship steward left, only Lou Yinghui and Xiao Quan were left.

Lou Yinggui stared at Xiao Quan, her pink lips lightly opened.

“Thank you for helping me again. Although I am currently incapable, if there is a chance in the future, if you have a place where you need me, I am bound to define it.”

Although she is a fragile girl, but in her bones there is an extremely rare loyalty.

At this moment, a resolute and courageous young man with a face of Chinese character walked in and yelled respectfully, “Master.”

The man with the national character face leaned over and whispered in Xiao Quan’s ear, extremely low.

“I have something to do, so I will leave first. I want to thank me and I will have a chance.” After listening to the special assistant’s report, Xiao Quan stood up and looked at her twice before leaving.

The door was gently brought up, and the room fell silent. Lou Ying regretted closing his eyes and regaining his senses. By the way, he replayed the things before falling into the sea in his mind.

By the way, she couldn’t concentrate, and Xiao Quan got into her mind from time to time.

Someone opened the door and entered, interrupting Lou Ying’s thoughts.

Lou Yinghui opened his eyes and saw the pair of immortal couples entering the door, a touch of unspeakable bitterness flashed across his eyes very quickly.

“Yinghui, are you better? Is there anything else that is uncomfortable?” The person who spoke was Lou Chuxue, Lou Yinghui’s half-sister, she carried an exquisite bag in one hand and her side in the other. Handsome man.

Lou Chuxue is a typical representative of house goddess and goddess. Her graceful posture is like a devil, and her jade-like face is like an angel. From toes to hair strands, everything is exquisite and elegant.

Lou Chuxue reached out to try the temperature of Lou Yinggui’s forehead. Lou Yinggui tilted her head slightly and avoided, with a cold voice, “It’s much better, I worry about it.”

Anyone who sees his sister and ex-boyfriend come to visit the patient together will not be able to greet them with a smile.

A half-hearted ex-boyfriend is lucky for her to be divided. What makes her uncomfortable is that with her ex-boyfriend is her sister who always welcomes others with a smile.

“What kind of polite remarks, you are my sister, I should have come to see you. Xiyi, are you right?” While questioning, Lou Chuxue did not forget to show her unique charm, she slightly sideways First, the delicate chin was put on the shoulders, looking up at a forty-five degree angle, showing his perfect profile in front of Zhong Xiyi.

From beginning to end, Zhong Xiyi didn’t speak, he stood there indifferently and gracefully, with one hand in his pocket, his face was cool and handsome, and his temperament was elegant.

Facing the question of his beloved woman, he only let out a deep hum from his nose.

Lou Yinghui’s head hurts again, she closed her eyes, her cold voice meant to see the guests off, “I’m tired and want to rest.”

“Then you have a good rest, Xiyi and I won’t bother you.” Lou Chuxue helped Lou Ying regret putting the quilt together and smiled sweetly.

Zhong Xiyi took a deep look at Lou Ying regret, her black eyes gleamed with complicated and inexplicable light. He closed his eyes for a second, and when he opened them again, there was nothing but coldness and ruthlessness left in his eyes.

Then he stopped thinking about it and left in a big stride.

Lou Chuxue followed him closely.


This night, Lou Yinggui had a dream.

The sun is the hottest at two o’clock in the afternoon. Beat an egg on the asphalt road and fry it into poached eggs immediately. The flow of traffic is endless, following the established direction.

After a day of professional class, Lou Yinggui took the fruit he bought for her grandmother and crossed the zebra crossing when a luxurious Maybach rammed in her direction, too late to dodge.

It was life and death that were hanging by a thread, and the car stopped abruptly at a distance of 20 centimeters from her.

Lou Yinghui fell under the front of the car, the fruit rolled everywhere, red blood oozes from her knees, and a large piece of tender skin was rubbed on the palm of her hand, bloody and hideous, and the tingling pain spread all over her body.

The owner of the car hurriedly got out of the car, picked up the building, regretted it, and sent her to the hospital.

Lou Ying regrets accidentally ruining people, but the owner of the car is a very responsible person. He not only sent her to a doctor, but also bought her fresh fruit, but also gave her a business card.

“I’m Zhong Xiyi, the general manager of the East Branch of the Zhong Group. If you still feel uncomfortable, please feel free to call me.”

This is how Lou Yinghui and Zhong Xiyi met.

The scene in the dream changed suddenly.

In the twilight, Zhong Xiyi leaned on the door to smoke, his thick black eyelashes drooping slightly, covering the dark and sharp black eyes that were like a deep pool. He rubbed his temples once and again, like a trapped beast with nowhere to escape.

Lou Yinghui made a cup of tea for him and asked worriedly what happened to him.

At first, Zhong Xiyi was reluctant to say. Lou Yinghui asked several times

, He said dryly: “I should regret that there is a problem with the company’s turnover. If the capital chain is broken, perhaps the Zhong Group will be destroyed in the hands of me and my dad.”

Lou Yinghui’s heart jumped abruptly. She didn’t expect the matter to be so serious, and asked anxiously: “How much does it cost?”

“80 million can fill the hole.”

Looking at the tired blue color under Zhong Xiyi’s eyes, Lou Ying regret bit his lower lip, and after a long pause, he only gently informed, “I may have a way.”

Zhong Xiyi shook his head, “What can you do? Regret, don’t worry about me. Even without the Zhong Group, I can start a career with my own hands. I’m just sorry to the ancestors of the Zhong family, five generations. Foundation.”

Lou Yinghui understood too much what Jiye represented. Her mother was still talking about her ancestor’s Jiye at the last second before her death. At this second, she was determined to help Zhong Xiyi.

Lou Yinghui did have a way. Her dead mother had left him a piece of peerless jade-Exquisite Heart, a rare treasure, both history and humanity, invaluable, beyond money.

Linglongxin is the only relic left by her mother, she lent it to Zhong Xiyi. He promised that he would redeem the jade and return it to her when he overcomes the difficulties.

As a result, what was waiting was Zhong Xiyi’s breakup.

Then the dramatic encounter is just a play after all.

He is honorable, and deliberately deliberately fell in love with her, only for the jade of her deceased mother.

She is not guilty, and Bi is guilty.

Lou Yinghui woke up in tears, the plain pillow was soaked silently with tears, and the trembling eyelashes, invisibly revealing an inexplicable sadness.

Through the window, the sky was a little hazy gray, it was about five o’clock.

Lou Yinghui supported the edge of the bed to get out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash. The cold water washed away the tears on her face and also washed away the chaos in her mind.

She walked through the winding corridor, down the stairs, and went to the place where she fell into the sea to investigate.

Before she got closer, she saw a tall man in front of him, with a sharp and neat posture, standing facing the sea, invisibly showing the dignity and arrogance of watching the world, and her footsteps suddenly stopped.

At the far end of the cloud cover, the sun is rising, and golden light hits the man’s surroundings, like a god’s mansion descending to the earth, shining brightly, and seeing people daunting.

who is it?

Why is it here at this time?

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