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Chapter 2 Shen Weijin, Long Time No See 2

“What you want to play is the Allure who is used by your beloved and finally learns the truth.”

After the magnetic male voice fell, Jing Zhiliang was stunned, and later realized that the voice was a bit familiar, but the audition was more important, so she closed her eyes and discarded the passing thought.

When she opened her eyes again, the aura of the whole person became different.

Jing Zhiliang raised his head, his confident and shining eyes seemed to be covered with a few wisps of dust. The light in his eyes was still dazzling, but a little dimmer than before.

She still looks like a self-respect, with her long hair hanging straight to the side of her face, her complexion calm, so sad and joyless, but she can’t help shrinking her heart, and she suddenly feels sad, as if she is in front of the allure, the vivid allure, the only self-respect. The allure, the lonely allure.

The dark room in the room is silent, everyone is silent in the sadness created by Jing Zhiliang, sad for the lonely Queen of Allure, but will not show any mercy to her, because it is Allure, no matter how sad and disappointed, But still aloof, the only queen.

“Okay!” Guo Qing recovered and took the lead in applauding, his eyes full of satisfaction.

This is the Allure, the true Allure, it is not the Allure that other people play like a god but not like a god.

At that moment, he really had an illusion, as if the Allure from the novel had come out.

That feeling is not just acting, but Jing Zhiliang merged herself with Allure, she is Allure, and Allure is her.

It can be said that Jing Zhiliang, a well-known actor, fully demonstrated the soul and essence of Allure. This is the actor he Guo Qing wants!

“Haha, I decided, she will play the role of Qingcheng!” Guo Qing laughed excitedly, pointing his finger through the isolating glass to Jing Zhiliang.

“This… Director Guo, let’s discuss it with investors.” The producer said to the excited Guo Qing. Although he also thinks that Jing Zhiliang’s performance in Qingcheng is very good, but the female number two is not the investee. Has it been decided?

“What to discuss, who is better and who is worse, I believe Mr. Shen is clear.” Guo Qing looked at the man who had been quiet for a long time and had only said two sentences from beginning to end.

The man did not answer, but looked at the coolness of the room in the room, his eyes were dull and unclear.

it’s time……

The man got up and nodded slightly, “Yes.”

After Guo Qing heard this, he laughed, “Thank you, Mr. Shen! Tell Jing Zhiliang’s agent, let her come to me in a week!”

“However, I have a request…” Guo Qing’s laughter didn’t stop, and the man said again, “I heard that the second male number of “Qingcheng” has not yet been decided…I can play.”

After speaking, he turned and left, the meaning in the words couldn’t be more clear.

Guo Qing and the producer in the remaining dark room looked at each other.

“Director Guo, is Mr. Shen going to be the second male number?” The producer was a little bit disbelieved. He was so dignified that he would not even be the male lead of those American movies. He actually bowed down to be the second male number of a TV series , Is this world fantasy?

Even if Guo Qing’s reputation is relatively large, it is not enough to see Shen Weijin.

However, Guo Qing was stunned and laughed again, “Follow him, I only know that this “Qingcheng” is going to be on fire!”

Isn’t it? It’s strange that Gao Leng actor Shen Weijin participated in it.

When the producer saw this, he could only relax. The director said it was true. What else does he doubt?

Only Guo Qing, who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, can always maintain a heart of heroism and integrity like that director.

Shen Weijin avoided Jing Zhiliang in the room, got in the car and left from another place.

In the car, Shen Weijin held the cigarette in his hand, but didn’t use it to smoke. He just looked at the dim and unclear fireworks, and his eyes were as deep as the sea.

“Zhijin, I saw her today.”


His response was a barking dog.

“Have I seen her for a long time? After a long time, I think she is a bit strange…”


The white puppy next to him was wagging its tail, still barking heartlessly.

“You are the dog she has raised for so many years, how could she leave you so cruelly?”

“Wow.” It continued to scream nonchalantly, responding to Shen Weijin’s unfocused words.

“Yes, she can abandon me, so why can’t she leave you so cruelly?”

“after all……”

“Jing Zhiliang is a cruel woman.”

Shen Weijin collapsed on the seat with a gloomy expression.

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