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Chapter 1 Shen Weijin, Long Time No See 1

Shen Weijin: Weiwei, you only need to step forward a little bit, and I will do the rest.

Jing Zhiliang: I want to chase it bravely, just like it did in the past, no matter the result is good or bad.

If you can’t love bravely, you won’t even have the qualifications to be happy.


“Jing Zhiliang, you are so good!” The familiar voice sounded in Jing Zhiliang’s ear again, and she suddenly opened her eyes, a little dazed when she saw the familiar ceiling.

It turned out to be dreaming again.

Jing Zhiliang felt a little lost in his heart.

This is the tenth time I have dreamed of him this month, as if I had never dreamed of him before.

Thinking of the content of the dream, Jing Zhiliang lowered his head, her long hair was hanging down, covering half of her face. He couldn’t see the expression on her face, but he could feel the sadness permeating the woman.

That person is the dream of her life, why did she lose that dream?

Why did she lose it?

No one can answer her.

“Shen Weijin…” Jing Zhiliang suddenly hid his face, his shoulders licked slightly.

Zhijin Media Company.

Jing Zhiliang was in a light yellow dress, standing among the many women, looking extremely calm, the natural elegance of her body made her extremely eye-catching.

“Zhiliang, are you sure of the audition later?” asked the woman beside Jing Zhiliang, dressed smartly and neatly, with rimless gold-rimmed eyes that made her extremely capable.

“Don’t worry, you know my strength.” Jing Zhiliang smiled at her slightly. No matter what the role is, she believes that the director will not be so confused and choose a third-rate acting actor instead of a junior actor. Although, her reputation is not as good as that of the third-rate acting actor.

Yu Qing nodded, hoping so.

Jing Zhiliang has already debuted for a year. Except for a few small TV shows when he debuted because of rumors that he had something to do with the actor Shen Weijin, the next few months have been idle for a long time, which is not good for a new actor. .

As Jing Zhiliang’s agent, Yu Qing took a lot of effort to get the opportunity to audition for the female number two of “Qingcheng”, but someone told her that the female number two of this film has been The investor has decided in-house, and now she only hopes that the directors can grow their conscience and choose the powerful Jing Zhiliang. After all, the decision is up to the director.

It’s Jing’s turn to cool off.

She took a deep breath and walked in with a decent smile.

The audition was in a room, Jing Zhiliang stood alone in the room, and the director and producer watched her performance in a dark room.

“Is Jing Zhiliang?” A magnetic male voice sounded.

“Yes.” Jing Zhiliang was still smiling. Although she was standing alone, she didn’t see a trace of tension or fear. Her face was full of calm and self-confidence. The lights were all on her, making people just feel like a queen standing. In your own kingdom.

“This girl is good, she has an alluring aura.” In the dark room, a man in her forties said, he is the director of “Qingcheng” Guo Qing, and his level is the same as that of his people, which is admirable.

Qingcheng is the second female in “Qingcheng” and the queen of Qingcheng, so the person who plays it must perform the solo queen temperament of Qingcheng.

Like the former investor’s favorite actress Ruby Lin, Guo Qing felt that it was not good. He had a stubborn temperament, and he was born to act the solo queen into a brothel actor. How could such a person be the second female of “Qingcheng” The best candidate?

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