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Chapter 1 Falling into the sea

Lou Yinghui’s body was all wet with sea water, and she tried to climb up to the man’s fine neck, but failed.

The body slid uncontrollably, lightly, and it was extremely panic.

She waved her hands, trying to cling to him again, but couldn’t reach it anymore.

Is she dying? Fall into the sea and die?

The sea water quickly flooded her nose and mouth, swallowing her breath.

No, she can’t die, those unfulfilled wishes…

The man seemed helpless, wiped the sea water off his face forcefully, and then dived into the deep sea. He found her, stretched out his hand to hold her under the armpit, and dragged her out of the water.

It’s cold, so cold, and when exposed to the air again, Lou Ying regrets but can’t breathe, and can’t breathe no matter how hard.

At this moment, something was blocking her lips, the thing arrogantly pried open her shell teeth, rushed in, like a king of Judah, attacking the city and looting the pool, occupying everything, a sense of aggression, but the smell was very refreshing, as if it had just been dropped. The rainy forest, smelling such a refreshing scent in this stenchy sea water, it is so touching that I want to shed tears.

“Cough”, Lou Ying regretted vomiting out all the seawater in his chest and abdomen, coughing violently and painfully.

She clung to him tightly, her lotus-like arms wrapped around his neck, and her slender white legs wrapped around his strong waist, like an octopus, hanging on him.

The only touch in the end was his hard as iron chest, pressed against her, about to melt her–


The scene that fell into the sea last night is played back in Lou Yinggui’s mind like an old movie.

That fire-like chest, tight and sexy abdominal muscles, well-defined, and then, what happened?

Why doesn’t she remember at all?

Lou Yinggui raised his eyelids arduously, and looked into his eyes with a handsome face.

The full and clean forehead, the bridge of the nose as tall as a peak, the elegantly curved lips, and the long and thick eyelashes are a pair of obsidian-like noble and mysterious eyes, glowing with a deep and quiet light.

What kind of eyes are they, like the night that envelops countless stars, faintly twinkling, and bright people’s hearts.

Lou Yinggui’s heartbeat slowly returned, beating faster and faster, faster and faster.

It’s him, the man who saved her last night!

“Miss Lou, you finally woke up. Last night you fell into the sea, and Master Xiao jumped into the sea to save you. You dragged Master Xiao, and both of them almost couldn’t get on.” On one side, there is a person.

It seems that the person in charge of the cruise ship wiped the sweat on his forehead with a white pajama, and said with lingering fears.

Yes, Lou Ying regretted the next thing. She entangled Xiao Quan, making him unable to move. If he hadn’t stopped her and the lifeboat arrived in time, maybe both of them…

Lou Yinghui put her hands on the bed and tried to sit up halfway. She looked at Xiao Quan’s eyes with real eyes.

“Thank you. I almost hurt you last night, are you okay now?”

When questioning, Lou Yinggui thought of the artificial respiration inexplicably, his mouth was full of his taste, the faint smell of tobacco, strong and domineering, and masculine.

“I’m fine.” Against the backdrop of the warm lights, Xiao Quan’s handsome face was calm and not stained. “The doctor said you want to rest in bed. How do you feel now?”

From his perspective, you can just see the small skin under Lou Yinghui’s neck, which resembles warm and precious mutton jade, faintly revealing the thin green veins under it, which is extremely beautiful and inviting.

His slender fingers hanging beside him gently rubbed unconsciously, and his throat felt a bit dry and hot.

The little girl once grew up, with the fragrance and curves of a girl, like a pink peach hung on the tip of the branch. With a light stroke with your fingertips, the soft peel breaks open, sweet The juice will overflow.

Lou Yinghui opened his hands and signaled that he was OK.

“Compared to dying in the sea, weakness in limbs and swelling and pain in the head is nothing, it makes me sure that I am still alive.”

The slightly sexy laughter overflowed from Xiao Quan’s lips. He seemed to be in a good mood, but he was actually infected by Ying Regi’s optimistic and cheerful attitude.

Seeing Xiao Quan’s softened facial features, Lou Yinghui’s heartstrings seemed to have been gently moved, and it took a long time for someone to reply.

What did she just see? She was stupefied to see who had used a chisel to cut a seam in the frozen mountains and rivers. The cracks expanded slowly and slowly. At first it was slow, and then it was fast. The cracks spread at a speed that could not be traced by the naked eye. In no time, the glaciers rushed. It melts into spring water, whistling and rushing, and numerous flowers bloom wherever it goes.

This man is very dangerous. Just a smile can seduce people and kill people.

Fortunately, the cruise ship steward on one side began to discuss reconciliation matters with her, so that she no longer had to face Xiao Quan.

“Miss Lou, our cruise company is really sorry about this accident, and we will compensate you.

Can we solve the shock fee of 50,000 yuan in private? “

“No,” Lou Yinggui’s voice was soft, but heavy, as heavy as a thousand catties, “I fell into the sea not by accident, but by deliberate murder.”

The cruise ship manager’s face sank a bit, murder, who is going to kill her? Obviously want to sit down and bargain!

“Miss Lou, how much do you want, please speak up.”

Lou Ying regretted closing his eyes tiredly, the sudden pain in his temples.

Last night, she leaned on the railing and looked into the distance, but the railing suddenly broke.

She noticed something was wrong, she instinctively stepped back, but one of her hands stretched out from behind…

But she is alone and quiet, so who would believe her?

Inexplicably, Lou Ying regrets a bit of coldness in his heart.

At this time, the light and elegant male voice sounded again, like a spring breeze.

“You won’t say this for no reason. Is there any evidence?”

Lou Ying looked at Xiao Quan gratefully, “Yes, a hand stretched out from behind and gave me a push. I don’t think the railing break is an accident, and that hand is not an accident.”

The cruise ship manager said: “Miss Lou, the guests on the cruise ship are either rich or expensive. You can’t frame it out of thin air.”

Xiao Quan’s indifferent voice, with Ruoyouruowu’s deterrent, nailed the cruise ship’s duties.

“Her speculation is well-founded, but how can it be framed?”

The cruise ship manager looked like he was in awe of Xiao Quan. When he heard Xiao Quan’s words, he no longer questioned Lou Yinggui, but bowed respectfully, “Yes, what Xiao Ye said makes sense, wait for me to ask.”

The attitude of the person in charge of waiting for the house should be regretted and that of Xiao Quan.

Lou Yinggui couldn’t help but look at Xiao Quan, all over his body exuding noble and cold-hearted men.

Something flashed through my head.

By the way, she remembered.

On the cruise ship a few days ago, the ladies and ladies around were always obsessively discussing a name, Xiao Quan, Xiao Quan…

What clothes did Xiao Quan wear today;

Xiao Quan said a few more words to which lucky woman;

Xiao Quan…

At that time, to her, Xiao Quan was just a noble prince from outsiders. She was on the same cruise ship with him, and she always listened to people talking about him, but because she didn’t know him, she didn’t take it to heart.

but now……

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