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Chapter 2 “Escape” to the public door

In the early morning, the backstreets of Kaifeng Mansion were already quite lively. From the small shops selling early food, there was a lot of mist. Soy sauce, steamed buns, steamed buns, noodle soup, etc., were everywhere, and the heat was mixed with aromas. Come, it drew people’s forefinger violently.

Dynasty ordered a bowl of bean juice again, and then looked at the person sitting across from him-Mo Yan was eating her third bun with a well-behaved face. But she didn’t know how much she listened to the rules in the yamen that Ma Han was talking about.

“Miss Mo, when you first entered the public house, you can’t remember so many rules for a while. Fortunately, it will be a long time to come, so you should be more careful and cautious.” Ma Han talked enthusiastically for this half day, and he didn’t even eat a bun. , “I will lead you to see Liang Catu later, you start with him from the street tour.”

“I don’t…street…”

This was vague, Mo Yan struggling to swallow the buns in his mouth, and drank a large mouthful of soy juice, Fang said crisply: “I don’t patrol the streets! I was arrested for my brother’s case. I went to patrol. Street, what about my brother?”

“You…you have to start from patrolling the street when you are arresting.” Mahan said anxiously.

Mo Yanqi said, “We have all gone to patrol the streets, who will investigate the case?”

Dynasty patted Ma Han on the shoulder, signalling him not to be anxious, and then said slowly: “Miss Mo, you are new to the public and you don’t understand the rules. This new arrester will have to patrol the streets for three months before he is eligible to start. Investigate the case.”

“Three months! Then my senior has already passed away!” Mo Yan couldn’t help being a little anxious, “Your rules are really bad, you should change it. Street patrols have nothing to do with investigations. Is it because there are more street patrols? Will it be able to investigate the case more and more? It’s really unreasonable!”

Not far away there were several catchers who were using early food. Hearing her words, they all looked over here. Dynasty Mahan was suddenly embarrassed and didn’t know what to do with her for a while.

“This… I’ll talk about it later.” The Dynasty bit the bullet and continued, “You and I will get the card first. If you get the card, then you will be deemed to take office. This clothes… although there are still a few ready-made sets. , I’m afraid that the size is big, so I have to ask the tailor to measure it and make it again.”

“It’s okay if you don’t do it! The clothes are black and gray. I look at them and they don’t look good.” She frowned.

Ma Han is a rough and straight man. He is either a colleague or a prisoner in his daily dealings. He naturally doesn’t understand implicitness in his speech. Seeing her being so picky at this time, he said with dissatisfaction, “You are not a goddess, and what clothes are you choosing.”

The words were quite aggressive, but Mo Yan was not annoyed, and said with a smile: “Because it is not a god, that’s why you have to pay more attention to your clothes. Is it not good-looking, and even more and more ugly.”

Dynasty Mahan looked at each other helplessly, and said in his heart: How can this girl be reasonable in everything!

The two were embarrassed. They looked up to see Zhan Zhao walking towards here, and hurriedly got up and said, “Brother Zhan! Come and sit down.”

Zhan Zhaoyi came over and saw that Dynasty Ma Han looked gloomy, while Mo Yan was eating steamed buns nonchalantly. The comparison between the two made people feel a bit funny.

Seeing that Zhan Zhao’s eyes were faintly green, Wang Chao sighed: “Last night there was a lot of trouble, and Brother Zhan didn’t even notice when he went back?”

Zhan Zhao smiled and said: “I have always slept shallowly, so I have long been used to it. Are you going to take Ms. Mo to get the license later?”

“Exactly!” The Dynasty nodded and glanced at Mo Yan helplessly. The latter had already begun to eat the fifth bun. “I originally said that she should follow Liang Tau to patrol the street. Liang Tau is notoriously good. , Will not bully the newcomer, who knows this girl she just refuses.”

“You asked me to patrol the street for three months first, what about my brother? I naturally refused!” Mo Yan raised his head and said in a bad mood.

Zhan Zhao was slightly startled when he heard this, but he had forgotten this rule. New arrests would have to patrol the streets for three months first, and I didn’t even think about this level when I wanted to come to Baoshou. She was bent on entering the public door for her brother to get rid of sin. At this moment, she asked her to patrol the street, knowing that she would not want to come after thinking about it.

“The rules must not be broken,” he said slowly, pretending not to see Mo Yan glaring at him, and then said again, “But it is excusable for Miss Mo to care about the seniors. It is better to let her investigate the case first, and after the case is over, What do you think when you go to patrol the street again?”

In terms of official rank, Zhan Zhao is much higher than them, but he met Ma Han of the dynasty very early, and he has been with Bao Zheng for a long time, so he has been commensurate with them as brothers, and he is not arrogant, and he speaks very softly. .

“That’s good.” When the Dynasty saw Zhan Zhao willing to play this round, it was naturally better, “As this is the case, Brother Zhan is most familiar with the case, so let her follow you.”

He threw the hot potato to Zhan Zhao.

Zhan Zhao didn’t mind, and nodded. Since seeing her brilliantly yesterday, he has also been a little curious in his heart. It would be a good thing if she could find flaws that she hadn’t discovered.

Dynasty Mahan nodded when he saw Zhan Zhao, he was immediately relieved. Ma Han hurriedly ordered another tray of steamed buns and made up all that had not been eaten just now.

The Dynasty summoned Mo Yan to get the card first, and then went to the patrol room for a round, just to recognize her face, so as not to have any misunderstandings in the future. After a while, the two of them still came back. Mo Yan had a small bronze medal in his hand, and he swayed it casually, which was very improper.

“The girl is good! The sign is small, but if you lose it and let others pick it up and pretend to be a catcher, it’s not a small crime.” Ma Han didn’t care about her holding the sign and couldn’t help but said.


Ma Han was a little bit astonished by the fact that she took her into her arms honestly and said nothing more.

Wang Chao smiled and said: “Just now he took her to the patrol room, and the brother inside said straightforwardly: Master Bao wants to follow the example of the female generals of the Yang family and also get a Kaifeng female patrol to add color to our yamen.”

After hearing this, Zhan Zhao and Ma Han both laughed.

In fact, this is a joke, but the tone of those people’s tone when they say it is quite a bit of despising Mo Yan. Dynasty also disagrees with Mo Yan in his heart, so naturally he wouldn’t speak for her, but everyone just laughed.

Zhan Zhao finished his morning meal and got up, put a few copper plates on the table, and gave a hand to the dynasty Ma Han: “Slowly, two people, my brother has to do it in advance.” He said to Mo Yan: “I’m going to the case this morning If you leave the official post, you can follow me.”

Mo Yan nodded and then got up, as if remembering something again, he turned his head and said seriously to the Dynasty: “In the future, buy rouge for your wife, don’t buy those two or three dollars bargains. The taste is really good. Good. It’s also less than two taels of silver, and the texture and taste are much better. It’s not that you can’t get the silver, so remember not to stingy next time.

Wang Chao was stunned in the local area and didn’t know what to say for a while. When he recovered, she had already gone with Zhan Zhao.

“How does she know the rouge used by my wife? Is there a smell on your body?” Ma Han leaned over, sniffed him and said in a strange way, “Why didn’t I smell it?”

“Go go!” Dynasty pushed him away hurriedly, muttering in his heart: How did she know that I bought two or three silver rouge?

Zhan Zhao watched Mo Yan walking quietly by his side without speaking. His eyes only slid around the shops on both sides of the street. There was freshness in his eyes, and he looked like a child.

She was really observant, the little bit of rouge cream on the collar of Dynasty’s neck did not escape her eyes, thinking that the wife who had just painted the rouge accidentally stuck it on when he arranged the collar for him. Zhan Zhao couldn’t help but smile, imagining that just a few words from Mo Yan were enough to make the dynasty commit a day of muttering.

“Miss Mo,” he suddenly remembered, and paused briefly, “Let’s go and examine the bodies of Bai Baozhen and the officer before going to the crime scene.”


Her face became pale when she brushed it, and she stammered: “Well, that…Isn’t that working?”

“Although there is no work, I am afraid that there will be negligence. This case is of great importance. I think it should be checked carefully.”

“Master Zhan is right…but…we still go to the official post first. I’m usually used to look at that last…”

Could it be that she was afraid of seeing the corpse? Zhan Zhao’s heart is strange.

It is common for girls to be timid and cowardly when they see the corpse, but he originally thought that Mo Yan was a member of the rivers and lakes, and the courage should be bigger than ordinary girls.

“Good?” She asked tentatively, sneaking his look.


Zhan Zhao didn’t want to embarrass her, so he agreed.

Guanyi was quite a bit away from the Kaifeng government office. The two of them walked a long way along the street, then turned a few turns, and a black lacquered gate with lanterns with the word’Guan’ appeared in front of them.

“right here.”

Mo Yanlue looked around and said strangely, “How many official posts are there in the capital? How come this place is so remote?”

“The official post here is the smallest, so it’s remote.”

“Bai Baozhen is also a third-tier member anyway, how can Shangjing live in such a small official post?” She frowned slightly, “unless…”

Although the latter words were not spoken, the two thoughts were the same: Bai Baozhen secretly went to Beijing, in order to avoid people’s eyes and ears, the ordinary inn people are so messy, it is inevitable to leak the wind, it is not as quiet as the official post.

Zhan Zhao stepped forward to button the door, and it took a long time before a thin and small old official came to open the door.

“Master Zhan, it’s you!” The veteran official looked sluggish.

Zhan Zhao glanced at him and said indifferently: “In the past few days, besides me, has anyone else been here?”

“Some officials came and moved the corpse, and there was no one else.”

“He is an official here?” Mo Yan peeked into his head, wonderingly, “Didn’t you mean you are dead?”

The old officer stared at her with big eyes until she took out a small bronze medal and dangled in front of him, Fang said: “The villain is not dead, it is Song Li who died. The villain drank too much wine that night and didn’t have anything. know.”

“Oh!” Mo Yan said with a smile, “Drink is a good thing, and you have to drink too much, or else I’m afraid you too…” She stretched out her hand and stroked her neck, sticking out her tongue and making a grimace. After all, he ignored the local officials and stepped inside.

Zhan Zhao didn’t ask her where the accident was. He just wandered around in the post. He was not in a hurry and stood by and waited quietly.

Mo Yan paced back and forth two or three times, and Fang raised his head and asked the old official: “How often do you water the flowers and plants in this yard?”

“Water once every four or five days, sometimes it will not be watered when it rains.” The veteran officer paused, “The autumn rain of the first two days has been raining all day and night, so the villain hasn’t watered it either.”

“It rained the night of the accident?”


Mo Yan looked happy, and turned back and forth a few times in this official post, sometimes leaning over to look closely, and sometimes jumping up to the wall. After a cup of tea, she squatted on the wall and waved to Zhan Zhao…

“Master Zhan! Come and see this!”

He leaped up and followed her fingers to see that there were several traces of squashed moss on the wall.


The corners of Zhan Zhao’s mouth raised slightly, and there was a hint of approval in his eyes. In fact, he had already found the footprints on the wall when he arrived that day, and he said nothing, but just wanted to see if she could find it.

Reaching out his hand and dashing along the trace, Mo Yan frowned and said, “There are two people, both men, seven feet long…” She compared the footprints with the palm of her hand, “The other is shorter, about six feet long. The shaku has eight. There are only the footprints of the entrance, which I think came out from the door afterwards.”

Zhan Zhao nodded, her guess is no different from his. Inferring a person’s height from his footprints is what he learned from Bao Zheng when he first entered the public house. She didn’t know where to learn, or did she learn by herself without a teacher?

“Here too!”

Mo Yan turned slightly and jumped down, motioning for him to come down, and pointed to several places in the courtyard to show him: “Although there are only traces of toes, it can be seen that one is going east and the other is facing northwest Away.”

“To the northwest is the wing room, where Bai Baozhen died; to the east is the kitchen, and the officer died.” Zhan Zhaodi said.

The veteran officer stunned: “Didn’t it mean that the murderer has been caught? Isn’t there two other murderers?”

Mo Yan glared at him: “It’s not fierce to catch that…”

“Miss Mo!” Zhan Zhao stopped her in a deep voice, expressing prestige in his eyes, and signaled her not to talk nonsense.

She snorted coldly, she was quite uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything.

“Go to the wing and have a look.”

Zhan Zhao went past her and walked to the back wing first, thinking that since this girl entered the public door, how could she still be so unobstructed to speak. In the days to come, she will be long, and she will suffer from her own temper. I’m afraid it will hurt Kaifeng Mansion.

Pushing the door of the wing room, the ground was clean and completely different from the mess when he came. He was startled, and just about to ask questions, the old officer had already rushed forward, accompanied by a smile, and said, “I only cleaned up this house yesterday.”

“Who asked you to clean it?” Zhan Zhao’s expression sank.

“This…” the old official hurriedly said, “The villain wants people to live in this wing, and there are always weird bloodstains left in this place.”

“So, you must have cleaned the kitchen?” Mo Yan asked the probe.

“…Yes, the villain cooks and cooks daily. If he doesn’t clean it, this is really…” The old officer said with a bitter face, “Don’t tell me, after the death of my brother Song Li, the villain lived alone. Here, it is deceptive to say not to be afraid.”

Mo Yan couldn’t bear to listen to him being long-winded, went in the door, looked around, and found that not only the floor was cleaned, but also the tables, chairs and bed cabinets were also cleaned. He couldn’t help but sneered: “I can’t see that you are such a person, cleaning. It’s really meticulous.”

Hearing her tone of voice was different, the veteran officials were afraid to answer the conversation.

“What’s your monthly salary?” She smiled, and asked again.

“The monthly salary is one or two silver.”

“It’s only a couple of silver? How can the food and clothing in this house be enough?” Mo Yan looked at him and said, “It must be a lot of rewards from the guests on weekdays.”

“The girl is telling a joke. Our official post is small and remote, so there are naturally few people who come. Sometimes people may not come for a month or two. Who would have thought that when someone comes, something will happen…” Old The officer said with a frown, “Even if someone rewards us, it’s not enough to send us away. These years have become more and more difficult.”

Mo Yan glanced at Zhan Zhao, who stared at the face of the old official, as if thinking about his words.

“It’s getting harder?” She turned to look at the old official, still smiling, but her eyes sharpened suddenly, “How can it be so hard, you can still drink Xiaoyangchun?”

Xiaoyangchun is a fine wine well-known in the capital, and only one or two dollars can make half a catty of wine. Zhan Zhao didn’t know where Mo Yan learned that the officer was drinking Xiao Yangchun, but seeing the panic on the face of the old officer, she knew that she was in the same language.

“The villain, the villain… The villain does not drink Xiaoyangchun, but the rice wine brewed by himself.” The old official said calmly.

“Home-brewed rice wine can give off the smell of Xiaoyangchun,” Mo Yan sneered, “Then your house should really open a wine shop, it must be the guest…. It’s better to bring the rice wine hidden under your bed. Give me a taste.”

The veteran officer was so flustered by her that she didn’t know what to do.

Zhan Zhao said indifferently: “Hurry up and get it!”

“Master Zhan, Zhan…” The veteran official knelt down with a “pass”, why didn’t he dared to get the wine, “This wine is indeed Xiaoyangchun, but…but…this matter really has nothing to do with the villain! The money is rewarded by the white man to the villain!”

“What does he reward you for?”

“He said that he went to Beijing this time very secretly, so he rewarded the villain with some silver, so that the villain could not leave.”

“Do you know what happened to him when he went to Beijing?”

“The villain doesn’t know…” He quickly said, and suddenly heard Mo Yan smile slightly beside him, and hurriedly added, “But he once asked Song Li to send a letter to Master Sansi on his behalf.”

Zhan Zhao and Mo Yan looked at each other in surprise, and said at the same time: “What is written in the letter?”

“This villain really doesn’t know! The villain has never seen him before, but I heard Song Li say that he wants to go out to deliver the letter. Besides, the villain is also illiterate!”

Mo Yan knelt down, patted his shoulder, and said with a smile: “Get up, what are you afraid of, you just took some silver, not murder and arson, we will naturally not eat you.”

Seeing that this veteran official didn’t look like a lie, and couldn’t ask anything, Zhan Zhaosui and Mo found the official post. On the way back, compared to her relaxed appearance, he just frowned and thought.

After walking for a while, he suddenly asked: “By the way, how do you know that he is drinking Xiaoyangchun?”

“That’s an old drunkard, I can smell it as soon as he speaks.” She wrinkled her nose and said uncomfortably.

“Why didn’t I smell it?”

“How can your nose compare to mine!” she said naturally, paused, and added, “However, this kind of smell is still good.”

“Then how do you know he hid the wine jar under the bed?”

She grinned: “I don’t know, I guessed. My master always hides the wine jar under the bed.”

Zhan Zhao couldn’t help feeling like she was lucky.

“By the way, Master Zhan, can I let my senior brother go now?” She asked with joy, thinking that since this matter is related to Zhang Yaozuo, then it has nothing to do with senior brother.

He shook his head, but said nothing.

Mo Yan saw him so, and said anxiously: “This matter is already very clear! There are two murderers, it won’t be my brother…”

“Miss Mo!” Zhan Zhao drank her, “This is a busy city!”

She wondered: “So what?”

He looked at her and said with a serious face: “Since the girl is already a member of the public door, she should understand the severity. This case is related to the court order officer. Don’t discuss the case in front of others.”

“Huh…” Although Mo Yan knew that he had some truth in what he said, he didn’t like the cat being so preaching, and said deliberately, “No wonder you officials look at people like good people. Isn’t this people full of streets? People of the Great Song Dynasty? The world is in charge of the affairs of the world. If the official court is clear and bright, why not be instigated by others!”

Zhan Zhao saw her arrogant words. Although he was slightly angry, he didn’t want to argue with her. He just said calmly: “Now let’s go to the corpse in the mansion.”

When she heard the word “corpse chamber”, she couldn’t help but weaken her legs first, glanced at him secretly, and saw his cold expression, so she had to follow him silently.

At this time, it is close to the corner, after all, it is the capital, and the streets are already very lively. In the morning, some of the shops that had not been opened were also opened, and there were many more people coming and going… But Mo Yan didn’t want to look anymore. He only felt that the closer he was to Kaifeng Mansion, the more his heart beats. After all the way He Zhanzhao entered the West Point Gate of Kaifeng Mansion, his heartbeat was almost like a drum, and he couldn’t help himself.

The corpse was very close to the cell and was a separate courtyard. Zhan Zhao pushed open the courtyard door and called “Uncle Zhou” a few times, but no one answered. He thought that he had gone out because of something, so he went straight inside.

Mo Yan hesitated at the gate of the courtyard for a long time before stepping into the small courtyard one step at a time. The door to the main house of the small courtyard has been pushed open by Zhan Zhao, and a stinking stench is faintly visible among several long tables. She staggered under her feet and almost fell down.

“Miss Mo, come in.” Zhan Zhao turned his head and noticed that Mo Yan’s face was as white as paper, very different from the energetic appearance of the talent, so he couldn’t help asking, “What is the problem with the girl?”

Mo Yan insisted on holding up his face, and shook his head reluctantly, but didn’t go in. Standing ten feet away from the door, he hesitated and asked: “Those two… are both inside?”

Zhan Zhao nodded, watching her face turn blue and her eyes floating.

“You… doesn’t it matter?” He still thinks it’s better to ask.

“Huh?” Her reaction seemed to be a lot slower. It took a while before she suddenly raised her head and said: “I’m fine! What’s the point?”

“Come in then.”

Since she said that, Zhan Zhao stopped saying more, and took the lead in entering the house.

The corpses of Bai Baozhen and the officials were parked at the west end of the house, covered with two pieces of white cloth. Although it was no longer a hot day, the corpse had stopped for two days, and it had begun to emit a faint stench. Zhan Zhaosu’s sex is clean, although his sense of smell is not as good as Mo Yan, but he can’t help but feel the stench in his chest, dizzy and nauseous. But he also frowned slightly and forced himself to bear with it.

Mo Yan finally entered the room. Just when his eyes touched the two human-shaped white cloths, he hurriedly moved away, his footsteps were heavy, and he moved over with great difficulty.

Then, Zhan Zhao slowly uncovered a piece of white cloth, and Bai Baozhen’s body was in sight, and dark blue corpses appeared on his pale skin…

Puffy and deformed face.

Lifeless body.

Bend stiff fingers.

With a “bang”, Zhan Zhao looked back, Mo Yan was no longer visible, and the door was swayed.

He had to cover it with a white cloth, sighed lightly, and walked out of the house.

When he found Mo Yan, she had already ran near the kitchen, almost ran across Kaifeng Mansion, sitting under the tree in a daze.

“Miss Mo! Are you okay?” Zhan Zhao asked with concern, looking at her as if she was frightened.

Mo Yan looked up at him slowly, his eyes blank, but he didn’t say anything.

Zhan Zhao has been handling the case for a long time, and he has seen some women who were afraid of seeing the corpse, but they just screamed and hid their faces. The serious ones might cry, but she was so scared that it was incomprehensible.

It just so happened that Sister-in-law Ma, the cook, came out and saw the two of them. She smiled and said, “Master Zhan, why are you free to come here? But I’m hungry, or I’ll get you some snacks to taste.”

This sister-in-law Ma is only twenty-four or five years old, her maiden name is Fu, and her name is Wei. Because of her cooking skills, she has been appreciated by Mrs. Bao, so she has been following Bao Zheng. Three years ago, his wife served as a matchmaker and married Mahan.

Master Zhan and Ma Han are commensurate with brothers, so they didn’t dare to be less than her, and hurriedly bowed their hands and said: “Mrs.

Sister Ma saw Mo Yan sitting on the ground, dumbfounded, with no reaction at all. She wondered: “What’s wrong with this little girl? Is she bullied by someone? Look at this pitiful…”

“She… just went to the corpse room.” Hearing what she meant seemed to be saying that he was bullying Mo Yan, he explained hurriedly.

“The corpse!” Sister Ma knelt down and touched Mo Yan’s small face, and said to Zhan in annoyance: “You have to be respectful when handling the case. How can you take the girl’s house to the corpse? No wonder you are so scared!”

Zhan Zhao smiled awkwardly, but didn’t know what to say.

“Come on, come in with me for some hot soup, let’s be shocked!” Ma’s sister-in-law pulled Mo Yan and walked into the kitchen, who followed her obediently.

“Master Zhan, you come in too!” She turned her head and shouted at Zhan Zhao who was still there. Without waiting for him to answer, she went in by herself.

Zhan Zhao was helpless, so he had no choice but to enter.

Sister Ma led them into the small kitchen next to her and let them sit at the small table.

A pot of soup was simmering on the small stove in the kitchen, and a thick fragrance lingered around him. Smelling the scent, Mo Yan’s eyeballs seemed to be smoked and flexed.

“Angelica Beef Soup!” she said, smelling it, “I also added Fengliancao.”

“The girl’s good nose!” Ma’s sister-in-law looked for a bowl, filled them with a bowl of soup, and smiled: “Quickly taste it, I have boiled it for more than two hours, see if it tastes good?”

Zhan Zhao blew his breath and took a sip. The smell of angelica was wrapped in the scent of meat, which opened people’s minds. He politely smiled and said, “It’s delicious, thank you Mrs. Sister-in-law.”

Looking at Mo Yan again, because the soup was still hot, she could only hold the bowl and drink slowly, but she didn’t mean to let go.

“This girl must be terrified!” Sister Ma saw her drinking with relish, and was very happy in her heart. She stroked her hair with her hand and said, “After drinking the soup, the body is warm, so I don’t need to be afraid of anything.”

Mo Yan finished the soup in one breath and put down the bowl: “You are such a good person! No wonder the soup is so delicious!” She looked at Sister Ma with squishy eyes, full of gratitude, and she said this very sincerely. “With the addition of wind and grass in the soup, the aroma of the soup is not reduced, the astringency of the meat is removed, and a bit of sweetness is added, so that this ordinary soup can be cooked so delicious…. It’s hard for you to think about it. of.”

Sister-in-law Ma was very happy to hear these words. There are also many people who praise her cooking skills on weekdays. Unfortunately, although there are many people in this Kaifeng Mansion, but those who are not good at it, no matter how much the dishes are spent, they can only know the word “delicious”. She listened to Mo Yan’s exquisite praise, and she was overjoyed as if she heard the news.

“This girl…what’s your name?”

“My surname is Mo, and my single name is Yanzi. I am a newcomer from this mansion. I am ranked seventh at home, so you can call me Xiaoqi.” Mo Yan said with a smile.

Zhan Zhao glanced at her. In the second half of the sentence, she had never heard her say the same to others, but he was so close to the first-time sister Ma, even though he was puzzled, it was only because women were more close to each other.

“You are the new catcher!” Ma’s sister-in-law said strangely, “I heard our boss say.” She also heard Ma Han complain that the girl was tricky and weird and difficult to get along with in the morning. At this moment, watching Mo Yan sitting there obediently, completely different from Ma Han’s words, it is not surprising.

At this time, Zhan Zhao also finished the soup in the bowl and stood up and said, “Mrs.-in-law, we still have things to do. It is inconvenient to stay long.”

Sister Ma received the bowl and smiled and said, “Go and go, I know you are busy. Come here when you have time, I will do more.” The last sentence was addressed to Mo Yan.

Mo Yan nodded with a smile, and Fang went out with Zhan Zhao.

“Shall we now… go back there?” As soon as she left the house, she hesitated to ask, fearing that Zhan Zhao would go to the corpse again.

“No, it’s going to return to Master Bao.”

When they went to the foreign study, Bao Zheng had just received a letter from Jiangnan and was full of anger. Gongsun Ce frowned at the side.

“It’s better to let the students take a trip to Jiangnan!”

“No!” Bao Zheng categorically denied, “Although Mr. is resourceful, he is only a weak scholar. If you are caught in their black hands, how can you let this house handle yourself!” He looked up and saw that Zhan Zhao and Mo Yan had entered. Fang took a deep breath, waved for them to take a seat, and then called for tea.

Zhan Zhao gave a detailed account of what he discovered.

“Bai Baozhen once sent someone a letter to Zhang Yaozuo! What the letter said is true!” Bao Zheng said angrily, “Jiangnan is Zhang Yaozuo’s small vault.”

“Could it be that Jiangnan’s letter has arrived?” Zhan Zhao said.

Gongsun Ce nodded: “The above said that in the river channel alone, roughly five million or more are greedy every year, not to mention the Weaving Mansion… Now he is afraid that Jiangnan Corruption will be found on him, so he must be the first to start. Killed Bai Baozhen, but unfortunately we couldn’t find evidence.”

“Even the messenger was killed.” Zhan Zhao said in a low voice.

“Now we must get evidence of his greed as soon as possible, otherwise, I am afraid that more people will die.”

“My lord means…?”

“Accounts book! According to this mansion, although Bai Baozhen could not expect Zhang Yaozuo to kill him, he must go to Beijing to discuss countermeasures with Zhang Yaozuo. The account book is Zhang Yaozuo’s handle, and he will never bring him to Beijing.”

Zhan Zhao stood up and said, “The subordinates go to Jiangnan quickly and get back the account books.”

Bao Zheng ning eyebrows: “I’m afraid that Zhang Yaozuo will get in the way of it. You can tell from Bai Baozhen that he is cruel, and show his guards. You must be careful!”

“My lord, don’t worry, your subordinates should be careful!”

Mo Yan was in the audience for a long time. She didn’t care about Jiangnan’s greed and account books. She was only thinking about the brother, and couldn’t help but interject: “Master Bao, if this is the case, can you put my brother first? Released?”

Bao Zheng was startled, but shook his head: “At this moment, we are just skeptical, but there is no evidence to prove that it must be Zhang Yaozuo. Your brother can’t let it go for a while.”

“You…” Mo Yan said anxiously, “It’s not obvious, what evidence is needed?”

“Account books!” Bao Zheng said in a deep voice, “There must be accounts that Zhang Yaozuo has lost.”

“The account book is in the south of the Yangtze River?” She vaguely remembered what Cai Zhanzhao had just said, “Is it enough to bring the account book? Then I will get it, don’t bother Master Zhan.”

“Miss Mo!” Zhan Zhao really had a headache, “You can’t go!”

She wondered: “Why?”

Gongsun Ce asked with interest: “Do you know where the account books are?”

“Isn’t it in Jiangnan…in the Weaving Mansion?”

“So, do you know how to get the account book?”

“Naturally ask them for it, if you don’t give it, then you can only steal it.” She simply said.

Gongsun Ce and Bao Zheng exchanged glances. This account book is a private account, and Bai Baozhen must be very secretive. If it is natural, he will not come. The method of stealing is not fair, but it is real, I’m afraid it can be done.

Bao Zheng pondered for a moment: “Zhan the guard, it’s better to let Girl Mo go with you.”

“grown ups……”

“I can get it back alone!”

Zhan Zhao and Mo Yan both spoke at the same time. She obviously didn’t expect him to say the same thing, and looked at him strangely.

“My lord!” He replied, “I’m afraid of danger in this trip, but it’s better for the next person to act neatly and conveniently.”

Before Bao Zheng spoke, Mo Yan jumped up unbelievably, staring at him and said, “Are you afraid that I will drag you down?”

Zhan Zhao did have this intention, so he had to keep silent.

“Except for my martial arts, I am a little worse than you, so why am I not as good as you?” She stared at him angrily.

“Zhan Mou just doesn’t want the girl to take risks.”

“Master Bao!” Mo Yan bowed his hand and said unceremoniously, “Although Master Zhan has a high level of martial arts, he is too reckless in his actions. I should go for a trip to the south of the Yangtze River.”

Zhan Zhao smiled bitterly. It was the first time he heard someone say that he was acting recklessly.

“How can you see that Zhan’s guard is reckless?” Bao Zhengqi asked.

“He recklessly arrested my senior brother based on a letter of unknown origin. Isn’t that reckless!” At this point, she gave Zhang Zhao angrily, “If it wasn’t because of him. , How can my brother be in prison, let alone in danger of life.”

Although this girl was clever, she knew nothing about the affairs of the court, and Bao Zheng sighed secretly in his heart. Since Li Xu was deliberately planted, and the evidence is solid, if he is not taken, I am afraid that he will soon be implemented in a disadvantageous manner or in favor of the law.

“Miss Mo, you can go to the south of the Yangtze River with the exhibition guards! All follow his dispatch.” Bao Zheng said in a deep voice.

“Listen to him!” she reluctantly said.

Gongsun Ce smiled and said, “You should have listened to him when you show the fourth grade of the guards.”

Seeing that Bao Zheng still arranged in this way, Zhan Zhao didn’t say any more, saying: “The subordinates take the order, and they will set off tomorrow morning.”

Mo Yan sullen his head, obviously unwilling, but unable to.

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