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Chapter 1 The Children of the Rivers and Lakes

At noon, the guests in the Jinfeng Restaurant were full of people, laughing and talking loudly.

This restaurant is one of the best inn in Kaifeng Prefecture. The business is booming and the guests are coming and going. It keeps the guys busy. Fortunately, in the cool autumn day, they also sweat a layer of shirt.

“It’s here!”

Mo Yan led the horses, stood beautifully under the lantern, looking up at the words on the signboard… After walking on the road for so many days from the middle of Shu to the capital, it finally arrived. This is the first time she grew up. Go out so far by yourself once.

“Girl, please come in quickly! Be careful that Deng Suizi attracts ashes and loses your eyes!” Xiao Er greeted him with a smile on his face.

She smiled and handed the reins to the little second-hand, and said: “This horse’s hind leg is injured, please take care of it, and find a doctor to show it.”

“Injured?” Xiao Er looked at it, and the lower part of the red horse’s hind legs was wrapped in white silk, and the blood could be seen faintly.

“Be careful, it has a bad temper.” Mo Yan reminded, rubbing the bruises on his shoulders subconsciously.

“Don’t worry, you will be taken care of properly. Do you want to hit the tip or stay in the shop?” Xiao Er handed the horses to the steward of the inn and let them in.

Mo Yan took off his deerskin gloves and walked in: “Living in! I want to go to the house. By the way, you can ask for me, is there a Li Xu from Shuzhong who lives here?”

“Li Xu…Shuzhong…” Xiao Er was taken aback, with a weird expression, and suddenly lowered his voice, “Is it a square face with a mustache?”

Mo Yanxi said: “Yes! That’s him! Have you seen him?”

The shop Xiaoer was speechless, silently lowered his head and wiped the table.

“Hey! What’s the matter? You are talking!” Mo Yan urged him.

“Hush!” Xiaoer Dian hurriedly told her to silence, and then said lowly to her, “This person, girl, don’t inquire.”

“What’s the matter?” Mo Yan was inexplicable, “You tell me, I have to find this person!”

“You have a holiday with him?” Xiao Er asked cautiously.

“Um… be it.” She nodded vaguely.

“Then don’t worry, I heard that this person was arrested last night, and now 80% of them are in the prison of Kaifeng Mansion.”

Mo Yan was taken aback: “No? How could he be caught? What did he commit?”

Xiao Er shook his head: “I don’t know what was committed, but I heard that the man’s martial arts is very high. It was Master Zhan who took action to restrain him.

“Master Zhan?”

“It’s Master Zhan Zhao from Kaifeng Mansion, guards with swords for the first four ranks, that kind of skill…” Dian Xiaoer raised his thumbs and praised him, but he didn’t pay attention to the faces of the guests around him.

“…Isn’t it just a cat!” Mo Yan whispered and walked back to the inn quickly.

Although the food in the inn tasted good, it didn’t suit her appetite. Mo Yan took a few bites of the meal and went back to the room to rest. After only sitting in the room for a while, I was finally worried, and decided to go to Kaifeng Mansion to explore the wind.

It was in the afternoon when the two yamen at the gate of Kaifeng Mansion were stunned, yawning and beating one after another, without daring to be too obvious, their mouths opened slightly, and the exhaled breath came out more from their noses.

Mo Yan stood at a distance and watched for a long while, but decided to go around the corner door.

There was only one servant guarding the corner gate, and he seemed to be kind.

“The big brother! May I ask if Li Xu who came in yesterday is shut here?”

Ya Ya raised his eyes and looked at her up and down, then said: “Who are you… who are you?”

“He is my senior brother.”

“What is the girl’s last name…?” Ya Ya raised his eyes and suddenly saw the person behind her, suddenly becoming respectful, “Master Zhan.”

Mo Yan turned his head, and there was a person behind him, a blue cloth robe, elegant and handsome, with a three-foot-three blue front in his hand and a seven-inch handle. The brilliance flowed, it was the giant fault.

Zhan Zhao! Of course, there will be no one else holding the giant fault in Kaifeng Mansion.

“What’s the matter with this girl?” Zhan Zhao saw that Mo Yan was dressed as a servant, not like a person in Beijing.

“She said Li Xu is her senior.”

When Zhan Zhao heard this, his eyebrows frowned slightly: “Are you Li Xu’s younger sister?”

“You arrested my brother?” Mo Yan raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “I don’t know what crime my brother has committed? Can I visit him?”

“Brother Ling…” He pondered for a moment, “Girl, please come with me.” He nodded slightly to the yavier, indicating that it would be OK, and then led Mo Yan into the Kaifeng mansion.

Zhan Zhao took her to Bao Zheng’s outer study room and asked her to wait outside for a while, and then put her robe into the house.

Mo Yanzhan saw that the courtyard here was more elegant than the few places that he had just passed by. Not far away was an osmanthus tree with the first blooming flowers, and the tiny pale yellow petals spread out, and the fragrance was overflowing. The quiet and solemn Kaifeng Mansion adds a touch of soft elegance…

After a while, Zhan Zhao lifted the curtain and called her inside.

Except for Zhan Zhao, there are already two people in the house. One was sitting behind the table, his face was dark, not angry but mighty, he was Bao Zheng; the other was a white-faced master, who thought it was Gongsun Ce.

“Girl, please sit down.”

Mo Yan picked a chair next to him and sat down, politely said: “Master Bao, when I arrived in Beijing at the beginning of the next year, I heard that my brother was arrested by Master Zhan. I wonder what my brother did?”

“On the third day of this month, Master Gusu weaving Baibao Zhenbai was pierced by a sword, and another officer died in the official post. Does the girl know?”

She was surprised and shook her head: “…I don’t know.” She quickly added another sentence, “It’s not me!”

Bao Zheng still sternly said: “Two thousand taels of silver bills were found from the burden of brother Ling Li Xu, and Master Bai carried his jade pendant.”

“You mean, my senior brother killed him!” Mo Yan frowned and said anxiously, “My senior brother will not kill.”

“The evidence is conclusive.”

Mo Yan disagreed, shook his head and said, “What is a conclusive evidence? Did you see my brother killing someone with your own eyes? Someone may have deliberately planted and blamed him.”

Bao Zheng remained silent, slightly disappointed. He was ordered to conduct a thorough investigation of Jiangnan’s greed. When he found Gusu Weaving Mansion, he found that there were many doubts. Just when he had some eyebrows, Bai Baozhen died inexplicably. If it is a coincidence, he is really unconvinced.

He had originally suspected that Li Xu was being planted and blamed. He hoped that his junior sister might have some evidence for reference, but the girl in front of him was only fifteen or six years old, and she seemed innocent and innocent. It seemed that she couldn’t help. What busy.

“Master Bao has a reputation for being a blue sky. He won’t kill good people wrongfully.” Mo Yan stood up and looked directly at Bao Zheng. “My brother can’t kill. Please let me go.”

Bao Zheng slowly shook his head, and said in a deep voice: “Girls must know that if there is no evidence, it will be difficult for this house to release people.”

Mo Yan bit his lip, showing dissatisfaction, but unable to do anything. He thought for a while and said, “Master Bao, can you let me go to the crime scene? Also, I want to see my senior.”

“I understand the girl’s mood very well, but the girl is not a member of my public door… Besides, the guards have been sent to see where the crime happened.”

“Master Zhan has seen it…” She chuckled, turning her head to look at Zhan Zhao who stood holding a sword, her eyebrows raised slightly, “Master Zhan, you must have been in and out of this room more than a hundred times, right?”

Zhan Zhao was startled slightly, and nodded: “Not bad.”

“Well, do you know how many trees are there in this courtyard? What kinds of flowers and plants are there? Which ones are blooming at this time?”

Everyone was stunned, not to mention Zhan Zhao, that is, Bao Zheng and Gongsun Ce came and went here several times a day, and they did not dare to remember clearly what they saw every day.

Zhan Zhao thought about it carefully, and then said, “There are three trees, one osmanthus tree and two pine trees. The flowers and plants are daisy, canna, and wisteria…the blossoms are like osmanthus and canna.”

Mo Yan smiled and nodded: “Almost, but you have missed a few things: there are also golden stapes, tuberose, and two green caterpillars under the wall, but they are not well taken care of. I am afraid they will die. There is Qing Yun vine, its flowers are small, and it is wrapped around the pine tree, I think you didn’t see it.”

She said a few words, and everyone was ashamed. She didn’t expect that she would only stay outside for a while and then get a panoramic view of the scenery.

“The girl has a good memory, Zhan Mou is ashamed.” Zhan Zhao looked at her and smiled. At this time, I noticed that although the girl’s appearance was not good, her eyes were as bright as lacquer.

“The difference between Master Zhan’s remarks is not a memory, but it depends on your carelessness. For example…” She is full of confidence, and the corners of her eyebrows and eyes are a little triumphant, “I also know that you just came from the eight sages. When I came back from Wangfuzhong, I had never used food. You were thinking about this case in your heart, and when you came back, you went to the area where the crime was committed. Am I right?”

“…” Zhan Zhao looked at her incredulously, “Could the girl have been following Zhan?”

She turned her head and smiled and said, “What shall I do with you? Besides, I am also the capital that only arrived at noon.”

Gongsun Ce Nianxu smiled and said, “The girl might as well tell me, how do you see the whereabouts of Zhan’s guard?” Gongsun Cexiang is self-aware of his talents, but even he doesn’t want to understand how the girl sees it, so he can’t help but very much. curious.

“It’s not surprising at all to say it.” She said, “Master Zhan has a very light smell of ambergris on his clothes. Ambergris is hard to find. It is not available on the market. Only the princes and nobles can order this. Planting incense. Besides, Master Zhan did not ride a horse, which means that the place he went is not far away. It is within the capital. Only the eight sage kings live in the capital, and he heard that Mr. Bao has always been close to the eight sage kings, so it is natural for Mr. Zhan Most of them went to the Eight Sage King’s Mansion.”

“How do you know he didn’t go into the palace?” Gongsun Ce asked deliberately.

“He didn’t wear official clothes.” Mo Yan replied naturally, and then continued, “Ambergris is the most delicate, if it is contaminated with other fragrances, it is not as elegant as this. If Master Zhan has used rice, he will be caught by this meal. As soon as the smell of scent is smoked, what I smell is not the current scent.”

Zhan Zhao smiled, he had indeed been to the Palace of the Eight Sages, but he didn’t notice that ambergris would remain on his body.

“How did the girl know that I was there again?”

“It’s also simple. If there is something in the mind of a martial artist, there will inevitably be a stagnation at the foot. Master Zhan has the name of Yumao, and light work is naturally excellent. It is not unusual for a shoe to have mud, but the heel is still There are a few mud spots, which show that you are thinking about this case. And the hem of your clothes is slightly wet, and traces of moss are faintly visible. It is a big day, walking in the capital, and you don’t have to do anything with others. You don’t have to fly over the wall at all. It may have been accidentally contaminated while investigating the crime. Most of it was moss on the roof tiles.”

Bao Zheng nodded, and asked, “But how did the girl know that this case was what the guardian was thinking about?”

“I didn’t know!” She looked at them, her eyes flashing, and the light flickered: “You told me!”


“Although I have been to Kaifeng in the future, I also know that the dignified Kaifeng government office can enter as soon as anyone says. Master Zhan met me at the door, but only then knew that I was Junior Sister Li Xu, so he brought me in. At that time, I I know that this case must be a big deal, so you don’t want to let go of any clues. After coming in, Master Bao talked about the murder of Master Gusu Weaving. The assassination of the third-ranking member of the imperial court was naturally a major event, and it is no wonder Master Zhan was worried. In my heart.”

After hearing this, Gongsun Ce smiled at Bao Zheng and said: “It seems really not surprising to hear the girl say this.”

“The girl is indeed Bingxue smart.” Bao Zheng sighed with a smile.

Hearing this admiration, Mo Yan accepted it, as if it were justified, and said to Bao Zheng: “My brother’s matter, adults must carefully investigate and never kill a good person. My brother is unruly by nature, but with a heart. But it’s excellent, and it never hurts lives.”

After hearing the words, Bao Zheng sighed after a long while: “This case is indeed full of doubts.” He raised his head and looked at Zhan Zhao, “Zhan guard, you take this girl to see Li Xu.”

“Thank you, sir!”

Mo Yanchao Bao Zheng bowed his hand to salute, and Fang followed Zhanzhao out.

“You haven’t asked the girl’s name yet?”

Zhan Zhao asked on the way to take Mo Yan to the prison.

“My surname is Mo, and I have a single name and a research word. I’m a researcher of ink.”

Mo Yan, Yan Mo…Zhan Zhao smiled slightly and said, “Miss Mo, the moss on my clothes was not stained on the roof, but in the garden of the Eight Sages Palace.”

Mo Yan scratched his ears and smiled, “I didn’t expect this, why didn’t you say it?”

“It’s not easy for the girl to say that it is 90% right.”

“By the way, Master Zhan!” she asked worriedly, “you captured my senior brother, you… didn’t you hurt him?”


As he spoke, he turned the corner and passed through an iron door again, and the Kaifeng prison was in front of him. Although it is called a large prison, in fact this cell is not big, but only four or five cells. Only some prisoners who have not passed the hall are temporarily held, and those who have passed the hall are escorted to Dali Temple.

Zhan Zhao stepped forward and said a few words with the guard jailer, and the jailer readily opened the prison door and let them go down.

“Fifth brother!” Mo Yan saw Li Xu almost as soon as he walked in. He was sitting bored in the room where the sun’s rays were on the other side of the cell, combing his hair with his fingers.

“Little Qi!” Li Xu was overjoyed when he saw Mo Yan, jumped up from the ground, and wondered: “Why are you here?”

“I’m not coming, who will save you!” Mo Yan grinned.

“You’re not here to rob you, are you?”

Li Xuming caught a glimpse of Zhan Zhao behind her, deliberately pretending not to see it.

She shook her head and said with a smile: “The robbery is not good, but the robbery field is more beautiful!”

“Ouch!” Li Xu took a hard look at her head through the wooden gap in the cell.

“If it weren’t for waiting for you, why would I run here to go to jail.”

“Why is it my fault! I just arrived a few days late.”

“How many days?” Li Xu gritted his teeth, “I have been waiting for you for more than 20 days, and the money is all spent.”

“I can’t help it. The horse hurts my leg and can’t ride. I have to rest for half a day after walking.” Mo Yan rubbed his head aggrievedly, “By the way, what is going on? That guy who Gusu weaves? How did you die?”

“I don’t know how he died. I didn’t kill him anyway! Now these imperial cats and dogs…” Li Xu especially pronounced the word “cat and dog” very hard, and said, squinting his eyes. , Just catch a person and make a deal. After clicking me, they can receive the reward.

Zhan Zhao stood quietly holding the sword beside him, his eyes drooping, his expression calm.

“Then you were planted? You didn’t even find out?” Mo Yanqi said.

“I just woke up yesterday, only to find that there was more stuff on the table, and I didn’t have time to look at anything? The famous Shenwu Master Zhan came in, and I still want to know what’s going on!”

Mo Yan shook his head and sighed: “Fifth brother, I said you were asleep, but you still don’t admit it! No one knows when someone comes in! … Master Zhan, how would you know that something is here with my brother?”

“Someone reports.” Zhan Zhao said.


He frowned slightly: “I don’t know, he only left a letter.”

“That said, my senior must have been targeted before.” She frowned for a while, and then asked Li Xu, “Have you ever stolen anything since you came to the capital?”

Li Xu snorted coldly and stopped speaking.

“Say it!” Mo Yan stretched out his hand from the gap and tugged at his hair, “What are you still pretending to be a romantic knight!”


Li Xu’s hair was sore by her that she held on to her and kept silent. In fact, he didn’t want to say, but Zhan Zhao was there, how could he confess that he had stolen something in front of this cat.

Zhan Zhao naturally understood what he was thinking and didn’t look at him. He only said indifferently: “Thief and murder, which is more important than stealing, believes that Brother Li has his own balance in his heart.”

Upon hearing this, Li Xu snorted again.

Mo Yan pulled at his hair impatiently again: “Don’t hum!…Say it! Is it possible that you really counted on me to go to the magic field.”

“…I went to Zhang Yaozuo’s mansion the night before,” he finally said reluctantly, “but I didn’t take anything, so I just took three, four, five, six…” The latter words became quieter, just passing vaguely.

“No one found it?”

He raised his head and said, “Is your brother my light practice for nothing? I got rid of it all.”

That is to say, it was discovered by someone–Mo Yan thought for a while: “Zhang Yaozuo, isn’t he the third envoy?”

“You steal from the mansion of a first-rank court official.” Zhan Zhao turned his head to look at him, feeling thoughtful in his heart.

Before Li Xu could speak, Mo Yan was already dissatisfied: “This Yao Zuo only relied on that his niece was the emperor’s favorite concubine and controlled the government. Most of the Song Dynasty’s belongings were held in his hands. The emperor’s beauty is currently, The ancestor’s rule of not being a foreign relative has also forgotten, and he even made the errands of these three envoys to Zhang Yaozuo.” She disapproved, “It’s not a big deal for such a person to steal it.”

Although she was telling the truth, she did not shy away from her words, and she was quite veiling towards the emperor, and Zhan Zhao couldn’t help frowning.

“Apart from there, have you been anywhere else?”

“No.” He squinted at her, “This ghost place in the capital is not fun at all. If it weren’t for waiting for you girl, I would have left.”

Mo Yan stared at his toes, turned around twice, still couldn’t understand, raised his head and said, “Then… are there any strange things around you these days?”

Li Xu shook his head, brushed the hair that Mo Yan had just pulled to his chest, and combed it carefully.

“Fifth brother, you stay in this prison for a few more days, I want to think about it.” Mo Yan turned his head and asked, “Master Zhan, when will my brother be out?”

“There are many suspicious points in this case, and it should not go to court in the near future.

“Little Qi! You must not do it!” Li Xu said sternly, “Be careful!”

Mo Yan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just so capable, and I won’t cause any major disasters anyway.”

The two left the cell, and when they were outside, she looked up at Zhan Zhao and asked softly: “If you can’t catch the planted person, does my brother have to die?”

Seeing Zhan Zhao silently, Mo Yan already understood the answer, gritted his teeth and said: “Then you have to get that person out for anything!”

“Miss Mo, this is a matter of the court, and Master Bao will do his best to handle it. It is better for the girl not to intervene.” Zhan Zhao said solemnly.

“It’s about my brother’s life and death, how can I ignore it!” Mo Yan said anxiously, “Even if Mr. Bao has three heads and six arms, he can’t be considerate. Did you guys!”

“Investigation is not a trivial matter. There are public rules. The girl is not a public man, so it is not convenient to intervene.”


Mo Yan bit his lip and said nothing.

The commander sent Mo Yan out of the Jiaomen, and Zhan Zhaofu returned to the foreign study room to explain in detail.

“Li Xu went to Zhang Yaozuo’s mansion the night before!” Bao Zheng frowned and looked at Gongsun Ce, “is there any connection?”

Gongsun Ce nodded and said: “The adults are talking about Zhang Yaozuo and Bai Baozhen… The students thought that Bai Baozhen’s visit to Beijing this time was very strange, and the emperor had no call. He might have come to Beijing suddenly to find someone. If this person is Zhang Yaozuo, All these things make sense.”

“This is just my government’s guess.” Bao Zheng frowned more tightly.

Zhang Yaozuo was in charge of Da Song’s finances and made many courtiers in the capital. He was quite powerful, and he was sheltered by the emperor. If this matter has anything to do with him, it is indeed very troublesome.

Gongsun Ce knew what Bao Zheng was thinking, and knew that he could not help but feel bored, so he turned off the topic, and said with a smile to Chao Zhan Zhao: “Who can that girl go back?”

“Already gone back.”

“That girl is really icy and smart,” Gongsun Ce laughed. “Unfortunately, she is still young and she is a daughter. Otherwise, I really want to ask an adult to call her into the office. She must be a right-hand man.”

Bao Zheng smiled faintly when he heard the words: “No wonder it is said that there are talented people from generation to generation, but this is a good thing. It is a pity, how many people can really be used by the court.” There are only a few people, and among those high-powered people, how many of them are sincere for this great Song Dynasty society? Thinking of this level, he only felt gloomy in his chest and couldn’t help sighing.

“grown ups……”

Gongsun Ce didn’t expect a word from him to evoke Bao Zheng’s thoughts, and smiled: “If the adults say that, the students and Zhan guards have no place to show themselves.”

Zhan Zhao smiled and said, “Zhan Mou is no more than a martial artist, but it is true that I am wronged.”

Listening to the two of them singing and playing together, Bao Zheng couldn’t help but laugh, waved his hand and said: “It’s nothing, you two don’t give me a cover. It is serious for you to go and eat first, I’m afraid that there will be something later. “

Zhan Zhao raised his sword and gave a salute, smiled and said, “Subordinates will retire first.”

Seeing him leaving the house, Bao Zheng sighed: “This time Jiangnan’s greed has just started, and a third-rank senior has died. The thought of what will happen in the future is really shocking to this mansion.”

“The matter of the world has a cause and an effect, so why bother adults?” Gongsun Ce said, “The emperor has finally made the determination to thoroughly investigate Jiangnan’s greed, and adults must not be merciless.”

“Mr. is extremely true.”

Bao Zheng stood up, and the sunlight penetrated through the window, falling on the paper and ink on the desk, slightly dazzling.

Late at night.

The Kaifeng mansion was silent, except for the lights in Bao Zheng’s outer study.

The officials who patrolled the night were sent in groups of two, and a total of six groups of people patrolled the night alternately. They were changed every two hours, all of them looked solemn and did not neglect the slightest.

From a distance, the clapper can be heard three times.

“My lord, it’s already the third watch, so I can rest early!” The Dynasty respectfully said.

Bao Zheng put aside the pen, pinched his eyebrows, and smiled faintly: “It’s been three times… I said, why do I feel sore in my eyes.”

“You haven’t rested for a few hours a day in the past few days.” Wang Chao said, “The madam has just quietly visited a few times, and didn’t dare to disturb the adults. I think she was worried in her heart.”

Bao Zheng was startled when he heard the words, and slowly got up, only to be too focused just now that he didn’t know his wife had been there. He stepped out of the study room, the Dynasty locked the door, followed behind, and walked to the backyard mansion.

Only when he reached the courtyard, there was a slight noise behind him, and the dynasty’s figure condensed, and he quickly looked back, but found no abnormalities.

“What’s wrong?” Bao Zheng asked, stopping.

Dynasty then scanned the surroundings carefully and replied: “It’s okay, it’s probably a cat.”

When the two of them left, a dark shadow gently and skillfully fell from the roof beam, quietly when it landed, obviously not weak.

The door of the outer study was locked, and the man in black didn’t move the lock. He only took out a small silver hairpin from his arms, and stuck it in through the seam of the side window. With a light touch, the window was opened.

The man in black jumped into the study from the window, then closed the window, walked gently to the desk, and checked. Although the moonlight outside the window is like water, the door is completely closed and the room is quite dim. The man’s eyes are indeed very good.

“”Qingli Detailed Compilation Edict”, “Huangyou Compilation Edict Format”…”

“”Salt Tax Always Amendments”…”

“The “Xing Tong” is righteous…”

No wonder Bao Zheng didn’t go to bed so late. It turned out that there were so many things to do besides the case. The man in black secretly said in his heart, and put these booklets away.

I waited to open the drawer, and suddenly heard the door slam open, a sword of light like a stream of mercury pierced straight!

The man in black dodged in a hurry, got short, slid out from under the table, and drew a soft sword from his waist with his backhand.

The two swords intersect, sparks are everywhere!

The visitor wore a red official uniform and a black official hat. The sword light reflected on his face, making his brows more handsome.

“Zhan Zhao!”

The man in black saw the face of the incoming person clearly, and he couldn’t scream in his heart. In any case, he was not the opponent of this cat, so he had to sprint quickly.

He forcefully opened the sword, made the white snake vomit a message, took Zhan Zhao’s throat straight, and forced it away, before Fang jumped out of the house while taking advantage of it.

Outside, the blade is like snow, and the dynasty, Mahan and others stand with their swords in their hands, not knowing when they have been there.

Just a moment of hesitation, Zhan Zhao has already jumped out immediately afterwards, and the huge fault is like electricity, and he rushes to the front…

The masked black scarf fell to the ground!

“Miss Mo!” Zhan Zhao withdrew his sword, staring angrily, “What do you want to do when you break into Kaifeng at night?”

Mo Yan stood there, seeing that there were all warriors facing each other. There was really no way to do it. He had no choice but to say bitterly, “If I said it was a misunderstanding, do you believe it or not?”

Zhan Zhao naturally didn’t believe it: “What did the talented girl look for in the study?”

“You said in the day that someone left a letter asking you to catch my brother, so… I want to see if there is a clue to that letter.” Mo Yan said with an innocent look. You don’t have to be like this if you come to steal things.”

“First put her in jail, and wait for Master Bao to interrogate tomorrow.” Zhan Zhao motioned to Ma Han, and said in a deep voice.

Suddenly a voice rang from behind everyone: “Don’t wait for tomorrow, take her to the study.” It was Bao Zheng’s voice. It turned out that he was walking halfway and heard the movement here, so he went back.

“grown ups!”

Zhan Zhao originally wanted to persuade him to take a rest first, but thinking of Bao Zheng’s temper, he swallowed the words alive. He stepped forward and handed over the soft sword in Mo Yan’s hand and took her to the study.

“Master Bao! I was wronged!”

Just as Bao Zheng had just settled down, Mo Yan said quickly.

“Then, the girl will tell you, why did they wrong you?” Bao Zheng asked with a slight smile.

“I stole something wrong, but I didn’t steal it!” Mo Yan aggrieved, “I have said it, I just want to read the letter. There are not many things in Kaifeng Mansion…” She rolled her eyes. Passing the giant fault in Zhan Zhao’s hand, “I can see it.”

“Miss Mo, Zhanmou didn’t say that you stole something.” Zhan Zhao said.

“Although you didn’t say it, the expression in your eyes means that.”

Her eyes were strangely bright against the candlelight, and she looked at him confidently. Zhan Zhao was at a loss for words. Although his remarks were a bit irrational, he did think so at the time.

“The girl wants to read the letter, so she can tell the mansion, why should she visit Kaifeng at night?”

“This… Master Zhan repeatedly talks about your yamen affairs and keeps me from intervening. I think you probably may not be willing to show me the letter. Besides…” She smiled, “Master Bao manages everything every day and works hard for I can’t bear to bother you with this little thing, so I just came by myself.”

Bao Zheng had just seen the things on the table, but it was the same as when he had just left, and there was no shortage of objects. He read countless people, and he saw that although the girl was innocent and innocent, but her eyes were clear and clear, she was not like a treacherous person, and what she wanted to say was true.

“Girl, here is the letter, please read it.” Bao Zheng took the letter from the side and motioned to the dynasty to give it to her.

Mo Yan accepted the letter and was not in a hurry to open it. After looking at the envelope against the candlelight for a moment, he reached the tip of his nose and sniffed it. Next, take out the letterhead, look at it for a while like the envelope, and then unfold it to take a closer look:

Want to catch the murderer Jinfeng Tianzi No. 2

“What did the girl find out?” Bao Zheng asked.

Mo Yan frowned and shook his head, and said, “From this letter, I can’t guess who this person is.”

The dynasty Mahan on the side could not help but laugh. This letter had no nomination, no signature, no address, and no origin at all, so she naturally wouldn’t know it.

Bao Zheng didn’t think it was a pestle, and he still asked, “Is there any clue?”

“This paper is bamboo paper from East Zhejiang. It has no powder, wax, or printing. It can be found everywhere in the market. It is ordinary and tight, and has no special features.” She condensed her eyebrows, “The ink is pine smoke ink, and It is also common not to add dragon musk to help the fragrance. It can be seen that this writer is not a gentleman.”

Upon hearing this, Bao Zheng nodded.

“The word above is a small seal. The ink is coming out through the paper. It is more powerful but not light enough. I actually learned the wrong sword and wrote such a word…” She looked straight and shook her head, “…If I am He is ashamed to death. This person must be a martial artist who is fluent in writing and writing.”

“Why do you see someone who is practicing martial arts?” The dynasty couldn’t help asking.

“Not only a martial artist, but also a swordsman.” Mo Yan smiled slightly, “Although this word is ugly, but the gesture is very smooth, and the movement of the wrist is quite simple. It is just that the tail guard is sometimes absent. In the Eastern Han Dynasty Cai Yong’s “Nine Positions” said: “Protect the tail, and try your best to take it back.” This person will not protect the tail. Most of them are mistaken by sword practice. It can be seen that the sword skills he learned must never return. There is no room.”

“The girl really has some truth in what she said.”

Bao Zheng and Zhan Zhao looked at each other and smiled, their eyes full of approval. In fact, he had already studied this letter carefully with Gongsun Curatorial Zhao, and the inferences reached were similar to what she said. Unexpectedly, what Gongsun Ce said during the day came to mind-“I really want to ask an adult to call her into the office. She must be a right-hand man.”

“The girl has such abilities, have you ever thought of working for the court?” he asked.

When the dynasty and others next to him heard his question, they knew what he wanted. They were all startled and said in their hearts: Although this girl is smart and smart, but she is still a young daughter, and she is also from the rivers and lakes. How can she let her? Go to the public door to do things.

Alone Zhanzhao alone, with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, but agreement in his heart. He has no prejudice against people in the arena, not to mention that this girl is not inferior to himself in terms of talents and insights.

Mo Yan shook his head simply: “My master said that there is nothing good in this government office, and I will not enter the public.”

As soon as the voice fell, she stretched her eyebrows and frowned slightly, and said in her heart: This girl is really open-mouthed, and such a sentence has offended everyone in the room.

Bao Zheng was not annoyed. He only smiled and said: “Since the girl said that, then the government has nothing to say. The guards of Zhan are right, and the affairs of the court cannot be tolerated by outsiders. The girl can do her own thing, if it hinders her official duties. , Don’t blame this mansion for being merciless.”

Mo Yan dissatisfied: “If you don’t enter the public door, I can check it out as well.”

“What the girl said was wrong. It was a third-ranking member of the imperial court who died. The affairs in this officialdom are so complicated that it is not enough for you outsiders or outsiders to understand.”

Hearing what he said was reasonable, she hesitated for a while, biting her lip and thinking for a long while: The matter of the five brothers is the current priority, and when the matter of the brothers is over, she would not leave the public door. Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds.

Thinking about this, she raised her head and smiled, “Master Bao, are there any shortages in your Kaifeng Mansion? I have nothing to do recently, so it’s better to fight for you.”

Bao Zheng smiled slightly: “This is the capital of Kaifeng. It is so easy for Kaifeng Mansion to enter a person.”

After hearing this, Zhan Zhao and Gongsun Ce looked at each other, and Master Bao was also playing a trick of wanting to get caught.

“You are Kaifeng Mansion Yin, don’t you think it counts?” Mo Yanqi said.

Bao Zheng shook his head: “In the land of the capital, at the feet of the emperor, it is natural that the sage has the final say.”

“I have to find the sage?” Mo Yan scratched his ears, turned and raised his foot and walked out, “The trouble is a little troublesome, then I will just go to the palace.”

At this time, Bao Zheng was anxious. For fear that she would actually go to the palace, he called her repeatedly: “Miss Mo, wait a minute.”

“Is there anything else?” Mo Yan stopped and looked back.

Bao Zheng nodded: “So, let the girl be wronged first, and be a catcher in Kaifeng Mansion!”

“Hurry up?” Mo Yan tilted his head and thought, “Small is a bit smaller, but it works.”

Bao Zheng then got up and said to the dynasty: “Tomorrow, I will get a card for her to make things. It is too late at this time. Everyone should rest early.”

Seeing that he ordered Mo Yan to be quick to arrest, although Dynasty Mahan had doubts in his heart, he still quit the study according to his words.

“Miss Mo, your sword.”

Since Mo Yan was already catching quickly, naturally he could no longer hold her sword. Zhan Zhao saw that Mo Yan also followed Shi Shiran out, forgetting that his sword was still in his hands, so he had to rush to hand it to her.

Mo Yan took the sword and thrust it in her waist. The sword swished through her waist… Zhan Zhao looked intently and saw that the scabbard of the sword was the twist on her body. The silver belt, the soft sword is light, and it is wrapped around her waist, which is also convenient.

“Hurry up, how much money does the monthly salary have?” She looked up and asked him.

“Monthly salary three and two.”

She frowned: “Only a couple of dollars…”

Qian Baozheng just stepped down the steps, heard them talking, turned his head and said: “By the way, the girl rushed to Kaifeng at night, if this crime is forgiven and it is difficult to convince the public, let’s deduct the three-month monthly salary!”


Mo Yan was dumbfounded, he hadn’t even heard the sound of the silver, why it was gone!

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