KiraKira★Study ~Zettai Goukaku Sengen~

Misaki Marei is a second year in high school, and she sucks at studying. She has no real goals in life, and has zero interest in taking the college entrance exam…until her childhood best friend, Micchan, says she’s going to college. Now Marei has found her goal: pass the entrance exam for Akamon University, an elite college, and go to school with Micchan.
Title: KiraKira★Study ~Zettai Goukaku Sengen~
Alternative name: KiraKira★Study ~Pass the university absolutely~ ; Sparkling★Study ~A declaration that I will pass~ ; きらきら★スタディー ~絶対合格宣言~
Author: Hanabana Tsubomi
Genre: School life, Seinen, Shoujo ai, Slice of life, Yuri
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 11+
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