Divine Wish System for Total Domain Domination

Ding, you help the ants carry food, the wish value is +1 bit, you have the desire of mosquitoes to suck blood, the free attribute point is +1 bit, you complete the wish of the beautiful nurse, the wish value is +1…
What, you said you are a student bully?
Ding, you won’t forget your wish and skills!
What, you play basketball well?
Ding, proficient in throwing, the current hit rate is 100%, rich second generation wants to ask a barrister to sue me?
Only then did the eloquent ghost understand and smooth the entire court with three inches of meaty tongue.
Foreigners are free fighters? Give me a master of Tai Chi and let you know what traditional martial arts is!
Someone said shamelessly: System, you think I’m still single!
Ding, if you wish to succeed, you will get a wife of a beautiful president.
Young people at the bottom of society have obtained the super wish system, and since then they have achieved everything they wanted and reached the pinnacle of life!
President of a famous university: This is the most gifted student I have ever seen!
A certain e-sports executive: Who can get him, who can control the e-sports competition in the next ten years!
Chairman of a certain group: If he is willing to come to work, I immediately give him half of the shares!
Title: Divine Wish System for Total Domain Domination
Alternative name: 神级愿望系统全领域制霸
Author: Feng Qingyang
Genre: novel, Urban Life
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 1769
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