Criminal Princess And Her Silly Farming System

She is of a noble family’s lineal descent, but is exiled to Criminals’ Valley and forced by wicked relatives to be a concubine.
With the series of sufferings, she loses her life accidentally.
Transmigrating into her body, Zi Xu, a legendary green beret in modern times, takes the kitchen knife and confronts with those evildoers face to face!
While blazing her way through all the difficulties, she bumps into this man!
The scheming regent: “Wild kitty, come over!”
Zi Xu: “As long as you will be my faithful hound!”
Silly System, “Farming brings you Fortune, maybe sweet potatoes, or maybe a dear husband!”
Title: Criminal Princess And Her Silly Farming System
Alternative name: 枭宠罪妃:绑个系统好种田, CPAHSFS
Author: Huang Nv
Genre: Adventure, Historical, Romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 388+
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