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Chapter 5 Ranking Seats by Results 02

class, the biology teacher aggressively led Nan Xiang late to the head teacher of the discipline class to file a complaint, saying that she did not abide by the classroom discipline, and she didn’t listen to it. , I obviously let her stand behind, and I still want to call this one and the other, obviously just don’t put her in my eyes, and deliberately act against her.

The head teacher of the discipline class is a newcomer. It hasn’t been long since he became a teacher. He is very concerned about everything and treats his senior teachers more respectfully. He reprimanded Nan Xiangwan in front of the biology teacher, and ordered her to write a review note and post it in the classroom, which made the biology teacher calm down.

After sending away the biology teacher, the head teacher immediately changed his face and asked Nan Xiangwan with concern, “Are you still thinking about the wrong score in the placement test?”

Nan Xiangwan was taken aback, not understanding these being a teacher. How come she likes to “over-interpret” her students so much. The biology teacher thinks she has opinions about herself, and the head teacher thinks she is making emotions. God knows all this is just because of that bastard Lin Xiaoran!

Nan Xiangwan sighed, with her current grades, how dare she think of anything wrong. She lowered her head and said dullly, “No, I just think about how to pass the exam.” When she said this, she couldn’t help but pause, swallowing the words “Guanghua University” and changed it to be more conservative. “Entrance to University”.

Hearing what she said, the head teacher smiled. He habitually scratched his ears and encouraged the south to be late. “That’s right. The first semester of high school is the most critical period of three years in high school. No matter what your previous grades are, this is all A new beginning, since it is a new beginning, there are infinite possibilities.” The head

teacher talked about the inspirational chicken soup for a long time, Nan Xiangwan listened “umh oh oh”, took a pen and a piece of paper afterwards, turned around and lay down. Write a review book on the wall.

Nan Xiangwan only wrote the three words “review book” and couldn’t write it anymore. A joke, she was one of the academic masters. When did she write this kind of thing, but she couldn’t finish it and couldn’t leave. She racked her brains to write a beginning that she thought was good, then paused, scratching her scalp with her pen and thinking about the following words.

There were a lot of people in the office. Some came to deliver homework books, some came to get teaching aids, and some asked for leave from the teacher. Someone accidentally hit Nan Xiangwan. She shook her left hand and the review book fell on the ground along a gust of wind. Step on one foot.

The man stopped, bent over and took out the paper under his feet, and the three words “review book” appeared before his eyes.

Both of them were embarrassed for a moment, and Nan Xiangwan blushed even more, not even daring to lift his head. It was the person who took the lead in regaining his senses and handed the review book to Nan Xiangwan, with a calm tone and no emotion, as if he didn’t know what the “review book” meant, “return it to you.”

“Thank you.” Nan Xiangwan repeatedly thanked him, and looked up at the person’s face, so surprised that he couldn’t speak.

It turned out to be him!

At the same time, the person smiled naturally, not to Nan Xiangwan, but to the Rockets class teacher. The head teacher of the Rocket class was waving to him enthusiastically, “Liu Yubai, your award certificate is here, the first prize in the physics contest, the college entrance examination can add points.” The messy office instantly quieted down, and everyone said that “the college entrance examination is OK. The boys with “extra points” looked at them, as if they could add points just by looking at them.

Only Nan Xiangwan lowered his head deeply, brushed the shoe prints on the “review book”, and silently returned to the corner. Unexpectedly, she would meet Liu Yubai in this situation-he came to the office to receive the award, but she was punished in the office.

Nan Xiangwan sighed slightly, and when he turned his head, he saw a familiar figure. Lin Xiaoran was standing at the door of the office, staring into it blankly, not knowing how long he had been standing. He is very tall, there are no lights in the corridor, only a little light from the office shines on him, making it difficult to distinguish his expression.

Nan Xiangwan raised his eyebrows, “Why are you here?”

“I’m coming to the teacher to ask questions.” Lin Xiaoran replied blankly.

“You?” Nan Xiangwan couldn’t help but want to laugh. A scumbag would also ask the teacher a question? To be honest, he himself is a big problem. Nan Xiang looked down at him for a while at night, and chuckled unceremoniously, “You didn’t even get the pen and paper. Ask any questions.”

“Do you care about me?” Lin Xiaoran finished speaking, turned and left.

Nan Xiangwan stopped him, “Aren’t you going to ask a question? Why did you leave again.”

Lin Xiaoran didn’t turn his head back , his tone was irritable, “I don’t want to ask anymore.”


Nan Xiangwan wrote a review book. , Asked the head teacher to look at it, and respectfully pasted it on the back of the classroom, and then returned to his seat.

In Nan Xiangwan’s opinion, there is no more efficient learning method than listening to the teacher’s papers. After a day of learning, she not only recalled most of the knowledge points, but also found her own weaknesses through the questions. She can study more targeted in the rest of the time.

After school in the evening, the students rushed to pack their things and prepare to go home. Nan Xiangwan was still immersed in the unsolved problems. When he carried his schoolbag on his back, he still looked thoughtful, thinking about the idea of solving the problem in his heart. Who knew she was stopped by someone before she could get out of class.

The team leader who just took a broom rushed to Nan Xiangwan and yelled: “Where are you going? We have to clean up.”

“Cleaning?” Nan Xiangwan was confused, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Isn’t there any cleaning? ? ” “

package Jay? “team leader is also confused,” Jay package is not our group, he was three, and you go and wash mop, mopping the floor ready. ” “

Oh. “Nan Xiang Wan stumbled With a promise, he had to put down his schoolbag, took the musty mop from the group leader, and turned around out of the classroom.

She used to be an hr from a well-known company. She was used to the various facilities and services in top office buildings. She returned to high school abruptly. She was indeed a little uncomfortable. After the team leader reminded her, she remembered that she had to clean the classroom by herself in high school. It seems to clean the outdoor sanitary area.

There were people coming and going in the corridor. Several people were also holding mops. Some people walked towards the pool at the end of the corridor, and some people had just returned from the pool, leaving a series of winding water marks on the ground.

When Nan Xiang came back late, she saw a person standing at the door of the class from a distance. She was so familiar with that person that she could recognize it just from the back. She stepped forward and asked jokingly: “Are you looking for Lin Xiaoran? He”

Before she finished her words , Chen Shiyun, who was reading the report card, seemed to be frightened. She gave her a quick glance and left soon.

what’s happenin? Looking suspiciously south towards the evening in the classroom, Lin Xiaoran’s schoolbag is still there, but people don’t know where they have gone. correct! Nan Xiangwan suddenly reacted, saying that she and Lin Xiaoran were in the same group. There was no reason why she was mopping the floor in an anxious manner, but he was idle and had nothing to do.

Nan Xiangwan couldn’t help but vomit, “Students are scumbags, and even poor grades, work is not active, it is a waste of a good physique.”

“Who are you talking about?” The sudden voice seemed to be thunderous. As he exploded, Nan Xiangwan yelled “Mom” in fright, and she threw the mop in her hand.

She patted her chest hurriedly, and when she looked back, Lin Xiaoran didn’t know where it came from. He leaned against the door frame with his arms around his chest, looking at her for a while.

Nan Xiangwan said angrily: “You scared me.”

Lin Xiaoran sneered, “Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts calling the door.” He bowed slightly, pointed at her with his index finger, and his white fingertips were hanging away from her. The tip of the cold sweat’s nose is only about one centimeter away. His face was stern, and his voice was threatening, “Say, are you talking bad about me behind your back.”

“Go away and go away.” Nan Xiangwan knocked out his hand and bent down to pick up the mop. It’s strange to say that she was obviously impatient, but she didn’t even dare to look up at him. Her tone was softer. The original rhetorical question was said with little force when she said it. The words and sentences were like snow-white cotton candy. , A thread led by a thread, a thread wound in a ball, “To say that you have a good physique is also a bad thing to you?”

Lin Xiaoran was reluctant, “What else did you say before?”

Nan Xiangwan was unwilling to show weakness, “It was originally. Everyone else is cleaning, but you run away and happy.”

Lin Xiaoran sneered, “The team leader asked me to take out the trash. Don’t you have to wait? I took advantage of this time to find the teacher.”

“Ask the question again?” Nan Xiangwan said sarcastically. Anyway, she doesn’t believe her body. Lin Xiaoran, who is a scumbag, loves to study so much, she must deliberately make excuses to escape from work.

Lin Xiaoran didn’t answer her, but put his hand diagonally in his trouser pocket, walked to the back of the classroom, tore off the review book on the wall, and tore it to pieces in front of Nan Xiangwan.

“You” Nan Xiangwan was shocked by his abrupt behavior, and looked at him in amazement.

Lin Xiaoran raised his hand, letting the paper flutter and fall like snowflakes in the trash can, he put his hand in his trouser pocket again, and said to Nan Xiangwan: “I explained to the class teacher, the biology teacher said that it was a misunderstanding that your class disturbed classroom discipline. In fact, it was all my fault, and the head teacher believed it.”

“Huh?” Nan Xiangwan was slightly surprised.

Lin Xiaoran went on to say, “Don’t thank me, it’s all I should do.”

Nan Xiangwan rolled his eyes, “A ghost would thank you. It was because of you that you were scolded.” But he didn’t expect him to do this. Keep it in mind, but also specifically explained to the teacher.

“That’s right!” Nan Xiangwan suddenly remembered something. She folded her hands on the top of the mop, and raised her chin to Lin Xiaoran. “After the biology class, did you go to the office because of this? But why are you? Going back again?”

“Huh?” Lin Xiaoran’s expression became obviously stiff, and she subconsciously avoided Nan Xiangwan’s sight, and touched her nose unconsciously.

If you don’t speak, it’s a default.

Nan Xiangwan hummed softly, walked back to his seat, pulled out a piece of paper from the desk, and tore it to pieces in front of Lin Xiaoran.

“You?” The exact same behavior, this time Lin Xiaoran was dumbfounded. He suddenly realized something and asked in a panic: “What did you tear?”

“Review book.” Nan Xiangwan answered naturally.

There was a “buzz” in Lin Xiaoran’s head, and her voice became trembling, “Then what did I tear up just now?”

“It should be Zhang Chao’s review book.” Nan Xiangwan replied very seriously, but in a moment, she just stopped. “Puff” laughed, her face was completely optimistic, “I’m still surprised, you tore up Zhang Chao’s review book without saying anything, and you are not afraid that others will ask you to settle the account.” She took the review book. After putting it on the wall, after thinking about it, I still felt that some places could be changed, so I secretly tore it off when no one was paying attention. At the same time, Zhang Chao, who was sitting at the back, just wrote a review because he was playing a game console in class. The book, I didn’t expect to be torn by Lin Xiaoran so soon.

“Ah!” Lin Xiaoran, who understands the whole story, couldn’t help cursing, no longer the spirited look just now, as if he was a bereaved dog, he immediately squatted down and searched in the trash can. The huge contrast between the first and the second caused the southward. Laughing late.

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