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Chapter 5 Blood Jade Chilong (1)

The ring was picked up by Grandpa Tai on the altar table in the ancestral hall on the day I was born.

He speculated that this was the betrothal gift that Yin Ren left me.

When I was young, this ring was too big and could only be worn around my neck with a red string.

After so many years of getting used to it, I didn’t even think about taking it off and putting it on my hand. After being warned by him, I tried to put the ring on my finger. In the end, the ring finger of my right hand fits very well, and the joint is firmly stuck as soon as I put it in. I can’t take it down even if I live.

I have worn this ring since I was born, and even if I knew it was something left by him, I couldn’t get disgusted.

The ring used to be dark red all over, but now it is getting brighter and warmer, and gradually the dark red fades away, leaving some blood faintly, but the figure is too vague to see what it looks like.

My brother sent me to school the next day. He is a fifth-year student in the medical school, and his main task this year is an internship.

But he helped Dad do things, and he had a lot of secret connections, so he asked the dean of a big hospital to help him get an internship, and then stayed in the store all day to help my dad take care of the nagging items.

He went to school because he had heard of yesterday’s fall. I was one of the parties involved. The police called him early this morning.

My brother has a lot of connections, and the policeman is his acquaintance. He said he was waiting for me to ask questions at school.

“You want me to say that your ghost husband did not do anything wrong with this matter. Who the hell touched my daughter-in-law, I will kill him.” My brother patted the steering wheel and said, “Of course I will be more elegant.”

“Do you have a wife?” I asked gloomily.

My brother shook his head and sighed: “It’s too difficult to get married in our business. Women are yin, and it’s easy to die early when dealing with feminine all the year round. Look at our mother? I’m still single.”

“Brother, I will die early too.” I reminded him: “If one day I die, you take good care of Dad.”

My brother frowned and stretched out his hand to mess with my long hair: “Don’t talk nonsense, I analyzed it. If your ghost husband wants to kill you, he let you die two years ago to accompany him, so why bother? He should have other goals. Be patient, maybe he has achieved the goal and then left on his own?”

I smiled bitterly and shook my head, the male ghost said in person, I can only die with him.

“By the way, Xiao Qiao, what does your ghost husband look like? Is he handsome?”

I shook my head: “I haven’t seen him. He wears a grimace mask.”

“Tsk, it’s mysterious… Then does his voice sound good?”

“Sound? What’s the problem with sound?” I asked curiously.

“Don’t you understand, the deity of the average male voice is an otaku who is ugly in the sky!”

I was stunned, thinking that it was over, his voice was clear and deep, if it weren’t so cold, it should be a very pleasant voice.

He must be an ugly ghost, so he wears a grimace mask.

My brother is an optimist, even if the family is so dark and heavy, he still enjoys his life.

With him, I rarely smiled, and my face is almost stiff these days.

The car passed a pharmacy in front of the school. I hurriedly stopped my brother, and then sneaked in to buy the after-treatment medicine.

Near the school, everyone knows that the best sellers are condoms and aftercare.

The shopping guide blankly handed me a box of medicine, his eyes were numb.

It’s been four days since the first time. I don’t know if it is too late to take the after-action medicine.

My brother stared blankly at me standing by the car and swallowing a medicine, then hurriedly threw the medicine box into the trash can.

He suddenly reacted and asked: “You didn’t wear a condom when you did it!!”

I blush! Wear a condom? !

Are you talking about wearing condoms with a violent man, no, a male ghost? !

Seeing me faltering in the car, my brother frowned and said, “Then you can’t take the contraceptive pill every day! This thing hurts your body!”

After swallowing a medicine, my throat feels a little uncomfortable. It seems that a hand is stuck in my neck, and the pill is stuck in my throat.

When I went to the small meeting room, I saw a hot water tank next to the bathroom, and I hurriedly told my brother that I would drink some water.

My brother went directly into the small conference room to talk to the police officer. When I was bending over to pour water, a cold body pressed against me behind me.

“You’re courageous,” he said, his voice full of danger.

I looked back, and he was standing behind me, his whole body exuding icy anger.

He reached out and pulled at my collar and dragged me into the bathroom next to it.

“You, what are you doing…” I looked at him in horror.

He couldn’t help but threw me into a compartment, his big cold hand pinched the back of my neck, and two fingers slammed into my mouth——

“Woo…oooo…” I felt a sudden pain in my throat, and spit out the little pill that hadn’t been flushed down yet.

“You dare to take medicine?” He sneered and slammed me on the compartment door. “Fortunately, I have been following you, otherwise you will swallow it.”

“You… Even if you are raped, you are not allowed to take medicine?!” I was also angry, and what this guy did at night was simply outrageous.

What is peeling the skin and removing the bones and eating into the abdomen?

Wasn’t I fainted by his bullying someday, he still kept going? !

“Strong? Violent?” His voice was a bit harsh, and then he laughed at himself and sneered: “Okay, then it’s violent.”

After speaking, he reached out and opened my skirt and tore off the pantyhose violently——

The sensitive area suddenly came into contact with the air, causing small goose bumps. Does he, he intend to be here–

This is the conference area, and few people come here, but, after all, this is a school!

“Don’t… don’t! Don’t! Please–” I was shaking, this time I was really scared.

No matter how much he tossed me at home, it was in my own room and bed. No matter how embarrassing and humiliating, only I know.

But now it’s a public place…

“I, I don’t take medicine anymore, don’t take it… please…” I stayed behind with tears in my eyes, shivering and being pressed against the door panel by him.

His angry breathing gradually subsided, and finally, he let me go.

At that moment, my tears burst, and I squatted on the ground along the door, holding my shoulders trembling.

He also squatted down, put his palm on the back of my head, and asked me to lift my face.

“Mu Xiaoqiao, remember, you are my wife who is married, and you must do your part as a wife.”

I closed my eyes and nodded.

“I have a lot of things to do in Yangjian, and you are the proof of my relationship. You can’t die. Give me a good life, understand?”

I nodded again, tears wet my cheeks.

He took my arm and asked me to stand up.

“Finally, protect the things here…” He stretched out his hand to cover my lower abdomen.

I opened my eyes and looked at him, somewhat puzzled.

He released me, and his voice returned to a cold and indifferent voice: “If you meet my requirements, I can promise you. After it’s done, I will let you die in peace, and I will never appear in front of you again.”

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