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Chapter 4 Ranking Seats by Results 01

Third Middle School is the best high school in the province. The gate is also very stylish. Two pillars erected a curved beam that is concave inward, and the big characters “No. 3 Middle School” are embedded in it. , Shining with golden light in the morning light. There is a wall next to the school gate on which is posted the monthly test scores of the third year of high school, which are changed every month, and the ranking of the whole school is not only a nightmare that every student can’t talk about, but also the motivation for their unremitting struggle.

You are not eligible for this wall when you are still in the sophomore year of high school, but you still have to announce your results and place your rankings. In order to encourage students to work hard, the teacher in charge of the class followed the practice of the third year of high school and specially posted the ranking list on the door of the class. In addition to the classmates, teachers, students, and parents who came and went can see clearly.

When Nan Xiang arrived at school late, there were already some classmates in front of the ranking list. She waited patiently for them to finish reading, and slowly looked for her name on it.

The top ten, there is no self.

Nan Xiangwan’s mouth twitched, and it didn’t matter to comfort herself in her heart. After all, she hadn’t been exposed to high school knowledge for many years, and it would be unrealistic to get the first place all at once.

The top twenty, there is no self.

Nan Xiangwan’s heart beat violently, and he couldn’t help but go back and watch it again, even deliberately slowing down, for fear of missing a detail. Well, it really doesn’t.

The top 30 have no self.

Nan Xiangwan’s heart sank, as if she had just experienced a sudden shaking of the earth and the mountains, she couldn’t help but began to fluster, blood rushed to the base of her ears, and her body trembled.

Nan Xiangwan had to continue to move her gaze downwards. She was so contradictory. She wanted to lock her position as fast as possible and give her a joy, but she was also afraid that the result would be so unbearable that she would only have “pain” instead of “fast.”

When Lin Xiaoran’s name appeared, Nan Xiangwan was completely dumbfounded. She didn’t expect that scumbag would be ranked ahead of her. She suddenly lost the courage to look at the results. It seemed that it didn’t matter how many places she ranked.

In the end, Nan Xiangwan finally found his place in the area with dozens of downfalls.

It’s only one step away from the penultimate.

Nan Xiangwan smiles bitterly. If this goes on, let alone being admitted to Guanghua University, I am afraid that even “admission to university” is a matter of question.

One after another, students walked into the classroom. Everyone was very worried. They were extremely frustrated when they did poorly, and wanted to be better when they did well. The strange thing is that until the end of the morning reading, I didn’t see Lin Xiaoran. Nan Xiangwan couldn’t help but complain in his heart. The scumbag is the scumbag, and there is no concept of time at all.

“Does Lin Xiaoran often be late?” Nan Xiangwan asked his deskmate.

The tablemate looked at her in surprise, “You forgot, he is a sports student and he is going to practice sports in the morning.”

“Huh?” Nan Xiangwan was taken aback, so her grades are not as good as that of a sports student?

After a while, Lin Xiaoran came in. Instead of wearing a school uniform, he put on a light gray sports jacket, and only carried his schoolbag on his right shoulder. He lowered his head slightly and carefully looked at the score sheet posted on the door. Suddenly, he let out a laugh. Nan Xiangwan couldn’t help but curl his lips. The scumbag is the scumbag. Even the students who passed the exam will take into account the feelings of others, quietly happy in their heart, even like him, he can laugh at the exam, a little shame. nothing.

Nan Xiangwan shook his head and sighed, but Lin Xiaoran turned around at this moment, and while walking toward his seat, he said to Nan Xiangwan: “Hey, you say that you should be in the rocket class every day, but the test is not as good as me? Hahaha “

Nan Xiangwan was obviously taken aback, and it took a while to react. It turned out that he was not laughing at his good grades, but at her poor grades. Nan Xiangwan suppressed the anger in her heart, and said unhurriedly: “What can one exam show, you wait for the next time!” In fact, Nan Xiangwan is not very anxious. She has not been exposed to high school knowledge for a long time. It’s pretty good to be able to pass the exam. If you can give her some more time, it will be natural to return to the rocket class.

When the class was about to start, the head teacher walked into the classroom and announced an important decision to all the students. He felt that just posting the score sheet was not enough “exciting”. He wanted to arrange the seats according to the scores, and let those with good scores sit in the front and those with poor scores in the back. After listening to the classmates, they all said “Ah” in unison, and soon began to whisper. Some people don’t like to change seats. Some people don’t want to be separated from the same table. Nan Xiangwan sighed heavily and pressed his forehead weakly.

Oops, this time I’m going to fall into the school dregs pile in the school dregs pile.

Soon, the students changed to new seats in accordance with the instructions of the class teacher. Nan Xiangwan sat in the penultimate row, behind them were two boys, who are also game masters. Apart from books, all kinds of chess pieces and chessboards were brought over. The same table is a beauty expert. There is a mirror on the table. The pencil case is stuffed with eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara. There is lipstick in the pocket. There is a double eyelid sticker in the book. Hairpin.

For these, Nan Xiangwan already had psychological expectations, but he didn’t care much about it. The most incredible thing was that Lin Xiao, who was afraid of avoiding it, actually sat in front of her.

Lin Xiaoran should have just taken a shower. As he took a seat in front, there was a scent of shower gel in the air. Nan Xiangwan whispered, “A man, make such a perfume.”

Lin Xiaoran heard it, turned his head and choked her back. “You control me?” The

scumbag is the scumbag. Talking is the same as taking gunpowder. Forget it, learning is important, don’t be familiar with this kind of scumbag.

For the whole day, the teachers did not teach a new class, but instead gave papers for the mid-term exam.

In the biology class, the teacher turned the paper over after finishing the multiple-choice questions, and there was a sound of “crashing” in the classroom. The teacher just glanced at the fill-in-the-blank question, then put the paper down, looking at the students helplessly, “The first fill-in-the-blank question is very simple, it is the original words in the book. I am surprised, how can someone do such a simple question? Wrong, the title is to write the Chinese name of dna. Some students actually wrote’Di’en’ah.’ While the teacher said, she turned back to the podium and wrote the words’Di’en’ on the blackboard. It caused the whole class to burst into laughter.

After she finished writing the three words, she threw the chalk to the podium and clapped her hands, “I won’t call the name of who it is. I know who I am talking about.”

Lin Xiaoran suddenly answered: “South is late. Did you hear me, tell me about you.”

“Hahaha” The classmates who had just stopped the laughter burst into laughter again, and there were good people looking south towards the night here.


Nan Xiangwan cursed a swear word in his heart, gritted his teeth and whispered to Lin Xiaoran, “How did you know it was me?”

Lin Xiaoran said proudly, “I saw it during the exam.”

“You cheated?” Nan Xiangwan asked. .

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Lin Xiaoran stretched out two fingers and gestured his eyes, “Whoever makes my eyes look good, you can see it at a glance.”


Nan Xiangwan found that Lin Xiaoran not only has good eyes, but he is also tall. Sitting in front of her was like a hill, blocking her sight strictly.

The teacher needs to draw pictures on the blackboard when he talks about the next big topic. Lin Xiaoran is tall and long in legs. He dislikes the space under the desk and is too awkward. He is used to lean back as much as possible and put one leg on the other.

It was a bitter southward night. In order to be able to see the blackboard, she had to pierce the needle and try her best to move in the direction of the aisle. Who knew that Lin Xiaoran seemed to have rickets, and then fell to the left. The angle was not great, but it was just enough to stop her, and Nan Xiangwan had to move back. She only glanced at the blackboard, a shadow was cast down after taking notes, she looked up, and it was really blocked by Lin Xiaoran again.

Nan Xiangwan couldn’t bear it anymore, she struck Lin Xiaoran’s back with a pen, and reprimanded her angrily, “Can you always block me.”

Lin Xiaoran disagreed, “What’s wrong with me blocking you, you are here to listen.” “Lessons, they are not here to “watch”.”

Nan Xiangwan secretly clenched a fist, “You wait! I will surpass you for the next exam.” Then sit in front of him and see how he can block himself.

Lin Xiaoran let out a “pouch” laugh, and said nonchalantly: “What if you surpass me, I won’t be blocked by you, hahaha”

“You!” Nan Xiangwan was so angry that he had to admit that what he said was true. Some truth.

At the same time, the classroom suddenly became quiet, and the teacher who was talking about the topic suddenly stopped. Everyone raised their heads curiously and looked around. Nan Xiangwan felt strange, but there was nothing in sight except Lin Xiaoran, who had been put on a black school uniform.

“What’s the matter?” The teacher threw the paper on the podium, with his hands on his chest, disgust in his tone of voice, and his face became gloomy. “Nan Xiangwan, you are speaking in class again? Sixty people in our class. If you delay everyone by one minute, the class is sixty minutes.”

Nan Xiangwan felt wronged, she stood up, pointed at Lin Xiaoran and said, “Teacher, it’s not me.” The

teacher interrupted her immediately, “Do you dare to talk back? Me? It’s all in your eyes, it’s obviously that you are looking for Lin Xiaoran to speak.”

“Oh” As soon as the voice fell, everyone booed in unison, and some people whistled in excitement.

“I” was late and angry and anxious. She looked at Lin Xiaoran, but she didn’t expect that he didn’t have the slightest intention to defend, but raised his face proudly, as if he had just experienced something worthy of boasting.

Nan Xiangwan wanted to say something, but when she met the teacher’s disgusting look, she still chose to give up. No matter how much it is said, what’s the use? Now that she has poor grades and is in the bottom of the rankings, she seems to be a mess of rat shit in the eyes of the teacher. It is natural to say that she does not abide by class discipline.

The teacher quickly issued an order: “Nan Xiangwan! You stand behind and listen to the class.”

“Stand and stand, I wish!” Nan Xiangwan whispered in his heart.

Angrily in her heart, she stood up quickly and drove the desk and chair to make a dull sound. Nan Xiangwan took the paper and stood behind. Without Lin Xiaoran’s blocking, she listened to the two questions very smoothly. While taking notes, she inadvertently looked in Lin Xiaoran’s direction and almost died of anger. At this time, Lin Xiaoran had already thrown away the papers and fell asleep on the table. You said he did not sleep early or late. When she stood behind, he fell asleep.

Nan Xiangwan cursed in his heart that learning scum is learning scum, and there is no way of learning. Listening to the teacher’s papers is ten times more efficient than listening to the class. Especially for exam-oriented education, listening to the teacher’s papers can not only understand the knowledge points. Consolidation review and integration can also form a strong memory of knowledge points.

As time passed, Nan Xiangwan discovered a new problem. She stood at the back. Although she was able to get rid of Lin Xiaoran’s visual obstruction, the people in the last row were all talking in low voices, making her unable to hear the teacher at all. What she said, she had to remind her aloud: “Hey hey hey, can you make a little noise when you play chess? It bothered Lin Xiaoran to sleep.” As

soon as the voice fell, Lin Xiaoran, who was sleeping on the table, suddenly sat up. He shouted to the back: “Nan Xiangwan! What are you calling me?”

Nan Xiangwan felt baffled, “Who called you?”

“Pop!” Suddenly, there was a sound of slapped desk in the classroom, which was unbearable. The teacher pointed to Nan Xiangwan, “Why are you restless standing behind, come to the office with me after class!” When it was

over, Nan Xiangwan closed his eyes in despair.

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