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Chapter 4 Don’t Get Near (2)

He was vulgar and vulgar, and while talking nonsense, he blocked me in the corner of the file cabinet.

“How about being my girlfriend? Huh? I will run the operation for you and ask you to recommend graduate students in our school, how?!”

What about you big head ghost! I grabbed the little cactus on the windowsill and hit him in the face!

He yelled and turned his head away, and I ran towards the gate.

But I couldn’t run at all, and the body that was about to fall apart fell to the door, which was simply a chance for him to jump on it.

“You are a teacher!” I shouted.

“So what?! The big deal is quit! I’m not short of money! It’s a waste to see you the little fairy dangling in front of me, and I didn’t fuck you! I haven’t seen a woman who is better than you— —”

He was about to rush forward, and all my screams came up to my throat.

Something weird happened–

He was like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered. He was suddenly pinched on his neck by an invisible hand. A twisted dent appeared on his neck. His face was blue, his eyes were bulging, and his tongue was pinched and spit out——

My back is cold, is this the yin person? Is he with me?

He, he is helping me out?

When I came back to my senses, the class leader was dragged back. He desperately reached out to grab his neck, but he couldn’t grasp that hand. Instead, he grabbed his neck bloody.

I flee desperately, forgetting the elevator, and ran down the sixth floor in one breath.

After rushing out of the teaching building, I realized that my whole body was as cold as an ice cellar. When I ran into the sun rubbing my arms, several girls beside me suddenly screamed.

They pointed to the teaching building and shouted anxiously for help. When I looked back, my heart was cold.

A window on the sixth floor shattered, and the class guide squatted on the window lattice in a strange posture.

He turned his back to the outside, and desperately grasped the broken window with one hand, but the window was broken, and the broken glass on the window lattice pierced his blood and blood——

In just a few seconds, he suddenly leaned back and smashed it down from the sixth floor in a head-down position.

With a muffled sound, a cloud of blood exploded on the ground, and then white brains flowed out…

“Ahhhhhhh-” The girl screamed in her ears, and two of them fainted directly to the ground.

I was shaking all over, he must have done it, it must be him!

He killed someone, he really is a demon!

I was shaking like sifting chaff on the spot, and suddenly a voice rang in my ears: “What are you crying for?”

cry? I raised my hand and wiped my face, and I was really frightened to tears.

“You, you…you really are a demon… the devil who killed people will be dragged into the underworld and punished.” I said dumbly.

He held his arms leisurely, standing next to me wearing that hideous mask.

“I set the rules, and besides, I am not a ghost.”

He raised his hand to cover my eyes a little displeased: “Look carefully, what a ghost is like.”

A cold hand brushed my eyelids, and I looked blankly at the “accident” scene over there.

A tall white hat attracted my attention. The hat was tall and pointed, and I looked down–

A pale face was smiling at me.

“Little Niangniang, don’t know what is good or bad, our emperor is not a patient person.” The pale face smiled at me, and bloody lips curled up strangely.

This is impermanence! White impermanence!

“Ah–!!!” I screamed in fright and hid back!

Can’t the people around and the people around you see it? !

“You, you, what are you—” I turned my head to ask him.

But he disappeared.

Bai Wuchang took several ropes and put an empty chain around the neck of the class leader ghost, and said slowly: “Hey, Lao Ba is not here to help, I’m so busy…”

I patted my face, this is not a dream, this is not a dream, this is a ghost in broad daylight! !

Bai Wuchang laughed terribly, with a pair of evil three white eyes winking his eyebrows, his lips were blood red, and the tip of his tongue was as bright as licking blood.

Who is he, if he is a demon, why is he not afraid of impermanence?

I ran home crazy and locked myself in the room. I must ask exactly who he was!

As soon as midnight arrived, he appeared in my room almost on time.

Still that cold mask, still so…simple and rude.

“What did that woman say today? Huh?” His tone was funny, but his actions were very ruthless.

“Big breasts and a small waist in the middle?” He repeated Song Wei’s ridicule.

His tone was lightly mocking, but his movements did not stop at all, completely disregarding my feelings.

“You’d better learn to protect yourself. If you let other men touch you, I will make you worse off than death.” He gave a faint warning.

I gritted my teeth and endured the first arduous pain, and tremblingly asked, “Who are you? Even if you want to kill me, let me die, okay.”

“What do you want to understand?” He sneered: “Isn’t your Mu family a family that wanders in Yin and Yang? How come there is a daughter who knows nothing like you?”

“Yes…” I smiled bitterly: “I don’t know anything. I was born to sacrifice to you! How did I know that I was raised to be a ghost—”


Does this count as *love? Pain, bleeding, bruising and humiliation all over, is this love?

I bit my lip, I can’t really say the word.

His indifferent and ruthless movements paused for a while, and his cold fingers pushed away a strand of hair on the side of my face: “As long as you remember, you are my married wife and you can only die with me…”

To death.


At the end of the day, he did not disappear immediately, but reached out and raised the blood jade ring on my neck.

“Although this color looks great on your chest, I still hope you wear it on your fingers…Don’t let me say it a second time.

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