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Chapter 3 High School Sophomore Mid-term Exam 03

underground garage of the school has a dedicated exit, which leads directly to the street outside the school, not very far from the school gate. Nan Xiangwan pushed the car out at night, scattered neon lights came into view, and everything looked familiar and unfamiliar.

The reason why she is familiar is that she has lived here for three years and has been to every store countless times. She once captured all kinds of reluctant writing books in the stationery store, bought the latest learning materials in the bookstore, and chatted with classmates in the milk tea shop.

Speaking of unfamiliarity, it is not only because it has been a long time since the three years of high school, but more importantly, these shops have disappeared in the later transformation of the old city, and the entire street has also changed its appearance. It is obviously more spacious, cleaner and more beautiful. However, she couldn’t be happy anymore, as if she was robbed of her love by others, and she deliberately washed it again, leaving no traces to her, which made her feel very disappointed.

Nan Xiangwan was a little excited and sighed. She quickly wiped the mist from the bottom of her eyes so that everything in front of her could stay in her eyes more clearly.

It’s great, everything in the memory is back.

She pushed the car forward and saw a kushikatsu restaurant called “Xiaowanpu”, which was her favorite stall in high school. At that time, she didn’t care about healthy or unhealthy things, such as spicy and spicy noodles, grilled cold noodles, and stinky tofu. She always refused, especially the deep-fried skewers, which she would eat almost every week. If she could match it with a bottle of Coke, It is perfect.

Nan Xiangwan can’t wait to order fish balls, chicken fillet, tofu skin, and eggplant. The most important thing to eat fried skewers is to eat the sauce brushed on the top of the ingredients. Nan Xiangwan likes sweet chili sauce the most, sweet and spicy, fresh and fragrant. Get tired of it.

She just ordered something good here, and suddenly there was an unhurried voice over there. Lin Xiaoran held a handful of fried skewers and lifted her chin at her, with a cynical expression on her face, “Aren’t you going to walk home? Why did you ride a bicycle again? I just said, I must have forgotten just now. “

Why did you bump into him again?” Nan Xiangwan sighed in his heart, and rolled his eyes, neither humble nor arrogant, “I’m too lazy to care about you.”

In order to avoid him, Nan Xiang went to the convenience store next to him late to buy a bottle of Coke. She stood on the doorstep, wanting to take a sip. I don’t know if it’s too cold or writing too many words. Nan Xiangwan tried a lot of power and did not unscrew the lid. She did not believe in evil, and continued to work hard, her facial expression became extremely hideous, and her mouth was full. It was tingling, and the bottle cap was still growing on it in its original posture, not moving.

“Puff” Lin Xiaoran’s laughter was heard not far away.

Nan Xiangwan didn’t want to pay attention to him, took the Coke and turned around, and happened to see a girl who was walking slowly. Just seeing the figure of that person, Nan Xiangwan was subconsciously shocked, and her hairs were all erected. When she looked at that person’s face, she even wanted to find a place to hide immediately.

It turned out to be Chen Shiyun!

Her biggest competitor in high school.

From the beginning of the rocket class, the two have fought openly and secretly, not giving way to each other, neither is convinced, nor can anyone look down on anyone. At that time, the greatest joy of the two was seeing each other’s grades decline and embarrassment. If Chen Shiyun knew that she was in the discipline class now, she wouldn’t laugh to death.

The biggest shadow Chen Shiyun brought to Nan Xiangwan was in an English class. At that time, the English teacher asked them how old they were to learn English. Nan Xiangwan said casually about a five-year-old. Chen Shiyun, who was sitting not far away, visibly curled her lips, revealing a look of disdain. Because in the rocket class, Nan Xiangwan’s English scores are not good, and the oral English is even more messy. “Starting to learn English at the age of five” sounds like a joke.

But then again, it was under the “stimulation” of Chen Shiyun that Nan Xiangwan made up her mind to learn English well. Not only did she perform well in the subsequent college entrance examinations, she also participated in the English debate competition of Guanghua University, and her spoken English was even more fluent. Let her stand out in subsequent interviews and successfully enter a well-known company.

Thinking of this, Nan Xiangwan finally settled down, feeling that she was no worse than her, there was nothing to be afraid of. She raised her head very gracefully, ready to meet Chen Shiyun’s provocation, and vowed that she would never lose the battle. Who knew Chen Shiyun’s gaze slid across her as if she saw a tree, a wall, or A trash can, without any change on his white face, and his swarthy eyes did not see the slightest ripples.

This feeling is really uncomfortable, it’s like hitting the air with a punch. All the efforts and expectations collapsed with the collapse of the fulcrum, and the loss, depression, and inability to deepen the bones expanded wildly. territory.

Nan Xiangwan finally realized that as a member of the rocket class, Chen Shiyun at this time had no idea who Nan Xiangwan was, and naturally would not put her in his eyes. Yes, as a scumbag in the discipline class, she doesn’t even have the qualifications to make things difficult for Chen Shiyun.

Chen Shiyun has been learning dance since she was a child. Although she stopped practicing after middle school, she still has a good foundation. She walks in a different posture from others. Even if she is carrying her schoolbag, she still stands her back, her shoulders open, and her neck stretched out, as if she was afraid that the crown would fall. Because of her outstanding temperament, many boys in the class have a good impression of her. I heard that boys in other classes are also rushing to inquire about her.

Unexpectedly, Chen Shiyun just passed Lin Xiaoran blandly, and it also aroused his interest. Obviously, Chen Shiyun didn’t squint from the beginning to the end, and didn’t even look at him. Lin Xiaoran deliberately leaned forward and stood in front of her. “Beauty, do you want to eat fried skewers?”

Nan Xiangwan almost laughed. The scumbags and girls are so simple and rude that ghosts will care about you. Besides, it’s not good who you are looking for, but you have to look for Chen Shiyun. If you know who she is, the student in the Rocket class can only look at it from a distance. How could a scum in his discipline class be favored by her.

Sure enough, Chen Shiyun glanced at him vigilantly, and said coldly, “I’m sorry, I don’t know you.”

Lin Xiaoran curled her lips and said nonchalantly, “Will you know me after a chat? That’s how my dad knows me. Damn it.”

Chen Shiyun quickly looked away and gave a cold warning, “Classmate, I will call someone like this again.”

Lin Xiaoran smiled deeper, and stretched out her hand to pick Chen Shiyun’s hair hanging in front of her shoulders, her low voice seemed to be gurgling, “Little

girl , my temper is quite big.” Nan Xiangwan couldn’t stand it anymore, although she was a little bit uncomfortable with Chen Shiyun. , But she hated Lin Xiaoran’s rogue behavior even more. She stepped forward and yelled at Lin Xiaoran: “What are you doing? Didn’t you see that people didn’t want to care about you?” The

air suddenly calmed down, and the two people who were in a stalemate. Unanimously looked at her. Even if Nan Xiangwan is dull, you can clearly feel that the atmosphere is a bit wrong. Sure enough, in a flash, Chen Shiyun laughed with a “pouch”, she punched Lin Xiaoran on the shoulder, and said, “I blame you, what are you pretending to be? Rogue, let people misunderstand me?”

Lin Xiaoran asked, “Who told you to pretend that you didn’t see me?” The

two of them said a word to me, turned and left, leaving Nan Xiangwan with a hooded face, wondering what happened. what.

Not far away, Lin Xiaoran took a bunch of fish balls and handed them to Chen Shiyun. Chen Shiyun didn’t pick it up, but instead bit one with his hand. It was probably a little hot. She opened her mouth slightly, fanning the wind with her hand on her lips. It made Lin Xiaoran smile, and naturally helped her blow the remaining fish balls.

Nan Xiangwan watched from behind, unknowingly turning his gaze on Chen Shiyun’s schoolbag, a squirrel doll hung on her schoolbag, swaying from side to side with her steps, and from time to time with Lin Xiaoran’s schoolbag. The squirrels hit each other.

Nan Xiangwan finally understood. It turned out that the two people had known each other a long time ago, the cosplay gangster and the innocent girl were so boring, how could she take it seriously? Thinking of this, Nan Xiangwan couldn’t help the blood pouring up. With a hard hand, the Coke opened with a “slap”. At the same time, the brown liquid seemed to gush out like angry magma, spilling Nan Xiangwan all over her body.

“Ah!” Nan Xiangwan shouted subconsciously.

Lin Xiaoran glanced back at her, her clear eyes were set against a little bit of starlight.

Nan Xiangwan’s face turned red. She thought that Lin Xiaoran would definitely laugh at herself. However, she didn’t. Seeing Lin Xiaoran taking a meal, she seemed to have something to say, but there was nothing. He just turned the thought of turning back in his heart into A subtle look gradually faded away with the deep night.

After eating the fried skewers, Nan Xiangwan rode a bicycle back to her sophomore home in high school. The reason why she said “sophomore in high school” was because the house was temporarily rented. She hurriedly moved in before the beginning of school and was in the college entrance examination. After moving away in a hurry. The house is an old family yard. There are bare wires and small advertisements for dredging pipes everywhere. The corridors are full of debris, and the railings are covered with thick dust. It is basically the same as the high-end residence she now lives in. There is no way to compare.

It’s strange to say that although she has not lived here for a long time, Nan Xiangwan always dreams of scenes related to “home”, and most of them come from here, probably because too many things have happened here that make her unforgettable. Nan Xiangwan went upstairs based on his memory, took out the key, and tried to open the door, but he didn’t expect to go right. I want to let time go by, as long as I leave a trace in my blood, I will never be forgotten.

Nan Xiang entered the door one night and saw Nan Yuemin sitting on the sofa watching TV. While changing her shoes, she said in surprise: “Dad, why are you back?”

Nan Yuemin looked at her and asked suspiciously, “Should I not come back?”

Nan Xiangwan smiled, “I didn’t mean that, I thought You are going to divorce my mother, so I’m a little surprised.”

Guan Xiumei was cutting vegetables in the kitchen at this time. She keenly caught the word “divorce”, rushed out with a kitchen knife and pointed at Nan Yuemin and shouted: ” What, divorce? You want to divorce me?”

Nan Yuemin jumped up and stammered: “Who said I want a divorce? I didn’t talk about divorce, it’s all my kids talking nonsense.”

Nan Yuemin watched Nan Xiangwan felt extremely aggrieved, and subconsciously blurted out: “Are you not leaving?” She remembered that not long after she was in high school, her father didn’t go home much. After a long time, she noticed something was wrong and asked. Then, the mother said that she had divorced, and said that the father “abandoned” their mother and daughter.

This is really weird. It stands to reason that during this period of time, the parents have separated, but the father appeared at home and did not show any intention of divorce. Whether the time has not come, or the trajectory of fate has changed. It’s like she was reduced from the rocket class to the discipline class.

Before Nan Xiangwan was able to figure out the whole story, Guan Xiumei was already paralyzed on the ground, crying, “What else can you say? Can the child lie? I have suffered so many wrongs with you, so you are thinking how to abandon me. What kind of evil did I do?”

Nan Yuemin on the side couldn’t argue with each other, looking at Nan Xiangwan, and Guan Xiumei, stomping his feet in anxious manner.

As the “culprit”, Nan Xiangwan wanted to explain her “cheating” behavior, but even if she said it, probably no one would believe it, so she had to stick out her tongue apologetically to her father and quickly slipped back into the bedroom.

Because of this, Guan Xiumei didn’t cook anything, and grabbed Nan Yuemin and quarreled all night. Nan Xiangwan can probably guess some of the content of the quarrel. It is nothing more than complaining that Nan Yuemin is timid and accomplish nothing. He has been in the unit for most of his life and has not been promoted. The old man does not know how to work, so marrying him is a fall. Blood mold. I don’t know how many quarrels like this have been staged in her memory, so when her parents divorced, Nan Xiangwan was not only not surprised, but even a little lucky, because she was finally clean.

Nan Xiangwan covered her head with a quilt as usual. She had experienced so many things that day. She just wanted to sleep well, hoping that everything would be back on track when she woke up.

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