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Chapter 3 Don’t Get Near (1)

My dad was stunned, and then asked nervously, “Who are you talking about?”

Who else can there be?

The blood jade ring hanging on my neck has become brighter and warmer in the past two days, and it seems to have absorbed nourishment to become “live”.

“Xiao Qiao, talk to him… see what he wants.”

what do you want?

I think he wants me to die.

On the night of the third day, I really couldn’t bear this kind of torture. I gritted my teeth and pushed his shoulders, and said tremblingly: “We, can we talk?”

“Talk?” He sneered: “What do you want to talk to me?”

Even though he was speaking, he did not stop, my words were torn apart by him.

“You, what do you want…ah…” I plucked up the courage to say: “Our family, did it, did it… offend you? Or… what’s your wish?”

He chuckled lightly, paused for a while, and let me catch my breath.

“Dirty marriage is a matter of two yin people… We… are not suitable.” I motioned to myself that I was still alive: “You should find someone suitable for you.”

Find a female ghost and stop pestering me.

“It’s good if you die.” He chuckled out cold words.

My grandfather said that in situations like mine, the outcome is death, or an inexplicable accident, or suicide.

Is it true that the marriage can only end after death?

“I…” Tears came out of my eyes.

He smiled and said, “I’m very wronged, right? You didn’t do anything wrong, but you became a bargaining chip to pay off the debt.”

He reached out and squeezed my chin, the fingers were cold.

“…Who told you to be born in Mu’s family?” His tone suddenly became cold, without sympathy, but with a hint of sarcasm.

Apart from crying, I really don’t know what to do.

My father asked me to talk to him, but how can I talk about it?

Birth is the original sin, and I cannot change it.

“Don’t cry!” He growled impatiently: “If I wanted you to die, you should have died two years ago, don’t know what it is!”

What does it mean? That night of absurd white wedding, nightmare, endless torture, all thanks to him, should I thank him for his “gift”?

“Then what are you going to do?” I couldn’t bear to beat him on the shoulder, but the strength was like an itching.

I have no strength to resist.

“Does it end if you die?!” I roared: “Then I can do it myself, can you let me go!”

I reached out and took out the scissors hidden under the pillow. It is said that pressing the scissors under the pillow is to ward off evil spirits, but it is completely useless for him.

The act of piercing myself with scissors irritated him. He flicked my elbow. My elbow was tingling and the scissors fell under the bed.

“Do you dare to hurt yourself and try!!” His icy anger was like a blade of ice, and the breath stung my skin.

“Mu Xiaoqiao, don’t say that I didn’t warn you-if you dare to harm yourself or beg to die, try it, and I will make you and your Mu family unable to survive or die!”

He stretched out his hand to pinch my neck, the force was neither light nor heavy, but it gave me the illusion of suffocation.

“Don’t you want the other party to die soon? You… don’t torture me anymore…” I tried to beg for mercy.

“Torture?” He sneered, and said, “Do you think this is torture? That’s no way. You are my wife who is married to you. You will not change until you die. You must endure torture! After seven days have passed , You just beg me, and I don’t want to touch you! Your stiff body is really disappointing!”

Seven days?

That’s four days…

He clasped my waist angrily and put his anger into action.

I collapsed on the bed in despair, I will die under him, right?

Consciousness out of the body, I feel myself up and down in the chaotic waves of desire.

Almost drowned.

What is the feeling of kidney deficiency?

When I get out of bed, I seriously consider drinking some kidney-tonifying decoctions, otherwise I won’t be able to survive the seventh day.

The whole waist was sore and unbearable, the unspeakable soreness, numbness, swelling, and pain were almost killing me, and the fire in the lower abdomen was burning, and every joint in the body was protesting.

In the past few days, he has left a lot of things in my body, I…do you want to take some medicine just in case?

Thoughts were chaotic, I glanced at the time of my phone, rinsed rashly, and went out.

I just went to university this year, and today is the beginning of school. If I am late on the first day, the class guide will definitely take the opportunity to embarrass me.

Our class tutor is an on-the-job graduate student who seems to be the nephew of a school leader. In universities, it is common for on-the-job graduate students to be undergraduate counselors.

Ever since I participated in the catwalk show in the class at the Orientation Party, he always took the opportunity to find fault with me.

I have been very careful to keep away from him, but today I really can’t run. When I hurried to the classroom, I was still late.

The class guide smiled, and said to the class: “I am very open-minded. Those who are late and early leave school and suspend subjects will do hard work for me… Mu Xiaoqiao, wait to come to my office.”

The classmates booed him for a while, and I lowered my head and sat next to Song Wei.

Song Wei gave the class guide a white look, and whispered: “Snake disease, no one can see his thoughts! It deserves to have you big breasts and a small waist in the middle! Be careful!”

The class meeting was over soon. Song Wei planned to accompany me to work in the office, but was temporarily called away by someone from the student union. In the end, I went by myself.

He was the only one in the office, and none of the other teachers came back. He ended the class meeting so early. Could it be that he had ulterior motives?

He told me to sit in front of his computer and sort out the student address book, and then bend close to me from time to time.

I am not an ignorant girl anymore. Two years ago, the yin person taught me what the relationship between the sexes is.

I stood up and said, “It seems that the teacher, you don’t plan to let me concentrate on my work. I’ll leave first. You can find another classmate to do it.”

He suddenly pulled my arm and smirked: “Mu Xiaoqiao, I have been observing you for a long time, and I thought you were a pure girl. Look at the traces of your body, how intense was it last night?”

He stretched out his hand and jerked, and my T-shirt was pulled to the shoulder.

There are bruises on the collarbone, chest, and even the upper edge of the chest.

It’s not a hickey, it’s the faint red mark and bruise he pinched me hard.

“…Look at you like this! With big breasts and hips, you’re just a damn thing! Isn’t this playing SM? It’s intense!” His breathing was a bit short, and the whole person posted up——

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