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Chapter 2 The Underworld is Fierce (2)

Fear, of course.

Feeling the pain of the foreign body invading under him, he didn’t plan to withdraw at all, but waited for my answer coldly.

I closed my eyes tightly, because the painful tears flowed down the corners of my eyes into the hair, I gritted my teeth and nodded, curling up as much as possible to escape from under him.

As soon as I moved, he pinched my waist tightly, making it closer.


In the drawer are the five emperor money and the peach wood sword that my brother gave me. They are all genuine products, but they are of no use to him!

He chuckled a few times, and his big hands clasped my wrists and pressed them on top of my head.

“I haven’t seen you for two years, you’ve grown up…the courage has also grown, you dare to resist…”

Each of his words carried arduous movements. He didn’t stop, but cut my body open to the maximum.

I don’t know how long he did it, and the cold hardship was gradually overwhelmed by the feeling of moisturizing.

Perhaps the body was emotional, or perhaps it was blood lubricating.

When I woke up, there was no one in the room.

Only the charming atmosphere after the lust in the room is over, but I haven’t even seen his face.

I was stunned for a while, sat up, and felt soreness and swelling below my waist, and a certain part of it was still hot and painful.

All this reminds me that he is here. This is not a dream, but a continuation of the night two years ago.

The phone on the bedside rang, and I rushed to answer the call. On the other end was my brother’s voice: “Little Joe, open the garage! Dad is injured!”

I was shocked. My dad and my brother went out to deal with a thorny thing. How could they be injured if they were not at home for these two days? !

I stumbled out of bed, my sore legs trembled, and I fell heavily to the ground.

The cold and greasy things poured out from the hot sore, dripping in large quantities on the nightdress. I looked down and it was bloodshot.

Feelings of embarrassment were overwhelming, and the internal organs were full of sourness.

I hurriedly wiped it clean with tears in my eyes, and ran downstairs to press the garage switch.

My home is a three-storey small building with courtyard located in the Commercial Culture Street. This is a unified planned commercial circle. A small building of this kind costs several million.

But my dad is not short of money. Our family is all engaged in “shadow” business, not short of money.

It’s just a discount.

My brother drove in a dusty off-road vehicle, and I couldn’t help being frightened by seeing the mud and dried blood stains on him and my dad.

“Little Joe, don’t be afraid, go and prepare hot water, the hotter the better.” My brother told me while carrying my dad upstairs.

This kind of situation is rare, and I don’t know what accident they have encountered.

I stood in the kitchen to boil hot water, because my body was extremely tired and my mind was messy, I accidentally burned my hand, and a singe on my right hand formed.

But I couldn’t take care of this, so I hurried upstairs with hot water to see my dad.

My dad is in a very bad condition. He closed his lips tightly, his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, and he shook his head at me without saying a word.

My brother understood what my dad meant and drove me out of the room.

I was sitting at the door and heard a screaming scream from inside, like the screams of an animal whose throat was cut and bloodletted.

I hold my head, and the eighteen years old of others are the years of youth, freedom and rebellious rebellion.

Why should I endure the encroachment of an evil spirit, and stay with terror and darkness all day…

That night, he came again.

It is useless to fear and resist. No matter how much movement I make, my father and brother downstairs can’t hear it.

And he seemed to take pleasure in dispelling all my resistance. Not only the bed, but also the desk and window sill became the battlefield for him to tame me.

I can feel pain and powerlessness.

Can also feel his cold chest and solid arms.

But I dare not open my eyes.

He leaned over my ears, and when I was avoiding, he touched a cold and hard mask on his cheek, the kind of evil spirits in Taoist temples with round eyes and blue fangs.

“…What’s wrong with your hand?” The cold voice sounded, and at the same time the cold hand pinched my chin, forcing me to answer.

“It’s hot, hot…” I closed my eyes and shrank under him.

The overwhelming coldness envelops me, there is no escape, no retreat.

He didn’t speak any more, just before I couldn’t bear it and I was about to faint, he gently licked the wound on my hand with cold wetness.

The next day, my dad was sitting in the courtyard basking in the sun. The reason why he could not speak last night was because of a copper charm in his mouth.

As soon as he saw me, he smiled and said, “Finally, I can speak, and I almost suffocated me.”

This old man, is words more important than fate?

I grinned reluctantly, but my eyes were so sore that I shed tears when I smiled.

“Xiao Qiao, what’s the matter with you? My face is so bad?” My dad found that my face was abnormal.

I thought that Hades was so fierce, every time I thought I was going to be tortured to death, maybe he was here to kill me.

It’s just that the way to kill me is special.

Had a blood alliance and a dowry, the next thing should be to let me die and become a yin to complete the wedding, right?

Thinking that I was going to die, I was a little bit self-defeating and said: “Dad, he is here…”

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