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Chapter 2 High School Sophomore Mid-term Exam 02

Nan Xiangwan finally opened his eyes, but the sight that caught his eye was not the airplane cabin.

The white clock, the red national flag, the dark green blackboard, the yellow school desk, and the dark school uniform on his body. Compared with the airplane cabin, everything in front of her is no stranger. This is the high school classroom, a place she will never forget in her life. It was here that she studied hard day and night, and finally got the admission ticket to Guanghua University.

She couldn’t wait to say hello to her classmates. She hadn’t seen them for many years. She missed them very much. Several of them were admitted to Guanghua University and continued to be classmates with her.

Nan Xiangwan looked forward happily, and turned back with joy, only to realize that the people around him were so strange.

The class bell had already rang, and no one took out the books. The two boys in the front left sat face to face, lying on their laps, stretching out their hands from time to time. They turned out to be playing chess on the ground. The girl on the other side of the aisle was pouting her mouth and was concentrating on sticking her false eyelashes to the mirror. The back seat was empty, and the boys in the last row were lying on the table, playing tabletop basketball, and threw the rope tied basketball into the basket one by one.

Just when Nan Xiangwan felt confused, the basketball boy glanced at her, exaggeratedly yelled, with a surprised expression on his face, “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in the Rockets class?”

Nan Xiang Suddenly late, it was no wonder she felt something was wrong. How could she look around and she didn’t know anyone. It turned out that this was not her class!

Thinking of this, Nan Xiangwan immediately got up and moved cleanly, as if staying longer was a torment. She strode towards the door, causing the students on both sides of the aisle to look at her.

After leaving the class door, Nan Xiangwan almost ran into someone.

A teacher-like person holding the papers, looked at Nan Xiangwan in doubt, “Where are you going?”

” Go back to our class.” Nan Xiangwan didn’t even think about it, as if he was going to chase a horse in a hurry. The plane about to take off.

The teacher laughed out loud, “Why go back to your class, isn’t this your class? You just woke up?”

“Hahaha” The classmates laughed unscrupulously in the classroom, as well as those who just woke up. Knowing what happened, I hurriedly asked the classmates next to him. When the other classmates had finished laughing, his laughter sounded exceptionally abruptly, causing the classmates to laugh again.

Nan Xiangtan couldn’t take care of these things. She looked back at the nameplate on the wall in a panic. It really wasn’t the three words “Rocket Class” written on it, but an extremely strange name-Discipline Class.

The teacher urged: “Go back now, the bell is already ringing.”

Nan Xiangwan was so anxious that she almost cried, and she begged the teacher, “I’m really not in this class.”

“You are Nan Xiangwan, that’s right. Right?” The teacher showed her the roster. Her name is indeed in the discipline class, and the ranking is relatively high. Regardless of Nan Xiangwan, she stubbornly turned the roster to the page of the Rocket Class. Every name of “Liu Yubai, Chen Shiyun, and Wang Xiang” was so familiar, but she couldn’t find her own in this group of familiar names. first name.

Nan Xiangwan had to admit, “Yes, I was not in the Rockets class when I was just sorted, but later I checked the papers and found that I was wrong. With my grades, I can definitely get into the Rockets class. Teacher, you have to believe me, don’t believe us. You can read the papers.”

Hearing this, the teacher smiled helplessly, “I don’t know how many times I’ve heard your words. Everyone said that they were wrong. When I found the papers and looked at it, I didn’t shut up. Just because In this way, the school has long refused to check the papers, it is all in vain. You, it is good to have this heart, but it is safe if you come, and gold will always shine. Tell me, there will be so many more in the future. It’s impossible to count the scores wrong every time in the exam, right?” The teacher said more and more vigorously, and the final ending was mixed with a smile, as if he could fly into the sky.

Nan Xiangwan was not reconciled. She was obviously able to enter the rocket class, why should she be wronged here, but apart from a sentence of “checking the papers”, she could not produce strong evidence.


Nan Xiangwan suddenly thought of something, she quickly turned back to the classroom, grabbed the boy sitting in the last row, and dragged him to the teacher abruptly. There is water mist hidden in her eyes, but her eyes are very firm, quite a posture of not hitting the south wall and not looking back.

She raised her head and deliberately raised her tone to cover up the tremor in her voice, “You also think I should be in the rocket class, right?” The

boy gave her a blank look, slowly pulled back the school uniform jacket that had fallen off his shoulders, and spoke disdainfully. “Fool, I was sarcastic for you, who told you to say that you are in the rocket class every day. Strange, can’t you tell? Your Chinese is taught by the physical education teacher?”

The teacher standing on the podium immediately changed his face. , Said to the boy: “Lin Xiaoran, what are you talking nonsense, her Chinese teacher is not your Chinese teacher, do you think I can teach you badly, and you have the ability to

pass the rocket class.” She waved impatiently,” Go, go back to my seat.” After being

scolded for no reason, Lin Xiaoran coldly snorted to the south and turned back to his seat.

How could

Nan Xiangwan follow Lin Xiao vaguely like this , rubbing his hair irritably. Nan Xiangwan, who was on the verge of collapse, suddenly remembered that she had already graduated from Guanghua University and successfully entered a well-known company in China. She had just completed a school recruitment in a city and was on the plane back to the company? How could he suddenly return to high school and become a student in the discipline class?

She must be dreaming!

Nan Xiangwan also dreamed of this situation before. She was either in the college entrance examination room, faced with a full paper, and couldn’t do one of them, or at Guanghua University, the counselor told her that she had failed the exam. I was persuaded to quit, to take the college entrance examination again. At this time, she would be flustered, wishing to dig a hole to bury herself like an ostrich. But before long, she will realize that this is just a dream and force herself to wake up quickly.

This time too!

This time it’s really different.

No matter how Nan Xiangwan hints that this is just a dream, she just can’t get rid of the “dream state” and return to reality.

Nan Xiangwan finally realized that she was no longer the one who graduated from Guanghua University, and used this to be late at the job fair. She became an unknown second-year high school student. The so-called Guanghua University is not there yet. In her life, the position of the well-known company hr is even harder to even think about.

The strange thing is that even if she goes back in time, she should also enter the rocket class when she is in the second grade of high school. How can she get to the discipline class full of scumbags?

But it doesn’t matter. Nan Xiangwan remembers that the high school implements a mobile class system. As long as she ranks among the top in several exams, she can still enter the rocket class. She still remembers that in the third year of high school, two classmates transferred in this way. Although she has some small deviations in the trajectory of her destiny, she is absolutely confident that with her own efforts, she can return to the rocket class, be admitted to Guanghua University, become a well-known company hr, and once again embark on the pinnacle of life!

Thinking of this, the confident Nan Xiangwan turned his head and asked his deskmate, “When is the exam?”

“Exam?” The deskmate looked at her questioningly, and looked up and down for a while as if he didn’t know her, “You forgot It’s now.”

“Huh?” Nan Xiangwan exclaimed in surprise.

As soon as the voice fell, the students stood up, pulled down the table under the command of the teacher, and after a while, a cold female voice came from the horn, like a robot, repeating it over and over again, “Please invigilate the test papers, please invigilate the test The teacher handed out the test papers”

“No way, so it started? I’m not ready at all.” Nan Xiangwan swallowed hard, his body trembling uncontrollably, and dense beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Although she was so looking forward to using an exam to prove herself, but after many years, the knowledge of high school has long been forgotten, she can’t even remember what to take the exam or what type of questions.

Nan Xiang took the exam for a whole day late, and it was more tiring than looking at 1,800 resumes and interviewing 500 students. Among the several subjects, the English papers are the easiest. This is mainly due to the fact that she has not relaxed her learning of English. Listening, reading, and composition are all a piece of cake. Only the grammar part is the most scratching, what “a; The””the;a””the;/””a;/” is so big, she doesn’t pay much attention to it when she talks to foreigners.

The Chinese papers were also fine, but the poem filling in the blanks seemed to be against her deliberately. The poems she would recite were given out without saying a word, but she dug out the blanks and asked her to fill in the blanks that she couldn’t recite.

The math papers really made her hoodwinked for a while. Firstly, it was trigonometric functions. She drew on the draft paper for a long time before recalling the basic theorems, and then the series of numbers. She couldn’t remember the general term formula. It took ten minutes to derive one. Generalists are refined. Because too much time was wasted in the front, the last few big questions didn’t even have a chance to take a look.

As for the other subjects, Nan Xiangwan tried to guess and think of what to write. The most annoying thing is that sometimes I remember the answer but I can’t remember how to write the symbols and letters. I wish I could replace them with Chinese characters.

After the exam, the entire class was wailing, which also made Nan Xiangwan feel a little relieved. Although she had many questions that she couldn’t do, it was more than enough to get rid of this group of scumbags.

Nan Xiangwan packed up his things and walked out of the teaching building with his schoolbag on his back. The sky outside was already dark, and the dim light fell on the ground through layers of branches. Students in twos and threes got together, some were talking about exam questions, and some were talking about where to go on weekends.

When she was about to leave the school gate, Lin Xiaoran didn’t know where she came from, and sneered towards Nan Xiangwan, “How do you get here? Didn’t you go home by bike?”

Nan Xiangwan was taken aback, oh so bad, she even forgot the high school. When I ride a bicycle to and from school. But she was unwilling to show weakness in front of Lin Xiaoran, but for a moment, she replied confidently: “I am willing to go back, can you control it?” As she said, she stopped and pretended to be waiting for someone. Looking in the direction of the teaching building, he waited a while before turning his head back to see where Lin Xiaoran had gone.

It didn’t take much effort to find it. It was almost just a glance, and Nan Xiangwan locked Lin Xiaoran’s position in the crowd. He is very tall and tall and slender. He is very eye-catching among a group of high school students, making it difficult for Nan Xiangwan not to notice. He was carrying a schoolbag with a check mark on his back, and there was a doll on the zipper.

Nan Xiangwan took a closer look and hummed softly. The scumbag is the scumbag, a big man who hangs a squirrel on his schoolbag.

I don’t know if the so-called telepathy really exists. Lin Xiaoran seemed to be able to hear her spit, but suddenly turned her head back at this moment, scared Nan Xiang didn’t roll her eyes one night, and hurriedly turned her head back to the direction of the teaching building. , The heart pounded.

I don’t know how long it took before Nan Xiangwan turned back. At this time, Lin Xiaoran was nowhere to be seen. She took a deep breath, returned to school griefly, found the entrance of the underground parking garage based on memory, and found her own one among the scattered bicycles.

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