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Chapter 1 The underworld is ferocious (1)

I woke up at one o’clock at midnight, which was the seventh day in a row.

In my dreams, there are always two hands touching my body. Those big cold hands are touching the smooth skin inch by inch, brushing the neck and shoulders, lingering on the chest, and slowly sliding down the lower abdomen.

A hint of cold and ambiguous breath flicked in my ears, and when my hands touched my privacy, my body felt terribly numbโ€ฆ

No matter how scared I am, I can’t move my body. I can only feel this strange fear in the dark over and over again.

The hands were extremely provocative, pressed and kneaded again and again, light or heavy. When I couldn’t help but make a sound, the corners of my lips slipped into a bit of cold squishy, โ€‹โ€‹a little bit of entanglement, a little bit of intrusion.

In the dimness, a low voice said in his ear: “Don’t be afraid, it will be fine in a while.”

The tearing pain, like Ling Chi, pierced through the tender flesh and blood.

Using blood as lubrication, tearing every inch, time and time again, the long torture made me faint in pain.

Before my consciousness fell into chaos, I faintly heard a sigh in my ear.

This is just the beginning, I donโ€™t know when it will endโ€ฆ

My name is Xiaoqiao, Mu Xiaoqiao, Muโ€™s daughter, andโ€”


From that day on, I would often repeat the fear of that night in my dreams, and the pain would not dissipate even after I woke up.

Father said that it was a blood alliance, an oath made with the virgin blood with the blood of the virgin. The so-called yin people are actually ghosts in the underworld.

Our family is different from ordinary people. It is a family that drifts away from the margins of ordinary society.

Some people in the family are husbands, some are photographers, and there are also people in forensic, funeral and interment industries.

My father is the eldest son and the eldest grandson, so he naturally inherited his ancestral business-running a small antique shop.

Some things that are old and stigmatized will be dealt with by the father, bought, and then resold to people in need.

Mu family, tomb family.

I even suspect that my grandfather crawled out of the tomb so that the whole family would be dragged down by this surname.

And I was the one who was dragged down the most.

In the year I was born, there were changes in my family, and many people died inexplicably tragic. Most of them were the most promising hardcore members in various industries in my family.

Grandpa said that our family is contaminated with femininity all the year round, and it will inevitably disturb the order of the underworld. This is when people settle accounts after the autumn.

The day I was born, thunder and yin and yang were disturbed. My mother suddenly broke the amniotic fluid at home in the middle of the night. My hometown was not far from the hospital in the county seat. However, the torrential rain that day caused mountain floods and broke down a bridge that had lasted for hundreds of years. Born at home only resigned.

Fortunately, my grandmother was very experienced. After I cried, my grandfather picked up a blood jade ring on the counter of the ancestral hall.

The ring was dark red and gleaming and looked like solidified blood. No one knew where it came from.

Grandpa shook his head and sighed, saying nothing.

Later, when I was sixteen, I was sent to the “bed” in the cellar of my family’s ancestral home.

Said it was a cellar. In fact, everyone in the family knew that it was a hollowed out princeโ€™s tomb.

The cold stone coffin coffin is my bed.

After that nightmare-like “white wedding event”, the family suddenly calmed down and no more accidents.

And the identity of my sacrifice has continued to this day.

Because of that nightโ€™s experience, I was regarded as a stranger in the whole family, as if I was a ghost, everyone was afraid of me and hated me, and the ring that had been hanging on my chest for 18 years was said to be the one with The bride price left by the yin with whom I had a relationship.

Dark marriage is a matter of two yin people, and almost everyone thinks that I will die that night.

However, I survived. Although I was seriously ill, I did still have a heartbeat, a body temperature, and a shadow.

After that, my dad took me from my hometown. I lived with my dad and my brother. On the surface, it was calm and calm, but at night, I was often awakened by nightmares.

My brother studied medicine, he always pestered me to ask what was going on that night, and having sex with a ghost made him unimaginable.

Recently, this nightmare has become more and more intense, and it wakes me up every time, at a loss for what to do with the darkness of a room.

Because of night dreams, I have a splitting headache, always wandering during the day, but still endless spring dreams at night.

Today, those hands feel particularly clear.

This kind of touch is no longer in a dream, but the same as the night two years ago, cold and real.

“Little Joe, my wifeโ€ฆ”

He stroked my body over and over again, his hands were familiar with the road, and his slender fingers touched every sensitive part with a sense of scrutiny.

Those cold hands lingered on my chest and lower abdomen repeatedly, and finally slid to the part that made me numb. The cold pressure was overwhelming, and I tremblingly recalled the pain and fear of that night.

I felt his hand dig into the body, not expanding patiently, shame and fear made my whole body tremble tight.

This tightness did not relieve the pain, and when his cold body leaned in, my whole body was trembling with pain.

This difficult combination seemed to make him very dissatisfied, and a low and cold voice sounded in my ears: “โ€ฆAre you afraid of me?”

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