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Chapter 1 High School Sophomore Mid-term Exam 01

another year of graduation season. As a well-known company hr, Nan Xiangwan once again embarks on the journey of selecting talents for the company. The company she worked for was so popular that as soon as the online application channel was opened, all kinds of resumes flew in like snowflakes, and it was too late for people to delete them.

That’s right, half of her resume was deleted directly by her, because Nan Xiangwan couldn’t come over at all.

In the rest of the resume, Nan Xiangwan will only glance at the graduate school. If it is a key university, he will give the other party an online [testing pingyin test] link, and ignore it directly. This is her bottom line. None of the employees who joined her has graduated from a non-key university, and never.

Therefore, when Nan Xiangwan saw a non-key university in the list of publicity schools, she felt as uncomfortable as seeing a fly on a world-famous painting. Forget it, who made the employment director and company executives of this school be classmates?

Nan Xiangwan was struggling all the way to this non-key university. A teacher from the Employment Office waited at the school gate early to lead her to the presentation site.

Along the way, the teacher from the Employment Office enthusiastically introduced her to the school. Nan Xiangwan listened blankly and nodded from time to time. Gradually, Nan Xiangwan realized that he was just nodding his head and seemed a bit cold, so he had to find something to compliment the other party. “Your school”

Nan Xiang got up late, thinking Zuo Siyou could not find this school even a little bit worthy of praise. She hesitated for a while, without changing her face, continued to say: “Your school is very beautiful.” When the

other party heard it, she said excitedly: “Yeah, yeah, our school’s buildings are all newly repaired, and it took a lot of money. What about the money.”

“Heh” I didn’t expect the other party to take these words seriously, Nan Xiangwan chuckled, “In this regard, our school is a bit worse, the whole school is very old, and some of them are considered cultural relics.”

“Oh?” the other party asked enthusiastically, “I don’t know where you graduated?”

Nan Xiangwan smiled slightly, and slowly uttered four words: “Guanghua University.” As she said, keeping this smile, she set her eyes on the other person’s face.

As expected, when the person heard the name, a beam of light appeared in his eyes, and then quickly dimmed, and he never dared to look at her again.

This is a name that no one knows. It is a dream that everyone has mentioned many times since childhood. It is the source of most people’s heartache after the college entrance examination. This is also Nan Xiangwan’s most proud moment. There is nothing that excites her more than being asked about her graduate school. If possible, she is more willing to engrave these four words on her forehead so that everyone can see clearly. .

In Nan Xiangwan’s eyes, except for Guanghua University, all schools are not worth mentioning.

The venue of the presentation is set in the Academic Exchange Hall, which is much better than ordinary classrooms of other companies. A welcome banner was hung outside the venue, stretching and rippling in the breeze, as if it were an exquisite work of art, it is rare to add a touch of color to the school’s dusty buildings.

Nan Xiangwan walked into the venue under the leadership of the director of the Employment Office. She found that there was a crowd of people in the venue. I heard that not only students from non-corresponding majors came, but also many students from other schools came here on a special trip, just for a well-known Opportunities to work in the company.

Hey, why is this? It’s not good to do something during the great time, so I just want to come here to join in the fun. But think about it conversely, this may be the only time this group of people can get in touch with well-known companies in their lives.

“It’s so pathetic.” Nan Xiangwan thought in his heart.

It’s a pity that no one knows that she will never recruit people from this group of students.

In fact, she is not the only HR who will do this. Some colleagues in the past bluntly said when recruiting at non-key universities, “You can’t apply for management trainees, you can only apply for technical posts. Guan trainees are reserved for key university students. “He also described this school as “a school that can be admitted to whatever you want.” As a result, the students of the school have risen to resist. After it was posted on the Internet, it caused an uproar. The hr who said this also had to say it. An apology and resignation ended.

Nan Xiangwan is much smarter than him. Although she thought so in her heart, she would never say it on her lips. When receiving her resume, she was also courteous, gentle and generous, and even took a look at it pretentiously. Of course, this is the last. At a glance.

Years of hiring experience has given her a sharp eye, and she can see many problems even at a glance. The foreign language level test failed, no scholarships, no national competition awards, no qualification certificates, repetition, make-up exams, undergraduate promotion, college entrance examination re-study

Nan Xiangwan shook his head in my heart, it was a waste of time.

Just when she was about to lose patience, a resume broke into her sight. This boy not only meets the company’s recruitment requirements in all aspects, but the most important thing is that he graduated from a well-known American university, which is also ranked above Guanghua University. Coincidentally, he is also a fellow Nanxiangwan.

Facing this impeccably perfect resume, Nan Xiangwan asked a question unhurriedly, “Which high school did you graduate from?” The

other party said a name, causing her to chuckle and shook her head, “I didn’t listen. Over.”

Nan Xiangwan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Even if she graduated from a prestigious American school, she didn’t come from a scumbag. She was like her. Not only was she admitted to a key high school during the senior high school entrance examination, but she was also admitted to the Rocket class when she was in the second grade, becoming a scholastic master.

A true academic tyrant does not allow the slightest black history.

Nan Xiangwan smiled comfortingly at the boys, “It’s okay, go back and wait for my news.”

After all the school preaching, Nan Xiangwan is going to return to the company. Except for the few resumes, most of the others are in. trash can.

While waiting for boarding in the airport VIP room, Nan Xiangwan received a call from his mother.

Guan Xiumei chatted on the phone for a while, and finally came to the point as if accidentally, “I have something to tell you, Uncle Wang’s son graduated this year, can you interview him, if you can let him join your company”

“Which school did he graduate from?” At that time, Nan Xiangwan was flipping through a financial magazine, and she turned a page casually, interrupting her absent-mindedly.

Guan Xiumei said the name of a school, and Nan Xiangwan frowned immediately, “What a bad school is this, I have never heard of it.” For her mother, Nan Xiangwan made no secret of her true thoughts.

“You can help.” Guan Xiumei begged earnestly.

Nan Xiang closed the magazine late, and said angrily, “Is this something to help? Our company is very demanding. It’s not that all shrimp soldiers and crabs can come in. I let people like this into the company, not everyone knows. I use power for personal gain. How do you allow me to gain a foothold in the company?” Nan Xiangwan sneered before she finished saying

“He is a good student, and he has a good life.”

Nan Xiangwan sneered and quickly interrupted her. She put the magazine aside, changed her posture, and seriously taught her mother, “Mom, it’s not that I said you. Don’t always think about finding relationships. If you don’t have the ability, it’s useless to have relationships! You look at me since I was young. Da, did I find a relationship? Didn’t everything today depend on my efforts? You tell him these words, and let him die as soon as possible to find a relationship!”

“But” Guan Xiumei stopped talking. It seemed that there was something difficult to say, but in the end it turned into a sigh, and pleaded with her again, “He is different from him. Even if you see him, give him a chance.

” , Don’t talk about it.”

“But, hey”

Nan Xiangwan hung up directly, and gave his mother no chance to entangle.

After a while, a service staff informed her that she could board the plane. The man helped her pull the box and led her all the way to the boarding gate.

Through the thick glass door, you can see the passengers in economy class have already lined up in front of the boarding gate in the evening to the south. Some people are supporting the old man and the child, some are carrying a big bag and a small bag, some are holding a cup of instant noodles, and everyone’s face looks like they can’t wait.

If you don’t study hard, you can only go out in economy class. Don’t say that her salary is enough to support her luxurious life. The well-known company she works for will also take the initiative to bear her five-star hotel room fees and first-class airline tickets, because it represents the face of a top company and makes her think Don’t do nothing.

Nan Xiangwan walked into the cabin through the covered bridge. The stewardess who had learned of the information about Nan Xiangwan kindly called her “Ms. Nan”, then guided her into the seat, and offered her a well-prepared welcome drink. Introduced the various equipment on the plane and today’s meal in detail, and finally asked her what she would like to eat when the meal was opened.

Nan Xiangwan waved indifferently, “No, I just want to have a good rest, I will call you if I have something to do.”

Looking at the flight attendant’s leaving back, Nan Xiangwan sighed in his heart: It’s really hard, I don’t know which one it is. Graduated from university.

The plane took off quickly, and she turned on the TV in the evening to see if there were any good movies. She watched it twice and finally chose Pirates of Dreams. In the movie, in order to combat competitors, Saito did not hesitate to buy airlines, so that the protagonist’s Inception team successfully met with the target characters in the first-class cabin of a Boeing 747. Taking advantage of the opportunity of returning his passport, the protagonist puts the drug in the water glass of the target character. After the target character drank the water, he fell into a deep sleep.

The first-class cabin of the plane, passengers pretending to be strangers, and glass water glasses filled with drugs

saw this, and the southward night could not help looking around. The seats next to them were empty, and a few people were sitting scattered on the other seats. A man dressed in a suit is typing on a computer, a fashionable lady with perm and curly hair is looking out the window, and an uncle with a beard has just unfastened his seat belt to go to the bathroom, and inside is a thin man.

Everything is so ordinary for men .

Nan Xiangwan retracted his gaze and looked at the water glass placed on the armrest of the seat. The plane had a slight turbulence, drawing circular ripples on the water, like a black hole, making it impossible to extricate itself from sinking in the south at night. Soon, Nan Xiangwan felt an indescribable drowsiness. She wanted to close her eyes and rest for a while, but fell into a dream unconsciously.

In the dream, Nan Xiangwan heard the voice of jasmine, from far to near, from vague to clear, from the invisible to the deaf. She could not suppress the acceleration of her heartbeat, because it was the class bell in high school. For three years, and even for a long time thereafter, as long as she heard this sound, she would tighten her nerves like a conditioned reflex. Especially in a dream, it will wake up all at once.

“Class is now!” Nan Xiangwan shouted in his heart.

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