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Day: January 12, 2020

Chapter 4 Don’t Get Near (2)

He was vulgar and vulgar, and while talking nonsense, he blocked me in the corner of the file cabinet. “How about being my girlfriend? Huh? I will run the operation […]

Chapter 3 Don’t Get Near (1)

My dad was stunned, and then asked nervously, “Who are you talking about?” Who else can there be? The blood jade ring hanging on my neck has become brighter and […]

Chapter 5 Ranking Seats by Results 02

class, the biology teacher aggressively led Nan Xiang late to the head teacher of the discipline class to file a complaint, saying that she did not abide by the classroom […]

Chapter 4 Ranking Seats by Results 01

Third Middle School is the best high school in the province. The gate is also very stylish. Two pillars erected a curved beam that is concave inward, and the big […]