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Day: January 11, 2020

Chapter 1 You Stole My Things

At night, the lights are dazzling. A secret transaction is going on in a seven-star hotel in the center of city A. More than a dozen Bentley RVs parked at […]

Chapter 9 Entering Honestly

Everyone gasped, and Lin Zhizhi’s eyes widened, staring dumbfounded. For the first time someone dared to challenge Mr. Jing, she admired Rourou’s powerful aura! Worthy of staying in TE! Jing […]

Chapter 7 Who is the child’s father?

“I have brought the child by myself for five years.” “What, five years! You got pregnant in China, before the accident? Don’t tell me it is Ouyang Li!” At this […]

Chapter 5 The child is her pride

“Good Meng child, came up and wanted to hug.” “Whose child ah? Really Good luck!” A beautiful young woman dressed approached, smiling asked, “Look, you can photo and aunt?” Small […]

Chapter 4 is your initiative

“Jing Beichen…” An Rou’s eyes became blurred for an instant, and the effect of the medicine surged upwards. She was tortured by the dry fire, and her body unconsciously bowed. […]

Chapter 3 Am I feminine?

There was a thin sweat on her forehead, and her body was still shrinking. “It’s just passing by, there are so many whys.” Jing Beichen chuckled lightly, his low voice […]

Chapter 2 Take Me Away

She didn’t even have a chance to call, she obviously felt a pill stuffed into her mouth. She bit her lip, but because the opponent was too strong, she was […]

Chapter 1 I am your bride

Introduction: She was not his bride for ten years of childhood. She overlord puts on the bow, and sleeps on the king who is rich and powerful. An Rou disappeared […]