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Chapter 9 Entering Honestly

Everyone gasped, and Lin Zhizhi’s eyes widened, staring dumbfounded.

For the first time someone dared to challenge Mr. Jing, she admired Rourou’s powerful aura! Worthy of staying in TE!

Jing Beichen squinted his eyes, the temperature of the surrounding air dropped sharply, he took a step forward, and he was less than one meter away from her, looking at her condescendingly.

“Mr. Jing, she is the head of the TE Planning Department.” Lin Zhizhi jumped out of his horror and spoke out loudly.

She knew that once Jing Zong’s dangerous aura emerged, no one could escape.

It turns out that this bold woman belongs to TE.

TE competes fiercely with Jingshi in foreign markets. Last year, Jing’s lost a big order. Just because TE planned to do more than Jing’s, did the big single plan last year come from this woman?

“Take her in.” He nodded, and a faint smile flashed in his eyes, so fast that it was difficult for people to catch it.

Lin Zhizhi was relieved, and the corners of his mouth were raised happily. When I looked at my best friend again, I found that she was looking at the president straight and stunned!

This An Rou, who was still alive and confident just now, is now as if she lost her soul. The president frowned!

Jing Beichen’s gaze stayed on An Rou’s eyes, this feeling…too familiar…

“Jing, the subordinates standing behind you are a bit anxious, do you have important things to do? “An Rou smiled, her eyes crooked.

Jing Beichen put away his gaze, then turned and left.

A pair of eyes is a bit like it. Besides, if it were her, she would have blown his nose and stared at him.

When his figure was completely far away, the hall instantly became lively, and the topic was all An Rou.

“This woman, deliberately? Use this trick to attract Jing Zong.”

“It’s useless, I have contact with Jing Zong, which one is not a peerless beauty?”

“That’s, this woman is so ugly, clinging to Mr. Jing, delusional!”

Lin Zhizhi shrugged and motioned to her not to care, “Rourou, don’t worry about it. Jing is always the most handsome golden single man in the circle. These women, keep going. Land…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by An Rou, “What do you mind, I am the mother of two children. Do you still care about them?” After she finished speaking, she thought She sighed for a while, she must protect Yang Yang and Nuan Nuan from him.

“That’s right. I’m going to sort out the information first, and I’m waiting for it. You go to the interview waiting hall, which is on the corner of the 15th floor. But what’s the matter with your voice just now?

” An Rou smiled. In order to avoid trouble, she will only use a hoarse voice in Jingshi.

Lin knows his lips, “Okay.”

After that, An Rou came to the elevator and waited for the elevator to come.

There were three elevators. When she was waiting for the elevator, the elevator on the far left came down to a tall and gentle man wearing square rimless glasses. The man had fair skin, thick eyebrows, and a refreshing appearance.

When Qi Shengtian saw An Rou, he immediately stopped and looked at her as if he had discovered a new world, “Ugly girl, how did you sneak in?”

An Rou glanced at him sideways, “I came in honestly.” The elevator happened to reach the first floor.

She didn’t have time to take care of other people, and went straight forward.

Qi Shengtian looked at the closed elevator doors and the rising word count. When he saw the number fifteen, his eyes widened. The 15th floor is the interview hall for advertising candidates. How could such an ugly woman enter the final pass of advertising candidates?

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