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Chapter 8 A vase with only brains and no action?

When the security guard heard the name Lin knew, he hesitated.

At this moment, a loud female voice rang, “An Rou, who

asked you to dress like this for the interview?!” She was almost confused, even if she had any insights, she couldn’t pass the first meter interview!

“I’m not afraid, why are you in a hurry?” An Rou had confidence on her face, after all, she had been mixed under the hands of the famous perverted president in the circle.

She is not in a hurry for a small interview.

“I can’t stand you, I really don’t know how you are in TE!” Lin Zhizhi sighed, and then led An Rou to the interview hall.

Halfway through, a large group of people suddenly appeared in front of him. Lin knew that his eyes were not right, and immediately pulled An Rou behind him.

All the employees in the lobby on the first floor were all waiting, divided into two teams, standing on both sides, standing with their heads down respectfully, shouting together, “Jing is good.” The

lobby was immediately quiet, only the sound of footsteps from far and near was heard. An Rou was pulled back by Lin Zhizhi again, and she could feel the sweat in Lin Zhizhi’s hands.

After five years, he changed from being a young man to being a general manager, more mature and more powerful.

While thinking, she heard the footsteps stop, followed by a man’s voice full of deterrence, “Lin knows, the information of the acquired party.”

An Rou clearly heard the trembling in the voice of her girlfriend, “Mr. Jing, I As soon as possible.”

“Immediately, right away.” The man said in an unquestionable tone, and continued to move forward after a brief explanation.

An Rou looked up at the man’s back, tall and straight, with a very well-curved body. While still observing, the man suddenly turned around, and cast his eagle-like eyes directly at her.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t looked at him before, but now, she couldn’t help shaking her hand.

He is dressed in a black suit and tie with black and gold stripes. He has a very good body and a sharp face, which is more masculine than before. It exudes boundless charm between gestures.

However, the coldness of the whole body was strange to her.

“You can’t enter the Jingshi.” When speaking, the man’s eyes did not leave An Rou, but looked her up and down carefully.

She wears an old-fashioned makeup and wears very old fashioned clothes. He did not recognize her, which was exactly what she hoped.

Lin Zhizhi was in a hurry, and replied without hesitation, “Mr. Jing, she is not a mess, she came to the planning department for an interview.” As

soon as he finished speaking, he was met with countless eyes from the people around him.

Jing’s interview requirements are very high, and many people were cut off in the first level of resume screening.

Later interviews will be more stringent.

“I can’t pass the meter.” Jing Beichen said coldly, undoubtedly sentenced to death.

After listening, the security guard came over immediately and prepared to rush people.

The President has spoken, even if the relationship with Secretary Lin is good, it is useless.

“Zong Jing, what do you need is a vase with only brains and no mobility?” An Rou’s mouth raised, and he took a step directly over Lin Zhizhi and walked towards him.

She deliberately made a hoarse voice, her appearance has changed, and she has changed her name, now she doesn’t need to worry too much.

But Lin knew that he was frightened, how could his voice become like this in an instant!

Jing Beichen’s eyes moved down, looking at her confident and radiant eyes.

These eyes…

“If you need a vase, then I will automatically withdraw from the interview. With my strength, no matter which company I enter, this company will become a strong competitor of Jingshi.”

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