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Chapter 7 Who is the child’s father?

“I have brought the child by myself for five years.”

“What, five years! You got pregnant in China, before the accident? Don’t tell me it is Ouyang Li!” At this point, Lin Zhizhang lived, no Maybe it’s a bitch. Nuan Nuan is obviously a mixed race.

“Rourou, who is the child’s father?”

At this moment, Anyang suddenly opened the door and slowly walked towards Lin Zhizhi, “Without a father, I and Nuannuan only need Mommy.” One

sentence made Lin Zhizhi very sad, only five. Years old can say such things.

“Yangyang, go outside, Mommy and Aunt Knowing have something to say.” An Rou gently pushed Anyang with her hand.

When Anyang left, he glanced at Lin Zhizhi, “Knowing Auntie, don’t bully my mommy.”

Lin Zhizhi nodded immediately, and Anyang left with confidence.

“Your son’s aura is so strong, I’m going to be scared to death.” After Lin Zhifa sighed, he patted his heart with fear.

An Rou raised her chin proudly, “You dignified presidential secretary, so easily frightened? Yang Yang only came in and said a few words.” The

dignified presidential secretary reminded Lin Zhizhi, “You do in the UK. After so many years of planning, it happens that our company’s planning department is hiring people. With your qualifications, there is no problem in entering.”

“Company name, address, email.” An Rou nodded, thinking that the proposal was good.

“Jing’s, the company is super large, and the assets are hundreds of blocks away from Ouyang’s! Without further ado, please send your resume to my mailbox, and I will send it to the personnel department tomorrow.”

Lin knows his eyes are bright, and An Rou will definitely be able to. Jin Jing’s, and the president has a strong aura and tough methods, and he is even more handsome. How many women are eager to fawn.

However, An Rou stopped moving the mouse hand, Jing Shi, Jing Tian Group… Jing Beichen, he…

“Rou Rou, what are you doing in a daze!” I grabbed the mouse and sent her resume to my mailbox.

“It’s done! I’ll go to the company to print it for you, and send

it directly to the personnel department.” At this point, Lin Zhizhi smiled again, his eyes lighted up, “Our president, Jing Beichen! In recent years, the value has skyrocketed. The media companies are vying for the person to report! Oh, you’ll know about it tomorrow.”

An Rou didn’t reply, with many thoughts, Jing Beichen, her enemy, it happened to be…

just, if you want to find out Anjia If you go bankrupt, you must go to a larger group than Ouyang. Sedum is undoubtedly the best choice.

“Yes, I will send you a new resume.” After that, An Rou made several revisions on the resume.

“Huh? Rourou, why did you change your name?” It was

actually changed to An Yihan…

“How can there be so many whys? Just follow them.”

Lin knew that there was nothing wrong, “Okay ! You are Boss, I listen to you!”

Jing’s Enterprise.

An Rou wears a light blue professional uniform, her hair is tied, she is still in an old-fashioned bun, and she wears gold-rimmed glasses on her face.

She was stopped by the security guard before she entered, “Miss, you are not an employee of Jing’s.”

“I’m here for an interview.” An Rou smiled and answered politely.

“The taste of Jing’s employees is not so bad. The lady should go home and dress up.”

“Why, do you dare to question the taste of the secretary to the president, Lin knows?” An Rou threatened, but still smiled.

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