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Chapter 6 Receiving Mission Again

Xia Nuanxin blinked her beautiful eyes, with a well-behaved smile, her small mouth uttered a sarcasm: “Am I wrong? When did you receive a task, you didn’t choose to use beauty to complete it? Say a word It’s ugly, you’ve slept with so many people, it’s all worthless!”

“Are you jealous of me?”

Silent for three seconds.

Sally changed her anger from her original anger, turned her smile, and became charming and moving.

Xia Nuanxin looked at her dumbfounded, her mouth twitched, she raised her volume unbelievably, and smiled: “I said, sister, are you a brain-deficient doctor? I’m cursing you, can’t you tell me? “

“In my opinion, you are just jealous of my beauty!”


Hearing this, Xia Nuanxin pretended to throw up very shamelessly.

Sally raised her red lips, raised her chin lightly, and said proudly, “Xia Nuanxin, when I conclude by the end of the year, I must be the member of the base who has completed the most tasks. At that time, you will be even more jealous. All this I have!”

“No, I just sympathize with you, I will definitely not get married in the future!”

Xia Nuan curled her lips indifferently, turned around, her eyes lingering on the task file of the computer.

Behind her, Sally was still saying something proudly, but her mind was absorbed by a new task.


God opened his eyes!

After a long while, Xia Nuanxin suddenly screamed, and quickly noted his name after the task, proving that he had accepted the task. In the next second, she picked up her bag, Saw did not glance at the angrily stomping Sally, and rushed out of the base.


At night, the city is brightly lit. Located in the most prosperous commercial street in the center of city x, the r&c international group building has its lights off on the ground floor.

12 o’clock in the morning.

On the corner of the street, the long figure on the road was Xia Nuan’s heart who had been silently guarding for several hours.

“Perversion, the consequences of offending a woman are very serious!”

After waiting for another ten minutes, the lights on the last floor of the building also went out, and the time had come.

Xia Nuan’s eyes lit up, she immediately took out the equipment from the boarding bag behind her, tied her long black hair into a ponytail, and fastened her tights to the seat belt. The petite figure quickly rushed into the shadow of the night, climbing up the smooth walls of the building little by little.

The top floor of the building is 68 floors. Want to climb to the top?

Are you kidding me?

Xia Nuanxin’s goal was the fourth floor. When she reached the glass on the wall, she took out two fixed tripods from her bag so that she could stand on the outer wall. Immediately after that, he took out the laser gun and drew a circle on the glass, lifted his leg and kicked the separated glass, and entered the office on the 4th floor smoothly.

Untie the safety rope, find the air-conditioning vent, climb in, and start a long crawling time.

“I’m going… making the building so high is a professional anti-theft!”

Xia Nuanxin struggled and persisted. After an unknown period of time, she finally reached the last vent and smoothly jumped out of the window to reach the president’s office on the 68th floor.

Afterwards, she deliberately avoided the surveillance probe, catted herself, unlocked, and entered the office.

“Let me find, where is the safe!”

Xia Nuan squinted her beautiful eyes and slowly searched the room with the faint light in her sight.

As everyone knows, this scene is being hidden deep in the pupils by a pair of sharp evil eyes.

A few minutes later, Xia Nuanxin effortlessly found a safe in a conspicuous place in the office, squatted down, and pulled out a series of tools from her bag.

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