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Chapter 6 If I were a man, I would marry you!

“But, did you bring the baby? You look haggard and look like an old woman.”

An Nuan immediately corrected her, “Mummy is a beautiful woman, not an old woman. She dressed up like this on purpose. Otherwise, there will be many uncles chasing Mommy.”

Lin Zhizhi heard it and immediately became happy, “Of course your mommy is beautiful, but she used to be a stunning beauty!”

“Okay, know, go to your house first, I have something to ask you. “An Rou put away her smile, and suddenly became serious.

Lin knew everything about her mouth.

Hey, settling down. What happened back then happened so quickly, who knew it would?

I don’t know how Rourou survived, but if I changed to someone else, I really wanted to die.

Third Ring Road Lin knows home.

An Rou coaxed An Nuan to sleep, while An Yang carefully studied the map on the balcony.

Lin Zhizhi glanced at An Yang suspiciously, then followed An Rou into another room.

“Your son can read a map? Only five ah!”

“Able to understand, he began to read the age of three.”

Sophie’s words drew faint forest known wringing roar, “Damn, genius!”

“Know , An Jia…”

Seeing the sudden heavy tone of his girlfriend, Lin Zhizhi’s heart hurts for a while, “Rourou, five years have passed, you have to look at the opening point. An Jia completely collapsed, and Ouyang’s family will settle down. All of her properties have been acquired.”

Lin Zhizhi saw the sadness that flashed in the eyes of her best friend, and her heart became even more uncomfortable. She paused, feeling a little unbearable.

What she wants to say next will make Rourou more sad.

“Rourou, your father died in prison two years ago, and your mother is not sure where he is going. Ouyang’s acquisition of An’s at a low price is tantamount to swallowing Anjia’s big fat.”

“Yeah.” An Rou let out a soft hum, her hands clenched, her eyes became deep immediately, and her whole body was cold.

Lin knew that being shocked by this coldness, the gentleness that had always been gentle, would exude such a breath.

Rourou stayed in the UK for five years. During this period, she didn’t contact her very often, and she didn’t know much about life in the UK.

“Rourou, Nuannuan said that your look as an old woman was deliberately dressed up?” Lin knew that she immediately changed the subject, she was not used to being soft and cold.

An Rouyang took off the hair rope, her black smooth hair immediately fell down and spread to her waist. The old-fashioned gold-rimmed glasses were taken off, and then she took out a small bottle from her bag, smeared it on her face, and removed the makeup.

In less than a minute, An Rou recovered to her original appearance. Lin knew that her mouth was so wide that she could lay an egg.

“Others always dress themselves beautifully. You learned makeup, but you desperately turned yourself into ugliness!” Lin knew that he couldn’t hold back anymore, so he just raised the table and lamented the injustice of fate.

After five years, Rourou is still so pure and moving, and the beauty makes the sun and the moon lose its color. The years have added a touch of charm to her, and people can’t look away from it.

“Rourou, if I were a man, I would definitely marry you!” Lin Zhizhi said and jumped, swinging the flaming red skirt up and down.

“Come on, you, the domestic multinational company will introduce it, and I will submit my resume.” An Rou glanced at Lin Zhizhi, and then quickly turned on the laptop.

Lin knew that the action stopped, “Hey, it’s a pity that you have all given birth. Tell me, which handsome foreign guy married you?”

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