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Chapter 4 The Smart Little Fairy

However, Xiao Jue’s raging kiss continued, without letting up on her lips, her big hands simultaneously held her waist tightly, stroking them restlessly. The friction when the body was close caused an ambiguous reaction similar to teasing, and the atmosphere was instantly dangerous to the extreme.

“Woman, if you behave better, I will be gentler!”


Xia Nuan’s eyes widened, her body still protesting.

As a result, Xiao Ju’s hands subconsciously increased the gravity, pressing the soft little woman firmly in her arms, leaning her big hands into her clothes, and arbitrarily touching her skin. Every action is deliberately punished with aggressiveness.

In his world, any transaction must be fair.

Because he, Xiao Jue, is a person who must compare.


A second later, Xia Nuan’s small mouth was released, but he didn’t rush to gasp, and he let out another scream.

The reason was that the man was biting her collarbone, the chill from her chest, and the shuddering touch on her back were all signs of danger. Does this man really want to beat her? Calm down… She must find a way to save herself.

In the blurred night, the sports car was dark.

“Little things, stop making trouble?”

During the intimacy, Xiao Jue’s hoarse and charming voice awakened Xia Nuan’s heart in a daze.

Not struggling?

Impossible… It’s just that she thought of a way.

“I thought about it, you saved me, I should really repay you!”

At this moment, Xia Nuanxin’s unexpected words caused Xiao Yue to lose consciousness for a moment, and subconsciously raised her eyes, the little woman in her arms actually rushed over. Unexpectedly, he was lost in the tender kiss that pleased this woman.

Breathing, there is a faint fragrance between her nose, coming from her skin.

Xiao Yue closed her evil eyes slightly, and put her big hand around her waist, lifted her chin, and matched her slightly green deep kiss.

Inside the sports car, intertwined breathing sounds.

In the shadow of the dark night, the angry expression on Xia Nuanxin’s face was blurred.

“You hold so tight, I can’t take off my clothes!”

Suddenly, she whispered charmingly in her ears.

Xiao Yue was stunned, staring at her reddish face with lustful eyes, and smiled, “Are you going to be on it?”

“Oh, I like this pose!”

At this moment, Xia Nuan gritted his teeth and gritted his teeth, rubbing his soft body in his arms for a while, and gradually freed his hands to tear his shirt indiscriminately. I have to say that this man’s vigilance is very high, and her body is still under his control.

No way! !

How does she run like this?

“You kiss me, okay?”

In the next second, Xia Nuan leaned over her upper body coldly and pressed the skin on her chest close to his lips. At the same time, she stumbled and rubbed his ear lightly. When she was suspicious of a very seductive act, in fact, her gaze had been secretly aiming at the position of the car door lock.

Xiao Ju laughed wildly, and answered with action.

“it is good!”

At the same moment, Xia Nuanxin took the time to stretch out her hand and approached the car lock a little bit.


A low whisper was due to a man’s teasing on his chest.

Xia Nuan was so embarrassed that she stiffened all over her body.

Take a deep breath, hold back! !

Almost, I can run right away…


The car lock was successfully released.

At this moment, Xia Nuanxin held her breath, and concentrated all the anger of being violated on the palm that pushed Xiao Jue away. In the next second, she covered her chest and quickly pushed the door and got out of the car. The petite figure quickly disappeared into the night.

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