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Chapter 4 is your initiative

“Jing Beichen…” An Rou’s eyes became blurred for an instant, and the effect of the medicine surged upwards. She was tortured by the dry fire, and her body unconsciously bowed. She grabbed his clothes with both hands indiscriminately, demanding The posture of tearing his clothes apart.

“An Rou, remember that you took the initiative.” Jing Beichen yelled in her ear.

After speaking, he couldn’t help it anymore, turned over and suppressed her, acting passively instead.

He leaned down and pressed the red lips accurately, while her little hand was scratching his back, all lit up the fire.

He knew that she was the first time, so the action was very gentle.

Inside the room, there was a sound of male and female voices, and the voices became more and more exciting.

I don’t know how long it took before I slowly calmed down.

The yacht docked silently, and a row of tall men stood on the shore. The top giants were guarded by countless bodyguards. All these tall men were used by the Jing family.

Everyone stood quietly, with serious expressions, no one was talking, and there was no whispering conversation. They didn’t know what Jing Shao was doing, and didn’t dare to disturb Jing Shao.

Just stand there, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

They didn’t see the door of one of the yacht’s rooms opened until the sky turned white, and a beautiful woman came out from inside.

She was only wearing Jing Shao’s white shirt, reaching up to her thighs, and her long curly chestnut hair was dangled casually, which looked more charming and lazy.

Unbelievably beautiful.

They just watched the woman walk ashore, watched her get closer and closer to them.

I couldn’t help but stop breathing…

“Tell your master, I’m leaving. Before leaving, I gave him a small gift to make him not too happy.”

The man on the bed remained motionless until he was disturbed by a mobile phone. Bell wakes up.

He opened his eyes, a pair of black pupils showed infinite darkness, he casually wrapped the bath towel around his waist and pushed the door directly into the bathroom.

After entering, she didn’t see An Rou, but she saw her face through the mirror.

On his face, she painted a big bastard.

Damn it, last night, she obviously took the initiative.

Very well, in that case, he doesn’t mind catching her back and settle the account with her.

Jing Beichen’s eyes were full of gloom. He quickly washed his face, then put on his clothes, after finishing his clothes, he walked out of the room.

“Shao Jing, good morning.” A row of tall men bowed their heads in salute.

“What about the woman?” The voice was low, but the tone was flat, so that a group of men could not grasp what he meant.

The woman is gone, is Jing Shao happy or angry?

“Jing Shao, she left at half past five in the morning. Before leaving, she left a word…”

Jing Beichen’s eyes lit up, and immediately returned to normal, “What

did you say ?” “She said, she said. I left you with a small gift to tell you not to be too happy.” A

word made Jing Beichen’s face sinking, and the hands of the responding men had already begun to sweat.

Obviously, Jing Shao is angry!

“Very good!” Jing Beichen’s voice was cold.

Five years later, the airport.

Two very eye-catching little babies stood in the exit hall of the airport, motivating everyone’s hearts.

The little boy is dressed in blue denim, with a cool cowboy hat on his head, and a pair of small black sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, which looks like a handsome oriental guy.

Standing next to the little boy was a little girl with a ruddy face. The little girl wore a rippling princess dress and a small flower hat. Her big blue eyes kept flashing, and her golden straight hair was scattered on her shoulders.

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