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Chapter 3 Am I feminine?

There was a thin sweat on her forehead, and her body was still shrinking.

“It’s just passing by, there are so many whys.” Jing Beichen chuckled lightly, his low voice especially attractive in the night.

An Rou’s heart sighed. The wedding was held on the ship, which belonged exclusively to Ouyang’s family.

He told her passing by?

Unless you are floating at sea, you will pass by!

What’s more, the Jing family is the nobleman among the rich, and all the upper-class families must look up to the existence.

“If you have to say a reason, then it is to appreciate your miserable situation.”

Even if she can’t see his face, she knows that the corners of his mouth must be raised high!

Both people have always been such hostile existences.

“Shut up, I’m not in the mood to listen to you pouring cold water.” An Rou kicked him with high heels after she finished speaking.

Hearing a muffled hum from the man, he was relieved.

But in the next second, a rush of heat rose from her abdomen. The whole body couldn’t help trembling.

Jing Beichen had already carried her out of the venue and came to the deck. The bright moonlight shone on her red face, and there was an indescribable beauty.

He had never seen her as such a little birdy since he knew her.

“Jing Beichen, I…I’m so hot.” An Rou changed her former expression, tightly enclosing his neck with her hands, and the whole body is inseparable from him.

When she spoke, her red lips puffed slightly, arousing affection.

Jing Beichen touched the temperature on her forehead, narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous light appeared.

Someone fucked her, it’s really desperate!

“It’s so hot and uncomfortable.” An Rou hummed her face to his neck, rubbing her right hand on his skin constantly.

Jing Beichen turned around and walked to the other end of the boat. A luxurious private yacht was right next to the big boat.

“I can’t stand it…” An Rou grabbed him with her right hand, rubbing her left hand continuously, and leaning towards him.

The coquettish moan became more sultry.

“An Rou, I’ll bring a basin of cold water.” Jing Beichen lowered his face, trying to break free.

Where did you hear a beep of her mouth, like a baby usually hum, “kiss me.”

King North Star looked down at her, pinching her chin hand, low voice, “Do you know who I am?”

After saying that, lead She laughed again and again.

“Jing Beichen, I am not stupid. At this time, would I still think it was Ouyang Li?” An Rou closed her eyes fiercely. Today is his wedding day, and he has married someone else.

She has been a childhood sweetheart for ten years, and his bride is not her.

Seeing the misery in her eyes clearly, Jing Beichen’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light, and then he repeatedly threw down her arm, “If you cause trouble, solve it yourself.”

After speaking, he got up and left.

Before he reached the door, he heard a bang and immediately turned around to take a look.

Seeing An Rou fell off the bed with an unstable center of gravity, her forehead was red and swollen.

The pain pulled her sanity back a bit, lying on the bed again, she grabbed the man’s hand, “You honestly, do I have a femininity?”

When she spoke, her skirt was messy, revealing shiny and white skin. . The flushed face, the long hair scattered around the waist, and the spring light of that ****.

This looks like… She asked him, is there a femininity?

Jing Beichen only felt his lower abdomen tight, his eyes filled with desire, if he didn’t leave, he promised to eat her.

When she wakes up, she will cry.

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