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Chapter 2 Take Me Away

She didn’t even have a chance to call, she obviously felt a pill stuffed into her mouth.

She bit her lip, but because the opponent was too strong, she was forced to swallow the pill in the end.

“Strong medicine, you can feel better.” The other party gave out a mocking smile, and then took advantage of the chaos to push her into the crowd.

Stepping on seven or eight centimeter high heels, An Rou suddenly lost her weight and fell heavily to the ground.

In the darkness, within a few seconds, she was already hot.

Damn, the medicine worked!


The lights on the ship suddenly brightened. After people adjusted to the light, they could see her curled up in the middle of the deck.

All of a sudden, laughter arose.

After all, she is indeed embarrassed now.

Her long hair was a little messy, wet with cold sweat, and wisps stuck to her cheeks. She was so weak that she could not even stand.

An Rou supported her, resisting waves of heat in her body, her body trembling lightly.

Her lips were bitten and lost their blood, but her cheeks were flushed.

She can’t help it anymore!

Suddenly, a lot of men in black appeared on the deck. They walked very fast and stood aside to open the way, clearly well-trained.

Until the appearance of a man.

The man wore a well-cut handmade suit with a more upright and slender figure. The Patek Philippe watch on his wrist was particularly dazzling, as well as the emerald shirt cuffs that were sold at auctions for sky-high prices, all of which demonstrated the identity of a man. Noble.

Many people around him gasped. They didn’t expect that Jing Shao, who was both black and white, would also attend the wedding.

The clear breath that is unique to men keeps drifting into the nose, this smell is the catalyst, and the effect of the medicine is getting stronger.

There was cold sweat on An Rou’s forehead, and her calves trembled.

She couldn’t restrain herself, really wanted to hug this man tightly.

“Hug up if you want, don’t restrain yourself.” The man’s low voice came into An Rou’s ears, with a bit of joke in his voice.

This voice…An Rou was startled suddenly, she suddenly raised her head, her eyes widened desperately, with a bit of disbelief, “It’s you?”

“Yes, you still know me.” After that, he was slender. One by one, his hands were unbuttoning the buttons, their movements were extremely slow, with a touch of temptation.

An Rou gritted her teeth and knew that this man was uneasy and kind!

But now, she can’t stay here!

She can only be subdued.

“Take me away.”

She didn’t make a sound, but just babbled a few times, and the man’s eyes condensed, clearly understood.

After a few seconds, everyone only saw that Jing Shao, who had always been a jealous man, took off his suit and put it on An Rou’s body. With a strong hand, he immediately lifted her up and walked outside the venue.


Ouyang squeezed out the crowd, watching Anrou being held in his arms by other men, clenching his fists with hatred.

Jing Beichen paused, turned around and smiled wickedly, “Congratulations, Master Ouyang, newly married, but when you need to see the ophthalmology department, let me contact the best doctor for you.” The implication was that it was for her. Out of it.

She noticed that the woman in her arms was shaking more severely, and she even bitten him directly on the shoulder.

Jing Beichen snorted, his expression was cold, and he quickened his pace to leave.

Until she left the noisy crowd, An Rou raised her hand and held his collar tightly, “Why are you here?”

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