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Chapter 15 Dual Tasks

Xia Nuan’s stunned expression condensed on her small face, and her black and white eyes became surprised, panicked, and pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the man in front of her…This man, she hadn’t seen him for three years, but was always in her mind. Zhongji hangs on him, misses, looks forward to it, and is crazy about it!

He was the man she had secretly crushed for 7 years, Han Yichen.

“Are you… Little Heartwarming?”

At this moment, Han Yichen narrowed his eyebrows slightly, and after paying attention for a moment, he smiled gently.

Xia Nuanxin only felt her heart beating for a second, and then began to beat violently, so she blushed and walked forward, and yelled “Brother Yichen” in a shameful manner!

“I didn’t recognize you just now. You are so beautiful. You are no longer the little girl who was only greedy!”

“Hmm… Am I really beautiful?”

Hearing this, Xia Nuan smiled shyly while covering her face, and the girl’s heart was surging in an instant.

When Grandpa Xia saw this scene, he nodded his head knowingly, and asked without breaking: “Xinxin, why are you back so late? I saw the records of the base, and you took another mission? How was the execution? ?”

“Well, temporarily failed, the opponent is too strong, I am not his opponent!”

Xia Nuan thought of her feeling of powerlessness in front of Xiao Ju, sighed, and said: “Grandpa, you also know that man, his name is Xiao Ju, I think, Xiao Ju should be the same person you mentioned. !”

“Heart-warming, are you with Xiao Jue now?”

Hearing this, Han Yichen calmly lowered his eyes and stepped forward to ask.

Xia Nuanxin felt his approaching, and instantly blushed, and pursed her lips shyly and snickered, “Yes, I was planted in the hands of Xiao Yue when I failed the mission last time. Today I took the mission again and went to steal. The chip in his hand. Brother Yichen…you and grandpa just said to fight against Xiao Ju, what’s the matter?”

“Xinxin, Xiao Jue is too dangerous, you can give up that task!”

Hearing this, Grandpa Xia suddenly raised his eyebrows seriously.

Xia Nuan was stunned, and explained, “Grandpa, you know the rules of the organization, you can’t interrupt the mission at will. Besides, it is shameful that I lose to Xiao Ju once, and this time I have to beat him for everything. “

“Xiao Jue is a member of “Ghost Fighter”, it’s hard to deal with!”

“I know, I’ve seen it today…” Xia Nuan sighed faintly, and added hesitatingly: “Grandpa, I signed a contract with Xiao Ju and promised to be his assistant for one month. Before the deadline, I can steal the chip in a while, I have information about myself!”

She didn’t mention the matter of being chased by the gate of hell, she was afraid that grandpa would worry.

In the end, Grandpa Xia was only hesitant to speak with a serious face.

“Heart-warming, you have a way to get close to Xiao Ju now, right?”

After a moment of silence, Han Yichen suddenly asked.

Xia Nuanxin subconsciously raised her eyes to look at him, with a three-pointed smile at the corner of her mouth, and nodded, “Well, Xiao Ju already knows who I am, so I am not too wary of me. Brother Yichen, do you and grandpa have it? Mission? I can help you!”

“Xinxin, it’s too dangerous, Yichen, can’t let Xinxin take risks.”

Grandpa Xia refused without thinking.

Han Yichen narrowed his eyes and smiled charmingly, “Grandpa Xia, Heartwarming can definitely help us complete the task, don’t worry, I will definitely protect her.”

At this glance, he seemed to run out of tenderness.

“Brother Yichen, I believe you!”

Xia Nuan looked at him heartily, as if possessed, his heartbeat was pounding out of control to the extreme.

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