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Chapter 14 A Life of 1 Billion

Xiao Jue squinted her evil eyes lightly, staring at her calmly, with an unpredictable smile on her lips.

“Ling Ling!”

At this time, a cell phone ringing disturbed the atmosphere.

Xia Nuanxin first reacted to her mobile phone. When she saw that the black screen was turned off, her eyebrows frowned, “I haven’t gotten home so late. Grandpa must be worried! Huh? President President, I will borrow your mobile phone later. Use it!”

In his sight, Xiao Ju looked at the name of the phone call, her deep brows and eyes condensed with a touch of inexplicable complexity.

The bell rang stubbornly without interruption.

“Uh, don’t you answer the phone?”

“I don’t want to pick it up!”

Xiao Ju squinted her eyes, subconsciously hung up the phone, and then handed her the phone.

Xia Nuan blinked suspiciously. Without asking more, he called his grandfather to report that he was safe. When the line was closed, he accidentally saw a missed call displaying the word “Yan”. Obviously, it was a woman’s name, and in an instant, the woman’s gossip heart was stimulated.

“My President, why didn’t you answer the phone just now?”

Hearing that, Xiao Yue turned lazily on his side and raised her eyebrows, “Little thing, in this dark night, do you want to do something intense in the car with me?”


Xia Nuanxin was killed by a threat.

Facts have proved that she is not the opponent of this big pervert.

after an hour.

Xiao Ju drove back to the city center at a speed of 220 yards, and sent Xia Nuanxin to the door of her house before 4 o’clock in the morning.

Before getting off the bus, I did not forget to say, “Before 9 o’clock, go to work at the company!”

“Okay, Mr. President!”

Xia Nuanxin grinned with a cute smile, then, coldly, slammed the car door heavily.

At the same second, because he was worried that he would be angry, the steps of turning and leaving suddenly turned into running.

“Heh, this woman…”

The darkness crushed Xiao Jue’s low laughter.

at the same time.

Xia Nuanxin ran all the way back home, opened the door, and when she was standing in the hallway and changing shoes, she saw the light in the living room. She frowned and muttered, “Is it possible that Grandpa is waiting for me again? Explain to him what happened to the chase today…”

The voice, a sudden stop.

“Are you sure that person is Xiao Jue?”

In the living room, there was a low and unfamiliar man’s voice.

Later, the voice belonging to Grandpa Xia sounded, “Well, the above has already investigated, that person is indeed Xiao Jue! I just didn’t expect that he was actually a frightening member of the underworld “Ghost Fighter”. This time, I played against him. Our winning side is very small!”

“I know Xiao Jue well, he is really hard to deal with!”

“In the past few days, I have also received news that someone found that the assassin of the Hell Gate appeared in City X, I am afraid it was directed at Xiao Ju!”

“A killer order was issued at the gate of hell, and Xiao Ju’s life is worth 1 billion!”

“1 billion? So expensive!” At this moment, standing in the hallway eavesdropping on Xia Nuan’s heart and was surprised by this number, subconsciously muttered, but didn’t want to expose her own existence.

“Who is there?”

On the sofa, the elegant man with long legs folded keenly, turned sideways, and looked over.

Xia Nuanxin puffed her cheeks in annoyance, and stepped forward helplessly. When she was about to apologize for the eavesdropping, she raised her gaze to see the handsome face of the man in front of her, and for a moment, she was completely stunned.

“Xinxin, are you back?”

At this time, Grandpa Xia’s words broke the embarrassment of silence in time.

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