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Chapter 12 You are my person

Xia Nuanxin’s back stiffened, and she immediately put on a smiley face without spine, “There is nothing, Mr. President, I praise you for being great, then let’s flash it!”

“I found that you are a masochist by nature. You have to be bullied before you know how to behave!” Xiao Jue glanced at her sideways, then took her wrist and walked towards the parking lot.

“Ha ha……”

Hearing this, Xia Nuan chuckled her mouth with a smile, staring at him tightly and clenching his big paws.

For a short distance, I returned to the parking lot and got on the sports car.

Of course, when the sports car just left the exit of the building, several black cars were already parked steadily at one end of the dark road. Almost at the same time, the starting car followed the direction of the sports car, with an imposing momentum.

“Isn’t he a killer again?”

Xia Nuanxin looked sideways at the mirror, buckling the seat belt tightly with both hands.

On the side, Xiao Ju just lazily squinted her eyes and smiled, “There are many people who want to kill me, and they can’t kill me every time, so this kind of assassination happens almost every day!”

“every day?”

Xia Nuanxin said that she was frightened and swallowed, before she said for a long time: “My President, I want to resign!”


Xiao Yue vetoed her veto, her thin lips raised a shallow smile, and her lazy and bewitching voice fell almost word by word, “Little thing, since you are my person now, I will definitely protect you, don’t Afraid!”

Hearing this, Xia Nuanxin almost had tears in her eyes, “If I die, it will be your ghost!”

“Well, it’s mine!”

For an instant, Xiao Ju stared at Xia Nuanxin’s eyes, becoming extremely hot and ambiguous.

Xia Nuan’s heart was stunned for a few seconds, and then he realized that he had said the wrong thing and was taken advantage of by him. So he pursed his mouth, and changed the subject as soon as his head heated up, “My President, I want to ask you a question!”


At this moment, Xiao Ju’s gaze was focused on the mirror, keeping an eye on the movement of several cars behind him.

One after another, one step after another, is the tranquility before the storm.

“President, your last name?”


Xiao Yue admitted that he was surprised by this question.

Xia Nuanxin didn’t notice his strangeness. She twisted her head and was still paying attention to the car behind. While watching, she asked, “How do you say, I am now your employee too, politely I should know your name!”

“Xiao Yue!”


On the surface, Xia Nuan responded calmly, but in her heart was silently thinking, Xiao Ju? Why is this name a little familiar? I seem to have heard it…Where did I hear it?

“Ah, I remember, Grandpa once said…Ah!!!”

Before the voice fell, a scream was drowned in the violent collision of the vehicle.


Xiao Yue cursed in a low voice, and the murderous intent to kill him instantly covered his eyes. He turned sideways and looked at the back and began to move around. His thin lips raised frivolously, “The gate of hell, I’m so tired of living!” In the next second, his eyes were not affected. Controlled and attracted by the little woman curled up in the co-pilot.

At this moment, Xia Nuanxin was trembling because of fear, and her little head was buried between her knees!

“Little thing, haven’t you encountered such a thing? Very scared?”

“Well…I usually do things right, so I won’t provoke so many perverted killers, of course I am afraid!”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay!”

Tonight, Xiao Jue comforted her for the third time.

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