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Chapter 11 Assassination

Xia Nuan’s heart was stunned for a second, and then she realized that she nodded indifferently, “Oh, did you offend someone and were hunted down? Well, that doesn’t matter to me, you should fight them. , I’ll cheer first, and by the way, call the police to collect the body!

Get up, the wrist is held again.

“Do you think they will let you go?”

“Because Mao won’t let me go? I was shot while lying down!”

Upon hearing this, Xia Nuanxin exploded her hair again, but the next second, Xiao Ju’s head was gently pressed against her arms by Xiao Jue’s big hand.

Then, his voice rang in his ears.

“Little thing, don’t be afraid, I will protect you!”

“Woo… President President, remember to give me insurance tomorrow. Unexpectedly, the assistant industry is also a high-risk industry! I have seriously considered that the salary you just gave me is not enough, so I will give me the other stacks of dollars later. !”

Here, Xia Nuan kept muttering.

Xiao Yue sighed helplessly, and quickly stretched out her hand to cover her small mouth.

“Small things, if you have anything, wait until the business is done!”


Xia Nuan was dissatisfied with his behavior. When he was about to struggle, Yu Guang suddenly caught a glare of the dazzling car lights. He shrank into Xiao Jue’s arms, and acted to show that he would be at ease.

Xiao Ju leaned close to her ear and chuckled softly, “Hey, wait for me here!”

When the words fell, he got up quickly, hiding in the darkness and quickly rushing to the middle of the road. At the same time, the four killers sitting in the car saw his behavior and immediately turned the steering wheel, driving the car to hit it again.

Xiao Ju squinted a pair of dangerous evil eyes, leaped forward, half-kneeling on the front cover of the car, and at the same time punched and shattered the windshield with one blow.

Only a squeak was heard, and the brakes were slammed.

“Get off, besiege…”

But at this moment, the killer words in the driver’s cab had not been finished, and the oncoming punch broke his nasal bone and blood flowed.

Xiao Yue’s moves were quick and ruthless, and he barely gave the opponent any chance to react.

In the next second, his clenched fist hit the driver again. Seeing that he passed out completely, the next move fell on the assassin on the co-pilot. I have to say that the solemn murderous look in this man’s eyes at the moment, there is a kind of embarrassing evil.


Not far away, Xia Nuanxin watched this scene secretly, almost frightened to pee by Xiao Ju’s fierceness.

Who is this man?

At the same moment, three seconds later.

Xiao Jue successfully solved the two assassins. In a short time, the other two assassins had gotten out of the car, and besieged him one after the other. At this moment, he was still propping on the front cover of the car with one hand, kicking his right leg fiercely, knocking down one man first, and then turning his head to solve the other quickly and sharply with his hands.

In just one minute, the four killers fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

“So yellow, so violent!”

At this time, Xia Nuanxin ran over in small steps, her eyes widened, and she subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

“They are all hung up?”

“Breaks at most, not dead yet!”

After the killing, Xiao Yue stood still, slightly adjusted his breathing covered by the killing intent, and calmed down for a while.

Next to him, Xia Nuanxin looked at the painful look of the killers, shuddered, and whispered: “Tsk tsk, beat a person to fractures with a few strokes, how crazy can this be done?”


Xiao Ju squinted her eyes, just snorted softly.

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