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Chapter 10 What do you call me?


The word stigma is too artistic!

Xia Nuan was embarrassed for a few seconds, and finally forgot to answer. It was not until the elevator dinged on that she silently followed Xiao Ju’s footsteps.

There is only one white sports car in the parking lot of Nuo Da.

Xiao Yue strode forward and opened the car door, only to see Xia Nuanxin standing aside, with no intention of getting into the car.


“My President, I know there is a restaurant nearby, so you don’t need to drive!”

Xia Nuanxin stood still, her eyes full of distrust of him.


More dangerous than going to bed!

Hearing this, Xiao Ju raised her eyebrows lightly and asked lazily, “Are you familiar with this place?”

“Yes, I have already stepped on it!” Xia Nuan nodded firmly, so, in the stalemate where she died and would not get in the car, Xiao Yue had no choice but to lock the car door and walk out of the parking lot with her.

Two minutes later.

When Xiao Jue saw the “KFC” sign, she stopped abruptly.

“This is the restaurant you are talking about?”

“Yeah, at 1:00 in the morning, this is the only restaurant that is still open!” At this time, Xia Nuanxin didn’t realize the changeable aura of this man at all. When she was about to push the door in, she was suddenly grasped by her wrist. .

Xiao Ju stood beside her, her voice low in her ears, “Do you think I will eat here?”

“But I want to eat!”

“I will not eat!”

“I want to eat, didn’t you say to invite me to eat? Of course it is me!”

“I am your boss, what to eat, listen to me!”

“It’s off work now, I want to listen to myself, I want to eat KFC!”


As a result, a man and a woman froze in front of the glass door.

Xiao Ju lightly squinted her evil eyes, staring at Xia Nuan’s determined appearance, frowning suddenly and impatiently. In the next second, he leaned down without warning, carried the unreacted little thing on his shoulders, took a step, and walked far.


In the night, a woman’s sorrowful cry echoed.

Xia Nuanxin had never tried to be held in this position, so her head began to scream.

“Pervert, let me go!”

“What do you call me?”

When the words fell, a big hand fell on her ass, neither light nor heavy, and gave a punishing slap.

Xia Nuan was stunned for a second, and in the next second, she screamed even more shockingly, “Ahhhh, pervert, dare you try to spank me again? I must sue you for sexual harassment and kidnapping! Come on! Let me go, let me down!!!”

Xiao Ju squinted her eyes, her voice sank, “Shut up!”

“I’m wrong!”

In the next second, Xia Nuan slumped and stopped all struggles obediently.

Xiao Jue was very satisfied with this reaction.

In the night, walking all the way back to the underground parking lot of the R&C building, when passing the last intersection, two dazzling lights suddenly lit up in the dark front. In the next second, the harsh rubbing sound was accompanied by a fast-moving car, rushing towards Xiao Ju’s figure with precision.

Time, only 2 seconds.

At a moment of shock, Xiao Yue frowned, subconsciously hugged Xia Nuanxin on her shoulders, and stepped backwards, her depressed body protected the little woman in her arms with an extremely fast rolling motion, and hid in the dark guardrail. .

At this time, Xia Nuan slammed his head out of his arms and asked in surprise: “Have there been a car accident?”

“It’s the underworld people who came to take my life!”

Xiao Jue’s voice did not fluctuate in the slightest, and her eyes were even more murderous in the dark night.

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